Martial God Asura – Chapter 111 - Wan Wenpeng

Chapter 111 - Wan Wenpeng

MGA: Chapter 111 - Wan Wenpeng

After the Spirit Connection, Chu Feng and Eggy could chat with their minds and outsiders would not be able to detect it.

Under the guidance of Eggy, not only did Chu Feng quickly grasp the Spirit Formation power, he could even lay down simple Spirit Formations and use the most basic Spirit Formation techniques. He could already be counted as half a World Spiritist.

On that day, Chu Feng arrived in the Golden-purple City. After all, the so-called New Excellence Assembly was nearing. Today, coincidentally, was the day that Chen Hui let Chu Feng enter the Golden-purple City.

The Golden-purple City. It was indeed worth of being called a second-rate city. Heavy traffic was on the wide roads and dazzling jewels were everywhere on the shops beside the roads. Everyone was quite wealthy and the flourishment of that city was simply not comparable to the Ancient City.

Ultimately, the Ancient City was only a normal city whereas the Golden-purple City was a supervised second-rate city as they were protected by the Jiang Dynasty. The position of the two cities were like heaven and earth.

Chu Feng wore the clothing for the Azure Dragon School core disciples as he walked in the Golden-purple City. He did get quite a few gazes of admiration. After all, Chu Feng was still young and having that achievement at that age could light up ones eyes.

However, the gazes of admiration only appeared within the eyes of normal people. When Chu Feng arrived in front of the city lords residence, he met two people that looked down on Chu Feng.

Oh? Look, isnt that a disciple from the second-rate Azure Dragon School?

Thats quite funny. A core disciple who only has the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm. To think that us two brothers are at the 9th level of the Spirit realm yet only inner court disciples in the Lingyun School.

Ah, but theyre only a second-rate school. How can they even be compared to our Linyun School? Our core disciples are the dragons and phoenixes within people and their core disciples are even inferior to our inner court disciples.

Two young men walked down from a luxurious carriage. After seeing Chu Feng, their words were cold and their gazes were filled with scorn.

They were not too much older than Chu Feng and their clothing was indeed the clothing of the Lingyun School. They were also there to represent the Golden-purple City to join the New Excellence Assembly.

However, Chu Feng ignored the mocking and ridicule of the two. He walked straight towards the city lords residence. However, just as he walked in front of the big doors, he was stopped by a group of guards.

I was invited by Chen Hui to represent the Golden-purple City in the New Excellence Assembly. Chu Feng spoke.

Hearing those words, the guards slightly frowned and their expression were quite displeased. After all, directly saying the name of the city lord was a taboo.

However, after looking up and down at Chu Feng in detail, they did not get angry. However, they said unkindly, Please show your invitation letter!

Invitation letter? Chu Feng blanked out. Chen Hui did not give him any invitation letter.

A pretense? You dont even have an invitation letter! At that moment, the two Lingyun disciples walked over. As they smiled and looked at Chu Feng, both of them took out their invitation letters and handed them over to that guard.

Young masters, please follow me. After confirming that the invitation letter was genuine, the guard was quite polite.

This little bro, did you not know that those who participate in the New Excellence Assembly are the elite of the Golden-purple City? Not to mention your cultivation, purely based on your status of an Azure Dragon School disciple, you are not qualified to participate in the assembly.

Thats right. A mere second-rate school wants to represent the Golden-purple City to join the New Excellence Assembly? Idiotic thoughts! The two Lingyun School disciples did not follow the guard in. Instead, they started to mock Chu Feng.

Hey. Quickly leave. The participators of the New Excellence Assembly are personally chosen and invited by the city lord. If you did not get the invitation letter, that means you are not qualified. Even the guard tried to chase Chu Feng away as he thought that Chu Feng recommended himself and not by the city lord.

You think Im feigning? Chu Fengs expression did not change as he calmly asked.

This is the city lords residence. You better not continue pestering here or else youll have it coming. The guard turned cold and he was slightly impatient.

Hmph. Open your eyes wide and look clearly. Seeing that, Chu Feng did not waste any more words. He took out the Golden-purple Commanding Badge out and threw it straight at the face of the guard.


As he caught the commanding badge, the guard originally wanted to act violently, however, when he focused onto the commanding badge, his face greatly changed because the Golden-purple Commanding Badge was an item equal to the status of the city lord. Only the city lords closest people would have it.

At that instant, the guard knew that he made a huge mistake. No matter who Chu Feng was, as long as he had the Golden-purple Commanding Badge, he was certainly an existence that he could not offend.

I should die ten thousand times for my crimes!

Thinking to that point, the guard knelt on the ground with a poof and started to beg for forgiveness. Even his body was trembling and it could be seen that he was truly afraid.

At the same time, all the surrounding guards knelt down. Seeing the commanding badge was like seeing the city lord and they had to kneel in respect.

As for the two Lingyun School disciples, their faces were ugly and as white as paper. No matter what, they never would have thought that the disciple from a second-rate school would have the Golden-purple Commanding Badge. Even they did not have it.

Luckily, their status was special since they were disciples from the #1 school of the Azure Province, the Linyun School. If they had to kneel to Chu Feng, they would have lost a lot of face.

Chu Feng was even lazy to care about them. Under the lead of the guards, he entered the residence and arrived into a big hall.

There were already 5 young males and females within the hall. Looking at their appearances, their ages did not exceed 18 years old. All of them had outstanding appearances and they were all out of the ordinary. They were the disciples from first-rate schools.

Even the guards of the Golden-purple City did not dare to be disrespectful to those people because all of them had extremely good talent with a future that would have unmeasurable achievements. Sooner or later, they would become the pillars of the Golden-purple City. Perhaps even exceeding that.

As for the reason that they were there, naturally, they were the Golden-purple City representatives for the New Excellence Assembly. Including Chu Feng, there were 8 people there.

When Chu Feng and the two Lingyun School disciples entered, the eyes of everyone lit up. However, their stunning gazes were cast towards the two people behind Chu Feng.

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As for the gazes towards Chu Feng, more or less, they were a bit off. After all, as a disciple from a first-rate school, from the bottom of their hearts, they looked down on disciples from second-rate schools. They did not put even core disciples in their eyes.

On the other hand, Chu Feng also didnt bother with them. All in all, those people only had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Spirit realm. Although they were higher in the cultivation realm, if it was on the topic of killing methods, Chu Feng could kill them as easily as squishing ants.

Look, its Wan Wenpeng! But just at that time, several people in the hall suddenly stood up as they looked outside of the hall with astonishment.

Seeing that, Chu Feng also cast his glance over. He found out that under the escort of a group of guards, a handsome young man was slowly coming over.

That person was also a disciple of a first-rate school. However, he was not an inner court disciple. He was a core disciple of a first-rate school.

Finally, theres a decent one. Seeing that person, Chu Feng also faintly smiled because the young mans cultivation was quite a bit stronger when compared to the others. He was in the Origin realm.

Chapter end

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