Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 83 - Exceptional Mediocrity!

Chapter 83 - Exceptional Mediocrity!

Li Tianming finally experienced what it meant to be one.

While Jiang Feiling was a pure-hearted person, flawless and perfect, Li Tianming was the opposite. His heart was like a black rock, filled with injuries and scars that belied his age.

Only with her nearby could Li Tianming feel peace, a peace hed been denied for a long time.

Big brother, what am I feeling now?

Evil thoughts towards me.

Big brother, you are aware that if I dispel the Celestial Wings, youll fall, right? Jiang Feiling was definitely blushing, even if it wasnt visible.

Should I do a mid-air triple axel before pulling off a perfect landing?

She giggled. Youre more likely to turn into a pancake.

I didnt know Linger was so cruel.

Dont be fooled by my harmless appearance! I have many cruel methods.

Ill stop, Ill stop! After all, itll be bad if you kill your husband.


The next moment, Li Tianmings wings vanished and he tumbled from the sky, crashing into the plaza below. Of course, Jiang Feiling wouldnt actually let him get hurt. When she deactivated the wings, he was already quite close to the ground.

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Li Tianming crawled to his feet and saw the girl by his side rejoicing in his misfortune. Her eyes were daring Li Tianming to tease her again.

So, still dare to talk nonsense?

I dont dare anymore. Please have mercy, my queen.

It seemed Linger wasnt some gentle flower that he could easily pick up anytime. However, it was undeniable that Li Tianming liked her a lot. He was even sure his feelings would grow as they interacted more.

Her presence also made him realise how base Mu Qingqing, who he once wanted to protect for life, was.

However, there were going to be many obstacles in his way if he wanted to get together with her. This world wasnt one where mutual love was all that mattered.

For example, now. He had fallen from the sky and landed in the most bustling place in Heavens Sanctum, therefore drawing many a gaze. Among these gazes, many naturally believed Li Tianming didnt have the qualifications to accompany Jiang Feiling.

While Jiang Feiling lacked a lifebound beast, her unique abilities gave her a reputation in Ignispolis. Many young geniuses were interested in making acquaintances with her, and most of these geniuses were concentrated in Heavens Sanctum!

The place Li Tianming was currently standing at, incidentally, was the most famous place in Heavens Sanctum: the Flameyellow Pagoda!

It stood before him, giving off the impression of a tall mountain. Its floors alternated between golden and black, continuing on and on until it extended to the clouds.

Even when he was in Flameyellow Scions Institute, Li Tianming could see this famous pagoda. Rumour had it that only the most heaven-defying of geniuses could cultivate inside.

And today, he was at its feet.

There was an ancient saying, Conquer the Flameyellow Pagoda, conquer the world, an indication of the pagodas status in Vermilion Bird. The pagoda held the best cultivation manuals of Flameyellow Scions Institute, the the holy land of cultivation here.

Is this big brothers first time here? Jiang Feiling stood by his side.

Yes. In the future, can Linger accompany me here often? Li Tianming asked.

Of course. However, Qinger will get jealous. Ill have to placate her afterwards.

Jealous? Just like that and she likes me already? That was fast.

Hmph, shes jealous of you, okay?

Hmm. Li Tianming looked at her and shook his head.

What are you thinking? Qinger and I dont have that kind of relationship. Were just close sisters.

Hmmmmmmmm. The little chick chuckled, its grin turning wretched as well.

Ill throttle you to death! Jiang Feiling hadnt expected she would become another Princess Qing around Li Tianming.

Wait, men and women shouldnt casually touch each other!

As they messed around outside the pagoda, they began to look like a couple engaging in public displays of affection. Many disciples from Heavens Sanctum had ugly expressions when they saw that.

Who is that guy beside Princess Ling?

I dont recognise him.

Anyone recognise him?

I do. Hes Li Tianming. Havent you heard?

Hes that prime disciple? The unique talent that all the supernal mentors rejected?

Yes. The one who attempted to drug Lin Xiaotings girlfriend.

I did hear that some big clown joined the Sanctum these two days. So, it turned out to be him. He looks talented, but on the inside...

