Martial God Asura – Chapter 60 Third Thunder Style

Chapter 60 Third Thunder Style

MGA: Chapter 60 Third Thunder Style


Looking at that scene, Chu Fengs face instantly changed. It became gloomy and cold to the extreme. He hissed while looking up and bellowed, then rays of lightning shot out from his body.

The lightning snakes rushed out and it was just as if they was materialized as they coiled around Chu Fengs body. They turned as he wished and became 5 lightning dragons. They roared and crashed towards the 5 core disciples.

Everything happened too fast like the flash of lightning or flint. Even Su Mei couldnt react to what happened. She only felt that instantly, in front of her eyes, she was enveloped by the light and a strong ripple of energy shook her a few meters back as she fell on the ground.

When she raised her head and looked, the light already dissipated. But, the scene in front of them stunned her. She discovered with shock that the 5 core disciples who surrounded to attack her were all laying on the ground.

Their blue robe were completely burnt up and their body burnt black. They already breathed no more and their bodies were emitting the smell of char. They died an extremely horrifying way.

This... This... This...

Just at that time, Zhou Zhiyuans face was as pale as paper. His mouth could not stop shaking and his eyes opened perfectly round and said with a tone of disbelief,

Was that the legendary 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles?!!

What? The 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles? Isnt it the style that only the Azure Dragon Founder knows? So...Chu Feng just....!

Hearing Zhou Zhiyuans words, Su Mei couldnt help but cover her lips and her eyes flickered non-stop. Her two long eyebrows slightly moved as well, showing incomparable shock.

As for Bai Tong, the Dragon and Tiger brothers, Ye Taozi, Zhang Tingzi and the others, they widened their mouths in astonishment. Chu Feng learnt the style that no one other than the founder knew. It was an extremely shocking news.

At that instant, they felt that they were wrong. Although they were shocked by Chu Fengs strength one time after the other and admired his talent again and again, their opinion on Chu Feng kept on changing.

But, this time, they discovered that they still underestimated Chu Feng. The young man who was younger than all of them had talent that exceeded their imaginations. He was unbelievably strong and it pricked their mind, making them sigh in admiration.

Chu Fengs expression did not fluctuate too much even when he annihilated the 5 core disciples in 1 attack. He already knew the 3rd Thunder Style before, and today, he just used his anger to obtain the opportunity to use it. As for the power, it was within his expectations because the 3rd style was equivalent to the style of a rank 5 skill.

*ta ta ta* After resolving the danger around Su Mei, he turned around and walked towards Zhou Zhiyuan one step at a time.

You...You dared to kill core disciples! You..Youre dead! Looking at Chu Feng who was filled with killing intent, Zhou Zhiyuan knew it was unlikely that he could escape the disaster that he was in so he did not beg for forgiveness.

*bzz* Suddenly, Chu Feng stuck one of his palms out. A thick lightning came from his palm and hit Zhou Zhiyuans left leg.

Ah~~~ Feeling the scorching pain that was caused by the heat, Zhou Zhiyuan cried like a ghost. He looked at his left leg. It was charred and completely useless.

You bas... Ah~~~~ Originally he wanted to curse, but when another lightning shot into his right leg, he cried out in pain again.

Following that, Chu Feng continuously used the 3rd Thunder Style two times again, completely wasting all four of Zhou Zhiyuans limbs. Pain twisted his face, and his eyes and snot flowed down.

Chu Feng, if you have the nerves then kill me! I will not forgive you even if I am a ghost! Looking at the Chu Feng that finally arrived in front of him, Zhou Zhiyuans gaze was filled with anger.

Hoho, you think Ill kill you because you let me? Chu Feng suddenly laughed, and his laugh was very loud. No one knew what he was laughing at, but the laughter made Zhou Zhiyuan feel extremely uneasy.

Remember. The weak do not even have the right to die!

*bzz* Suddenly, lightning shot out from Chu Fengs finger into Zhou Zhiyuans mouth. It burnt off Zhou Zhiyuans tongue and charred his mouth. His incomparably painful scream resonated. But, he said no more and finally fainted.


Looking at that scene, Bai Tong and the others couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Their throat rolled over and cold sweat permeated on their foreheads.

Chu Fengs methods were quite cruel. So cruel that it made their hearts cold and they vowed in their minds not to be the enemy of Chu Feng. Having such an enemy was too scary.

When everyone wiped their sweat away because of Chu Fengs actions, he suddenly turned his head and said with a brilliant, sun-like smile,

I know how far to go. The Spiritual Beads on their bodies are still there and it seems that theyve gathered quite a bit. There should be roughly 1200 beads, so everyone go and split them.

With Chu Fengs words, it shocked Su Mei and the others once again. He knew without even looking how many Spiritual Beads that the people had. It was quite impressive.

Following what Chu Feng said, they went and searched the charred bodies. Indeed, they found that the Spiritual Beads still remained, but their Cosmos Sacks were already destroyed. The amount of Spiritual Beads was really around 1200.

Chu Feng, weve collected a total of 1380 Spiritual Beads. We got so many all because of you, so everyone of us will take 100 and the remaining 680 will go to you. Ye Taozi clasped his hands and brought the Spiritual Beads in front of Chu Feng.

The symbols on Chu Fengs Cosmos Sack revolved and it collected the 600 Spiritual Beads. As for the remaining 80, he gave it to Su Mei.

What are you doing? Su Mei did not understand.

These are for the things that Ive owed you. Whether it was the Spiritual Bead that you lent me before or the Cosmos Sack that you gave me, I cannot take those for free.

Youve calculated it so clearly with me? Su Mei was a bit displeased.

Its not called calculating it clearly, its called knowing favours and returning them. If you dont take them then I wont feel comfortable. Chu Feng forcefully stuffed the Spiritual Beads into Su Meis hands.

Looking at Chu Feng act like that, Su Mei stared blankly at him at first, but then she curled her lips and put the 80 Spiritual Beads into her Cosmos Sack.

The harvest that time was extremely big and it exceeded their imaginations. Of course, they knew that the reason why they could get so many Spiritual Beads was all because of Chu Feng. If it wasnt for Chu Feng, they wouldnt even have had the chance to live.

Then, as the group of people were happily and excitedly returning back, the Chu Feng who was at the back suddenly closed the stone door as he stood at the side of the cliff.

Chu Feng, what are you doing? Have you gone insane? Seeing that, Su Mei was stunned and instantly she understood something. She quickly ran back, but it was too late.

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Wait for me at the Ancient City, I will return and search for you.

Chu Feng lightly smiled, and with a bang, the stone door closed. No matter how Su Mei beat it, it did not even move in the slightest and it opened no more.

Chapter end

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