Martial God Asura – Chapter 45 The Tyrannic Su Rou

Chapter 45 The Tyrannic Su Rou

MGA: Chapter 45 The Tyrannic Su Rou

Su Rou was wearing a white dress at that instant. With that clothing and her fox-like face, it was obviously different than the crowd and there was a type of manner that seemed different from the convention.

But, when Su Rou appeared, the expressions of the elders became more serious.

The iron prison was already tightly guarded. Other than the people from the punishment department, no other people could enter. Su Rous current actions were just like breaking in.

Elder Su Rou. Now this is a rare guest. I wonder what business you have in my punishment department?

Although Su Rou arrived with bad intentions, after thinking about this persons background, even Liu Chengen had to smile while facing her.

Just a small issue that I hope you can help out. Su Rous charming smile had thousands different types of grace and even the old people found it difficult to manage her.

If you have anything please say so. I will try my best to help out. Liu Chengen smiled and said.

I want to bring this Chu Feng away. Su Rou lightly smiled and said.

With those words, not only the other people, even the Liu Chengen who was full of smiles had a great change in expression.

Su Rou, what joke is this? Do you know what Chu Feng did? Liu Chengens attitude became serious.

No matter what he did, today, I will bring him away. Su Rou also put away her smile.

That will not do. I will say this right now. Even if God comes, dont think of taking Chu Feng away. See her out. Liu Chengen waved his big sleeve, turned around and didnt pay attention to Su Rou anymore.

Elder Su Rou, please. Seeing that, several elders forcefully smiled and walked towards Su Rou, wanting to bring her away.


But before even getting close, a formless pressure shot out from Su Rous body. That pressure was strong and it swirled like a whirlpool. Instantly, it filled the entire iron prison.

Almost at the same time, when the pressure was emitted, a dozen or so elders fell on the ground and mouthfuls of blood sprayed out from their mouths. Only Liu Chengen could continue standing.

At that instant, around Su Rou, a whirlwind was spinning around and that jet-black long hair was flying up and down. The snow-white long dress shook left and right as if a fairy was landing. But, her gaze was abnormally icy cold.

I will also say this right now. You will release Chu Feng whether you are willing or not!

Su Rou, do not push your luck!

Seeing that, Liu Chengen also got angry. The same strong pressure exploded out and engulfed the iron prison.

*rumble rumble*

At that moment, Chu Feng could hear the ear-piercing rumbling coming from all directions. He could also see that the sturdy iron prison was violently shaking as if unable to resist against the pressure coming from the two of them.

Under the pressure, even the Origin realm elders on the ground hugged their head while yelling as it was hard to endure.

But Chu Feng was completely fine. There was a warm aura around him that was defending him against a strong one. It was obvious that Su Rous pressure was protecting him.

Liu Chengen, its not like Im looking down on you, but you are still not suited to oppose me!

Suddenly, Su Rou stepped forward once. Just as her feet touched the ground, a deep crack slowly extended out like a moving snake. It rapidly surged forward on the ground and went towards Liu Chengen.



When the crack arrived in front of Liu Chengen, he instantly flew away and fiercely crashed into the iron walls. As he landed, his mouth opened and a mouthful of his old blood sprayed out.

You...You actually reached this stage. With that strength, why are you still staying in the inner court as an elder? Liu Chengen stared at Su Rou blankly with his eyes filled with fear because Su Rous strength exceeded far beyond his imagination.

There are things that shouldnt be asked! Su Rou disdainfully shot Liu Chengen a glance and waved in the air with her hands.

With some bangs and clanks, Chu Fengs iron chains on his hands were cut. With that, Chu Feng also regained his freedom and stably landed on the floor.

Although Chu Feng didnt know why Su Rou came and saved him, he still quickly ran next to her. He knew at this time and instant, only being next to this person would he be in the safest position.

Chu Feng looked at the crack on the ground and couldnt help but inhale a breath of cool air. The entire iron prison was created with the heavy and thick iron. To be able to create a crack with one step on this iron, it showed how unreasonable Su Rous strength was.

Chu Feng was not too injured and Su Rou also shot a sweet smile at Chu Feng. She grabbed Chu Feng hands and pulled him outside.

Looking closely, Chu Feng discovered that Su Rou was quite pretty. Although Su Meis face was no worse than Su Rous, she was still a bit young and she was still a bit underripe.

But Su Rou was different. She had none of that and her entire body was emitting that mature charm. Even the fragrance of her body was especially enchanting.


But just as Chu Feng sunk within that attracting fragrance, Su Rou suddenly stopped, looked back, and said with an extremely cold tone to Liu Chengen,

Dont even think about hiddenly attacking Chu Feng or harming his Chu family.

Or else, it wouldnt be as easy as your grandson being injured. I will erase your entire Liu family from the Azure Province.

Su Rou, dont pressure me. If you pressure me past a point, no one will benefit from this. Liu Chengen angrily bellowed.

Oh? If you feel you can, you can go ahead and try. I will accompany you anytime. Su Rou suddenly smiled, but her smile was extremely cold. She didnt speak anymore rubbish to Liu Chengen and walked out the iron prison with Chu Feng.

After Su Rou walked out, Liu Chengen was like a ball that had no air and weakly limped on the ground with a blank expression.

After a while, he bitterly smiled and his old tears started falling. He knew that he was only exaggerating just now because comparing the backgrounds of his Liu family and the Su family, it was really like a small wizard against a great one. Not even worth mentioning.

Today, he could only swallow his unpleasant breath back into his stomach. He was fated to have no more chances because...he did not want his entire family to be exterminated.

In a hall in the elders building, Su Rou was busy making tea...

Chu Feng was sitting on a stool with one leg over the other as he hiddenly stared at Su Rous well developed twin peaks and her smooth and round bottom. Looking down the dress and landing on those snow-white, long and beautiful legs, a wave of evil fire couldnt help but be created under his stomach.

Hehe, this is quite the woman. Chu Feng hiddenly sighed in his heart. The person who could enjoy such a beautiful body would have such rare good luck.

With such a spicy figure, if it was possible to strip naked and reveal her perfect snow-white skin, Chu Feng only need to think about it to feel lucky.

But he could only think because he knew that Su Rou was not a simple person. Not to mention that she was the goddess in the hearts of countless inner court disciples, even core disciples and elders declared their feelings to Su Rou while crazily chasing after her.

But up until today, no one got their hands on her. So, this woman was not a person that would yield and be enjoyed on by normal people.Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

Chapter end

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