Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 82: Not A Drop Left

Chapter 82: Not A Drop Left

The empty plate fell high, and with the sound of a slap on the belly, Haru and the others really walked out with their hands on their stomach.

Even Kato Dan, who was a little embarrassed at the beginning, was in the same state after that.

Kagami, who was behind, silently took back his shriveled wallet and said to himself, "I was careless!"

However, even though he had paid a lot of money for the meal, he still felt that it was worth it to use a meal to get closer to each other.

"Let's stop here for today. We will meet at the same place tomorrow. Dismiss!"


Several days later.

"Are you confident? Do you want to retreat for the time being?" Sakumo asked with a serious expression.

Haru slowly formed a hand seal and nodded. "Although 'enemies' are hard to deal with, my Water Escape is not to be trifled with. Stand behind me and watch me play!" he said.

"Alright, then I'll leave it to you."

Before his voice fell, Sakumo pulled Kato Dan and quickly retreated.

At the same time, Haru also completed the hand seal, his cheeks bulging.

"Water Escape... irrigation technique!"


A huge water ball flew into the air, then suddenly exploded, turning into a rain that fell on the ground, moistening a large area of dry land in front of them.

"Not bad, not bad. Just like the water ball just now, a few dozen more would be enough. Good luck!"

Sakumo and Kato Dan who could not help much, did not know when it became a cheerleading team.

It was no wonder that they stood still and did not do anything. It was because the mission they received today made them powerless.

In the few days after the dinner, they also accepted some extremely difficult D -level tasks under the leadership of Kagami.

After all, the war involved the population and economy. If a lot of money was scattered, they had to find a way to recover some blood.

Therefore, even if there were not enough people at this time and a lot of tasks piled up, Tobirama still encouraged the Ninjas who stayed in the village to take more tasks to complete.

And this year's graduation Genin undoubtedly became a labor worker among the laborers.

Today, the task that Haru and the others received was to help the villagers irrigate the crops. Because it had not rained for a long time, if this continued, there might even be a shortage of food.

However, there were not many ninjas that Konoha was proficient in, and most of them were outside the village, so in the end, this task could only fall on Water Escape, who was still 'so-so', and had the same amount of chakra as Haru.

After another dozens of water balls rose into the air and exploded, Haru, who looked like he had been hollowed out, directly sat down on the ground.

"Finally done..."

Sakumo nodded in agreement: "This land is finally irrigated. You have ten minutes to rest. The next one is still waiting for us."

Hearing this, Haru immediately turned pale and waved his hand: "No, I really can't. I really don't have a single drop!"

"Let me tell you, the thing I regret the most in my life is to learn from Water Escape, do something like lightning, Fire Escape, and so on. Does he not smell good? I must have had water in my brain back then."

"Did you forget what Kagami and Sensei left behind before they left? Lord Hokage said that we can't irrigate all these good fields today. Tomorrow, we will join the transport team and escort a batch of supplies to the front line. In fact, I think this is a good opportunity..." CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

"Let's go, let's go. Where is the next house? Isn't it just spraying water? I am the man who has the second most water in the entire Konoha!"

Before Sakumo could finish his words, Haru, who looked like he was about to die, suddenly got up and revived with full blood. He urged them to leave excitedly.

What a joke!

To be able to stay in the village and spray water to play, who would be willing to go outside and seek death!

The war was not over yet, and Tobirama was still holding back his big move!

Not going,

I won't go, I won't go even if you beat me to death!

"Let me tell you, the most fortunate thing in my life is to learn from Water Escape, not some lightning escape or Fire Escape, those messy things."

Sakumo, "..."

Kato Dan: "..."

You clearly didn't say that just now!

Well, it turns out that the law of fragrance is applicable to any world!

If the heavens don't give birth to me, Senju, the Eternal Ninja World is like a long night!

After a busy day, Haru shouted countless times, "This time, there really isn't a single drop left! Stop squeezing, there really isn't any water left!"

This proved once again that something like water, as long as one was serious and squeezed hard, there would always be water.

In the end, when faced with Haru's extraordinary amount of Chakra, Sakumo and Kato Dan had already been shocked to the point of doubting their lives.

We... don't seem to be the same kind of Genin.

No wonder Lord Hokage's words were so strange. It turned out that Lord Tobirama had already anticipated all of this.

Especially after completing the mission and receiving the reward, Haru, who had just shouted for Sakumo to carry him home, ran faster than anyone else this time


At the same time, in Hokage's office.

Tobirama was looking at the latest news. The Kages of the four great Ninja Village had all disappeared!

This very unusual information was taken out by Tobirama alone, and he could not stop frowning as he looked through it.

According to common sense, the Kages of each village should show up as much as possible to boost morale.

Even if they had the intention to retreat, they would not leave the rest of the ninjas to return home alone.

Moreover, it was not just one or two people who had disappeared, but all the Kages had never appeared again.

This could not be described as a coincidence!

These guys might have already reached a new consensus and were plotting something.

However, Tobirama couldn't think of a way for the enemy to turn the tables at this time. It was just a matter of how many losses they could deal with.

However, the uneasiness in his heart made Tobirama unable to sit idly by.

Therefore, he immediately issued the latest order. Everyone immediately launched a probing attack. If the enemy's Kage did not show up, then they would turn into a feint attack and attack as the main attack!

He did not believe that these people would watch as the remaining remnants of the army were slaughtered!

If all the elite forces that were brought out were lost here, this would take at least 20 years to recover!

Tobirama did not believe that the enemy had such courage!

Moreover, in order to be absolutely safe, Tobirama immediately ordered Konoha to enter a level one alert state and pay attention to suspicious people at any time.

After giving out all the arrangements he could think of, Tobirama finally felt a little relieved.

"Come, let me see what trump cards you have prepared..."

However, what Tobirama did not know at this time was that under the great pressure he gave, the four great villages had indeed reached a new consensus. And under the reminder of a 'subordinate', they thought of a method that Tobirama had never considered before!

Chapter end

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