Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 85: Take Down Alisa! (1)

Chapter 85: Take Down Alisa! (1)

Volume 4 Chapter 85 Take Down Alisa! (1)

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Early August of 1795, the Zipfel Press finally officially declared the death of the second-in-command Andrei Zipfel, and his dragon, Vyuretta.

Despite the official declaration, the cause of death wasnt clarified. Even the date of death was made up. Additionally, Quikantels or Jins name was not mentioned anywhere.

Nonetheless, it was groundbreaking news.

The Runcandels, Vermont Imperial Family, and other powers including the Hidden Palace heightened their senses and watched the situation unravel.

In light of the news, many rumors spread amongst the people. Rumors that he was killed off for losing in political disputes, or that he lost in a heated duel against a grand magician named Cold Joe. Or that Emperor Vermont ordered the Vermont Special Forces to assassinate him.

However, the more popular rumor was the flag-bearers of the Runcandel Clan killed him. There was also the Master of the Hidden Palace, Talaris Endorma, assassinated him, though that one didnt gain too much attention.

Of course, the official location of death was a remote island in the Vermont Empire, and at the time, the flag-bearers of the Runcandel Clan were at the Garden of Swords. On top of that, the Zipfel Clan and Vermont Imperial Family werent able to identify the mana that would have proven Lunas involvement.

But to the masses, the truth didnt matter.

They thought that the more interesting narrative deserved to be the truthmore than the truth itself.

Will the Runcandels begin to dominate the entire world?

After the press release, bar regulars endlessly debated.

Which is strongerswords or magic?

Many thought that the Runcandels and the Zipfels would finally start a war. They definitely believed that Andreis killer was a Runcandel.

And it wasnt only the commoners who found interest in foreign politics, but also the nobles and soldiers.

Especially the neutral powers who were not directly affiliated with the Runcandel Clan, Vermont Imperial Family, the Zipfel Clan, or other big clans.

Just like the Hidden Palace, they maintained a neutral state. But unlike the Hidden Palace, smaller clans couldnt defend themselves in an emergency.

Which basically compelled them to take a side between the Runcandels and Zipfels.

If a war broke out between swords and magic, the neutral states in the gray region would become of leaves being swept away should they get caught in the middle of it.

And surprisingly, the neutral powers sought for the sword more than magic.

They all huddle towards the Runcandel Clan instead of the Zipfel Clan despite the latter being deemed the strongest at the moment.

Lord Patriarch, today, the Schucheron Kingdoms prince and five second-class mercenary troops requested protection from the clan. Following the death of Andrei, it seems we get protection requests every day. The rumors sure do seem scary.

The Runcandels first-class butler, Heinz, had been reporting similar information for the fourth day in a row.

Return all of their gifts and tell them that the request will be fulfilled. And make sure to offer the Schucheron prince a fine sword to make sure he inherits the throne.

Understood. I will send an 8-star guardian knight.

Alright, youre dismissed.

As long as the requester was not an immediate enemy to Cyron, he accepted any favor.

Although the neutral clans didnt have any presence in the world and didnt really support the Runcandels at all, the smaller clans would be something of use once the clan of swordmasters take down the Zipfels and become the ruler of the world.

As more and more clans sought to ally with the Runcandel Clan, more rumors spread amongst the common folkthat the Zipfels can no longer overtake the Runcandels. And the fact that all of the neutral forces sided with the Runcandel Clan made the rumor seem all the more likely.

I believe this is because of the youngests horseplay on that remote island. Some kind of butterfly effect. Im sure hes hearing these rumors in Tikan as well.

Cyron thought about his son as Heinz left.

Of course, the rumors of the Runcandels surpassing the Zipfels was merely a rumor. The Zipfel Clan was doing pretty well, and the truth was that the Runcandel Clan was only a little ahead.

We were able to absorb many neutral forces recently. That provisional flag-bearer is already making big changes for the clan. Hes a very interesting fellow

Cyron grinned and summoned Guardian Knight Khan.

At your service, Lord Patriarch.

Any messages from Kashimir?

Khan could barely contain his surprise.

I knew Young Master Jin was special ever since the Storm Castle but I never wouldve thought that the Lord Patriarch would give him so much attention. Hes itching to know!

CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

It was Khans first time seeing Cyron like this. When Joshua became a 9-star knight, Cyron didnt even flinch.

There were none, Lord Patriarch.

Hmmm Alright.

Cyron responded with disappointment, and Khan lowered his head as if it was his fault.

The day after tomorrow, I will be leaving for the Black Sea once again. If there are any reports on him, come find me and inform me.


* * *

Reaper Scans

* * *

After coming back from the Garden of Swords, Jinwho Cyron yearned to hear aboutdedicated his time to personal training.

If it wasnt for Eldest Sister Luna, I wouldve died on the island in the Vermont Empire.

