The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Sui Yan felt a little strange all day today. She walked around the study upstairs, then ran downstairs and rushed around a few more circles, finally running into the kitchen to look around.

Liu Hua saw the little one was very restless, so she grabbed her: "Sui Yan, don't make trouble."

Sui Yan pouted unhappily: "Mom, can you please not hold me by my collar?"

Liu Hua raised her eyebrows: "Why?"

Sui Yan struggled a little: "You also hold Ti Zi like this! Just like holding a puppy."

Liu Hua chuckled: "Puppies are so cute, what's wrong with this?"

Sui Yan turned her head arrogantly: "Humph!"

Liu Hua stopped teasing her: "Why are you running around?"

Sui Yan remembered what she was doing: "Mom, I can't find Ti Zi."

Liu Hua was surprised, and also realized that she hadn't seen Ti Zi for a while. She stood up: "Sui Yan, don't worry, mom will help you find him."

Sui Yan nodded obediently: "Okay."ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

The two searched almost the entire house before the little girl crawled into the decorative dog house at the door and saw Ti Zi.

It was very dark in the dog house. Sui Yan whispered worriedly: "Ti Zi, are you asleep?"

Ti Zi moved lightly, seeming quite energetic. The little girl breathed a sigh of relief: "Let's go out, it's so dark in here."

Ti Zi barked softly a few times and followed Sui Yan out of the dog house.

"Sui Yan, why did you crawl into the dog house?" As soon as Liu Hua came out, she saw the little girl crawling out. She knitted her beautiful eyebrows, "Was Ti Zi inside?"

Sui Yan's hair had become messy. She casually ruffled it a few times and ignored it.

The little girl pouted at her mother: "Mom, Ti Zi ran in there to sleep."

Liu Hua didn't know how to describe her mood at the moment. After a long silence, she said: "How did you get so dirty?"

Sui Yan was shocked and subconsciously looked down to find that her body was covered in messy fluff.

The little girl almost cried in fright.

It was Liu Hua who reacted first. She wondered: "Could it be Ti Zi is shedding?"

Sui Yan looked at her mother aggrievedly: "Mom, there is so much fur on my clothes."

Liu Hua patted her: "It's okay, it's Ti Zi's fur. I'll brush his fur later."

Sui Yan squatted down and stroked the soft fur on Ti Zi's back, and when she raised her hand, her palm was full of white fur. The little girl looked at Ti Zi worriedly: "Mom, is Ti Zi sick?"

There was so much tenderness in Ti Zi's eyes... Sui Yan was also so worried about him before.

Liu Hua stroked her chin: "It's probably because winter is coming. Ti Zi needs to grow new fur to keep warm in winter."

Ti Zi nodded solemnly beside them.

Sui Yan didn't care if Ti Zi's fur got on her clothes. She struggled to pick up the half-grown puppy and walked back, mumbling as she walked: "Ti Zi, don't run outside anymore, it will be very cold. Its super warm at home."

Liu Hua was very satisfied with her daughter's kindness, but still warned: "Sui Yan, don't take Ti Zi to your room these days. He sheds too much fur and will make your room messy. You have to clean it up yourself."

The little girl was a little guilty: "I know!"

It was because Ti Zi was afraid of causing trouble for everyone that it hid in the dog house. Now as soon as they entered the house, its fur had unknowingly gotten on the various furniture at home.

Liu Hua looked up helplessly to the sky. After dinner, she grabbed Ti Zi to brush his fur.

Sui Yu curiously came over: "Ti Zi is so small, how come he sheds so much fur?"

Sui Zhi reached out and touched Ti Zi, getting a handful of white fur: "And he doesnt seem to be balding after shedding so much fur."

Liu Hua waved her hand in disgust: "You kids don't make trouble. Liu Man, lets brush Ti Zis fur."

Liu Man ran over with a large comb: "Madam, I'm here."

Qiao Ze silently brought over a very large tray: "Auntie, please brush all of Ti Zis shed fur into this."

Sui Yan squatted nearby and looked at the tray and then at Ti Zi before looking at Qiao Ze: "Brother, this tray can hold several Ti Zis."

However, Liu Hua had some idea: "Sui Yan, move back a bit, or you'll have to change your clothes again later."

The little girl obediently scooted back a few steps.

Brushing the fur was simple. The children just squatted there watching Liu Hua and Liu Man slowly grooming Ti Zi.

Thanks to Ti Zi loving cleanliness, the shed fur was all soft and white.

As time went by...

Sui Yan looked at the tray filled halfway with white fur in shock: "Mom, won't Ti Zi become bald?"

Even Liu Hua was a little unsure: "It should be okay...I think."

Ti Zi felt that its little owner and the little owner's mother were a bit unreliable. It rubbed Liu Hua's hand helplessly to indicate that they didn't need to worry.

Now Liu Hua could probably understand Ti Zis meaning. She relaxed a little. After brushing a little more, Liu Hua finally put down the comb: "Its much better now, otherwise there would be Ti Zi fur all over the house."

Sui Yan touched Ti Zi and looked at her palm again. The snow-white little hand only had a few white strands. The little girl breathed a long sigh of relief: "Ti Zi finally won't shed so much fur."

Sui Zhi pressed the box of fur feeling the soft touch. Looking at Ti Zi, he clicked his tongue: "How come Ti Zi looks thinner by several circles?"

Liu Man also rubbed Ti Zi's head: "Ti Zi, shedding fur is tiring. Well give you extra food these days."

Ti Zi: "Awuu~"

Sui Yan knelt on the ground, bent her fingers, and barked softly, imitating Ti Zi: "Awuu~"

Liu Hua couldn't help grabbing the little girl to tease her thoroughly until Sui Yan whimpered unwillingly before letting her go.

Sui Yan half dragged and half carried Ti Zi, wanting to slip away, but Liu Hua stopped her: "Sui Yan, you cant even carry Ti Zi anymore. Ti Zi will be uncomfortable if you hold him like this."

The little girl pouted before letting go of Ti Zi. She was a little worried: "Will Ti Zi grow bigger than Sui Yan in the future?"

Sui Yu thought of Ti Zi's appearance in his previous life and nodded affirmatively: "Yes."

The little girl was unhappy: "Then Sui Yan will become the smallest again."

Sui Zhi sat on the ground beside her: "Sui Yan was the smallest to begin with."

Sui Yan righteously: "Clearly Ti Zi is the smallest! He is Sui Yans younger brother."

Unexpectedly, the little girl thought this way. Everyone present couldn't help laughing kindly.

A child's simple thoughts are so cute!

Liu Man smiled and casually mentioned: "Madam, it seems we have new neighbors next door again."

Liu Hua didnt care too much: "Normal, there will be more in the future."

Liu Man poked at Ti Zi lying on the ground: "No, the new neighbor seems to be very familiar with Master Sui.


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