The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Zhou Lin smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Sui, is this your child?"

Sui Jinhong picked up his daughter: "Yes."

Zhou Lin coughed and said, "Mr. Sui, can you let the little girl take model photos too? She's very suitable."

Sui Jinhong also knew how much his daughter was adored, but he shook his head: "The child's mother may not agree."

Liu Hua almost wanted to carry Sui Yan in her pocket and take her wherever she went. How could she possibly agree to let the child do commercials.

Zhou Lin still wanted to try: "Or...why don't you ask the little one?"

Sui Jinhong paused, lowered his head and asked his daughter, "Sui Yan, do you want to take nice clothes commercials like your brother?"

Sui Yan scratched her head: "Will I be on TV too in the future?...Sui Yan doesn't want to." The little girl was a little reluctant for some reason.ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

Sui Zhi knew that he had mixed in the entertainment industry for more than ten years in his previous life, and knew that the higher the popularity, the more public opinion he would be forced to accept.

He didn't want his sister to be like this either.

Probably because their family's attitude was too firm, Li Shengming also came to smooth things over: "Sui Yan is still so young. Taking some photos to take home and look at is about right. It's not very suitable to put them in commercials."

That was possible. Sui Jinhong stroked the little girl's hair: "Does Sui Yan want to take pictures with her brother?"

Sui Yan was a little confused. She didn't know the difference between the two questions.

Sui Zhi was still more understanding of his sister. He patiently explained to his sister: "Sui Yan, taking this photo is just like normal, okay."

The little girl seemed to understand and nodded: "Sui Yan has never taken photos with her brother before."

Sui Zhi felt a little guilty: "Then shall we take some now?"

Sui Yan smiled with eyes bent: "Okay!"

Zhou Lin was a little disappointed, but soon cheered up again: "Then let's go look at the clothes first. Sui Yan can choose the ones she likes!"

Li Shengming had been watching from the side for a long time. He thought it had nothing to do with him at first and was going to leave early. But seeing that the little girl was going to take pictures, he also went along to see the clothes.

Sui Jinhong carried Sui Yan to see the clothes. The old father was very sad: "Sui Yan, you've never taken pictures with Dad either."

It was rare for Sui Yan not to say anything. The little girl actually wanted to take a family photo with her parents very much, but she also felt like she shouldn't ask for it.

Everyone had their own thoughts, but when they entered a large room and saw it full of all kinds of clothes, all thoughts were thrown away.

Sui Yan's eyes widened in shock: "Brother, there are so many clothes here!"

Sui Zhi put the child down and let her walk by herself: "Sui Yan can go closer and take a look at these clothes."

The little girl didn't rush forward immediately, but looked up at her brother instead.

Sui Zhi's heart softened. He directly stretched out a hand and held his sister's soft little paw: "Sui Yan, let's go see together."

Just as they were about to walk away, they heard the little girl ask softly, "Brother, will there be clothes for Ti Zi too?"

Sui Zhi hesitated for a moment and looked at Zhou Lin next to him. Zhou Lin heard the little girl's words and said with a smile, "Yes, yes."

In fact...of course there weren't any. But they could let her pick out some small clothes for the puppy to try on. Or they could send someone to buy them.

Sui Yan couldn't help but cheer, "Oh! Thank you, sister!"

Zhou Lin paused for two seconds before decisively reaching out to rub the little girl's chubby little face.

So cute!

Sui Yan was used to being "bullied" like this, so she ignored the pinching of her face.

It was rare to take pictures with her sister, so Sui Zhi insisted on siblings outfits.

He regretfully said, "There aren't many dresses for sibling outfits. Sui Yan would definitely look super cute in a little skirt."

Sui Yan looked puzzled: "Brother, Sui Yan has a lot of little skirts."

Liu Hua loved to buy her clothes, it was just that the little girl thought skirts were too much trouble when she was playing with toys, so she didn't like wearing them.

Sui Zhi gently patted Sui Yan on the head, then picked out a little skirt for her: "Does Sui Yan want to try this on?"

Sui Yan always listened very much to her brother: "Okay!"

Sui Jinhong also wanted to go pick out clothes for his daughter, but he knew his aesthetic wasn't very good, so he didn't end up going to torture his daughter after all.

He only sighed with emotion that it was fortunate that the children in the family didn't have his aesthetic taste.

Zhou Lin led the little girl to change her clothes and put on hair accessories. The little girl was unexpectedly well-behaved, raising her hands whenever asked, and not making a sound even when Zhou Lin accidentally hurt her.

Zhou Lin patted Sui Yan's princess dress that she had just put on, smiled and pinched her cheek again: "Sui Yan is so good!"

Sui Yan touched her own face, pursing her lips and smiling shyly.

When they walked out, Ti Zi had also been forced to change into a small outfit and was standing by Sui Zhi's feet, looking around.

Sui Yan's eyes widened in pleasant surprise, then she trotted over: "Ti Zi is so cute!"

The little girl had some difficulty picking up the puppy, and was still pouting and complaining: "Ti Zi, have you gotten fatter? I can hardly pick you up now."

Sui Zhi was stunned by how cute his little sister looked in her "princess skin": "Princess Sui Yan, let's go take pictures together."

Before Sui Yan could react, Sui Zhi had taken Ti Zi from her hand and was holding the puppy in one hand while holding his sister's hand with the other, walking towards the photography studio.

There were a few other children there taking pictures. Sui Zhi didn't plan on letting his sister get to know them.

However, Sui Yan only noticed her brother's great strength. She said in astonishment: "Brother, you are so strong. You can pick up Ti Zi with just one hand..."

Just as she was speaking, she suddenly froze.

Sui Zhi was still a little puzzled and turned to look at his sister: "Sui Yan, what's wrong?"

Ti Zi, who had been called fat many times by Sui Yan, also let out a little yelp.

The little girl hid behind Sui Zhi and said weakly: "Brother, why is everyone looking at us?" She was very timid, okay?

Following her line of sight, Sui Zhi finally noticed that the eyes of most of the staff around the studio were focused on them.

He said proudly, "It's because everyone is charmed by how cute Sui Yan is!"

In fact, it was because they were stunned by how attractive these two good-looking sibling kids in matching outfits were.

Sui Yan peeked again and made sure no one disliked her before carefully walking out from behind Sui Zhi.

Zhou Lin walked over with a bunch of snacks: "Is Sui Yan hungry? Here are some snacks from the brothers and sisters for Sui Yan."

Sui Yan looked at her brother, then her father who had little presence. The little girl timidly said amidst many gazes: "Thank you, brothers and sisters."

The brothers and sisters said: "It's okay, little one. Eat more to grow taller." Aw! The little girl is so cute! She's so soft, cute, and sensible!

Finally, after Sui Yan got familiar with them, she was coaxed to change into many outfits to take pictures.

By the time they left, Sui Zhi hadn't taken as many photos as his sister. But he had experience and knew how to choose angles himself, so the photos he took were very high quality and good enough for promotions.

So in the end, Sui Yan was taken home by her father and brother, hugging a whole bunch of snacks.

Chapter end

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