After his regression, although his swordsmanship and magic had reached 5-star, and his spiritual energy would soon reach 5-star

Considering the events coming soon Its not enough.

Which made Jin feel impatient.

He felt it the most after the fight on the island. Although he was very talented and strong in terms of a 15-year-old, there werent many enemies that he could face by himself.

I need to get stronger. In the five years that my father gave me, I need to get strong enough to take down all of my siblingsenough to not need anyones help!

And Luna, especially, motivated him.

An opponent who Murakan and Quikantel couldnt land a finger on was defeated with a single slash of a sword She looked like the god of battle.

However, even the god of battle went to the Garden of Swords, dropped her weapon, and got humiliated. Just because she had to save someone weaker.

Jins enemies were like thattargeting his companions first so they couldnt help him.


Bradamante swept through the air violently.

After slashing over ten thousand times, his muscles felt like exploding, and his bones felt like shattering.

However, Jin felt worry more than pain.

Although Minds Eye is still beyond my reach In five years, I must reach the Minds Blade Absolute Realm that eldest sister showed me.

Minds Blade: Blood Moon.

It was not a Runcandel secret technique, but a domain that Luna experienced on her own while surpassing Minds Eye.

A realm that could be awakened by casting Divine Language on the sword, Minds Blade. Every knights dream. If Luna hadnt realized the special techniques and secrets of her red aura, she wouldve never achieved Minds Blade.

For you, you can definitely get there in five years. First, to awaken your Divine Language, you need to practice expressing your fervor in your sword.

The way to do that is

If you swing your sword ten thousand times, it means that your first and last swing must be similar in terms of effort and technique.

That was what Luna told him.

Then, is one thousand consistently identical swings my limit right now?

After passing the fifteen thousand mark, he could no longer tell whether he was swinging the sword or the sword was swinging him.

Please stop, Young Master Jin.

Kashimir was right next to Jin just as he prepared for another swing.

Phew. Sir Kashimir.

Even when I trained, I never trained as hard as you If you do this every day, even if you have the Runcandel Clans blessed physique, nothing will be left of you.

Enyawho followed behind Kashimirhanded the young Runcandel a towel.

Lord Jin! Your face looks dead. W-Wait, oh heavens. Lord Jin, your hand is all torn! Theres blood all over the floor! Uwaaah.

Just like she said, below Jin was a small puddle consisting of blood and sweatstrands of red swirling in the clear water.

While Enya wiped Jins face and called for healers, Kashimir kept his eyes on the puddle.

What kind of resilience is this? Its nothing Ive ever seen from a fifteen year old boy.

Healing magicians rushed over and began to cast healing spells onto Jins hands. The young Runcandel just sat down, staring at his palms.

My apologies for causing a mess, Sir Kashimir, Enya.

Why would you abuse those beautiful hands! I-I think I see some b-bones?

Jin had calluses all over his hands, having held a sword ever since his youth. However, to a fanatic like Enya, it looked like a beautiful sculpture.

The healing magicians left, and Kashimir sat next to Jin.

The reason you are doing all this must be because of the events on the island?

Indeed. Not only because of Andrei and his companion. There would have been too many potentially dangerous moments if it wasnt for Gilly or Murakan. In order to not become a burden to my allies, I must train harder.

Lord Jin is the same age as I am. Dont be too impatient. Ill be sad.

No, Miss Enya. Young Master Jin is judging himself from a cynical perspective.

Kashimir responded, and Enya was startled.

Youre too mean, Sir Kashimir. Lord Jin is

Just like you said, he is very strong. Amongst 15-year-olds, hes probably the strongest. However, I understand Young Master Jins intent. The opponents he will face will neither be young nor normal.

Jin slowly nodded.

But Young Master Jin, impatience is the poison to your growth. I could make your straight path and progress make a turn. Though, Miss Gilly had been saying the same thing every day.

As Kashimir said, Gilly also told Jin the same advice every day. That he should slow down a little, or that hes pushing his limits too much.

I know well enough about that, but after making up my mind, stopping myself isnt easy. Im embarrassed.

No need for embarrassment. I find it incredible that you are executing a volume of training that no one else can. Instead, how about some training that could cool your mind?

Training that could cool my mind?

Kashimir grinned.

How about a spar?

With you?

Kashimir shook his head.

No. Youre still lacking a little to spar against me, so thats for another timefor when you get stronger.

Despite his words, Kashimir still wasnt able to notice Guardian Knight Khan sneaking and slipping a note into his pocket.

However, that was just Khan being incredible. It wasnt that Kashimir was weaker. After all, the nickname Ghostblade wasnt just given to him for free.

Within six months, please try to defeat my wife, Alisa Betzer, using all that youve gotsword, magic, and spiritual energy. I can guarantee you, this will be a good learning experience for you.

Chapter end

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