The Heavens Sanctum disciples all gathered and jeered at Li Tianming, their arms crossed. However, as Li Tianming and Jiang Feilings intimate horsing around continued, their frowns deepened.

Why is Princess Ling with him? Is she unaware of his infamy?

Shes so pure, she must have been tricked by him!

It seems Li Tianming still hasnt learnt his lesson. Who wants to teach him again?

Teaching him a lesson is one thing. The most important thing is to save Princess Ling from his evil clutches.

I heard hes already twenty, but hes still around third level Spiritsource. Anyone here can teach him a lesson!

Its best not to use barbaric methods when it comes to beautiful women. Use logic! We should let Princess Ling know how nasty he is.

Whos going up? If no one else is, Ill do it.

Honestly speaking, many people wanted to seize the chance to get nearer to Princess Ling. Everyone here was a future pillar of Vermilion Bird, all heroes of their age. They already possessed resounding reputations before joining Heavens Sanctum.

Ill do it. A young man walked out, silencing everyone immediately. That was because he was from the Wei Manor and the eldest of Hall of Phoenix Hall Overseer Wei Zikun, Wei Qingyi.

More importantly, beside him was the beloved youngest daughter of the Flameyellow Scions Institute Chancellor, Wei Lingxuan.

The two had been cultivating in the Flameyellow Pagoda and had just left. Wei Qingyi was unhappy when he came out to see Li Tianming and Jiang Feiling laughing together.

Wei Lingxuan frowned. I dont understand why grandfather let him out to embarrass us. Even if you prohibited him from revealing his identity, he might just reveal it to show off and embarrass us all.

His mothers matter, even more so.

Why is he with Princess Ling? Wei Lingxuan asked.

Didnt you hear? He must have tricked her. Princess Ling is so pure; naturally, she cant see past the mask of nefarious scum like him. Wei Qingyi burned with righteous anger.

Despicable. Just thinking of how he has our Wei clans blood flowing through him makes me want to hurl.

Sis Xuan, give me a moment. Ill go over now. Hmph, well see if Li Tianming dares strut around in broad daylight after this.

Ill go with you. Princess Ling is the sister of my sixth apprentice-sister. Im more familiar with her, so she should listen to me, Wei Lingxuan said.

Right, if I help Princess Ling, do you think Princess Qing will give me a chance? Wei Qingyi asked.

Maybe. Still, I think its more practical to go for Princess Ling. Shes not an actual princess, and shes very pretty. Although she has no lifebound beast, she can still help you. Why aim for my lofty sixth apprentice-sister? Wei Lingxuan reminded him.

Youre right. Princess Ling is pretty. If I can give her a good impression this time, there may be a chance. Our Wei Manor isnt any inferior to the Vermilion Bird royal clan after all...

The longer Wei Qingyi looked at Princess Ling, the more chaotic his mind was. She was simply too breathtaking.

Even Wei Lingxuan admitted it. For her, that was the only person she would admit defeat to. She refused to acknowledge others, like Princess Qing and Mu Qingqing.

Sis Xuan, Ill change my targets. Come with me. Princess Ling will trust you more.

Alright. If this succeeds, dont forget to thank me.


The supposed number one beauty of Vermilion Bird, what good fortune for you.

After chuckling, Wei Qingyi cleared his throat, before striding towards Li Tianming and Jiang Feiling, the bearings of a gentleman infused with every step he took.

Li Tianming had been ignoring all the chatter around him, what with his mind all on cultivating and Jiang Feiling. However, he couldnt ignore it when two people appeared to block his way just as he was pulling Jiang Feiling into the Flameyellow Pagoda. Moments later, he realised that the pair was Wei Lingxuan and Wei Qingyi. In terms of blood ties, they were very close they were cousins, second only to siblings.

Li Tianming had thought it was only happenstance that they were blocking him, so he stepped to the side.

Wei Qingyi mirrored his action, blocking him.

Is there something you need? Li Tianming asked, confused.

Yes. Im here to tear off that fake mask of yours and show Princess Ling how filthy you are inside, Wei Qingyi said righteously.

Li Tianming blinked. Are you... a nincompoop?

Chapter end

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