The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Liu Hua raised her eyebrows: "Have you seen him before?"

Liu Man shook her head: "I only saw him chatting with the master when the new neighbors were moving stuff."

Liu Hua waved her hand: "Okay, anyway, everyone will definitely communicate with each other. I hope the children from the neighbor's house are not too naughty."

Sui Yu frowned, only to decide to keep a closer eye on Sui Yan in the future, and not let the little girl be bullied by other children.

The shadow of the previous life was too strong, and now Sui Yu and the others did not want Sui Yan to suffer any grievances.

The little girl who was worried was still frolicking with her cat happily. She held her little face and thought hard for a long time before saying, "Mom, can we make a ball with the cat's fur for the cat to play with?"

Liu Hua noticed that the cat's eyes were already bright, so she nodded, "Okay, wait for mom to finish her work these days and make it with Liu Man."

Sui Yan messy rubbed the cat's head: "Good!"

Just after mentioning the new neighbor, the new neighbor came to the door the next day.

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze were taking Sui Yan home from school when they happened to see someone ringing the doorbell of their house.

Sui Yan pulled Sui Zhi's clothes: "Brother, it's Uncle Li."

Sui Zhi was startled. Only then did he see the person at the door. He raised his hand and waved, shouting, "Uncle Li!"

Li Shengming, who was about to press the doorbell, stopped, turned around and saw the three children behind him. He smiled and waved his hand, "Little Zhi, Yan, and what's the name of the other little friend?"

Sui Yan blinked and introduced seriously: "Uncle Li, he is also my brother, his name is Qiao Ze."

Li Shengming smiled and nodded: "Little Ze."

Qiao Ze politely nodded: "Uncle Li."

Li Shengming followed the three of them into the house, explaining as he walked, "We just moved here recently. When I heard from your dad that you guys live here, I came to take a look."

When Liu Hua and Liu Man heard the sound, they poked their heads out of the kitchen and asked, "Have Xiao Zhi and Xiao Ze brought Yan back?"

After putting her schoolbag on the sofa, Sui Yan ran to the kitchen with a slap: "Mom, I'm back!"

Liu Hua was relieved: "Good, go out and wait nicely. Mom will cut some fruit for you."

Sui Yan pulled her clothes and shook her head: "Mom, Uncle Li came to our house."

Liu Hua didn't react for a moment: "What Uncle Li?"

Liu Man reminded her beside her: "Madam, why don't you go take a look? It might be the new neighbor."

Liu Hua washed her hands clean and led the little girl to the living room: "Okay."

Li Shengming recognized Liu Hua. He was actually quite regretful that she divorced Sui Jinhong. But it was all in the past now, and he didn't mention those things, just smiled and greeted her.

"Long time no see."

Liu Hua was a little surprised: "So the new neighbor turned out to be your family!"

Li Shengming joked: "Well, I heard the environment in this community is good, and there are a lot of little friends. I also want my naughty boy to have more playmates."

Liu Hua expressed her understanding: "Feel free to let the children come to our house and play when you have time." Her house had the most toys in this area for now.

Li Shengming was not polite either: "Don't worry, I won't stand on ceremony with you. Oh yes, there's something else."

Liu Hua raised her eyebrows: "What is it?"

Li Shengming looked at Sui Zhi: "Earlier, Xiao Zhi went to our company to take model photos. Later, when others saw the advertisement, they came to ask me if Xiao Zhi would like to develop in this direction."

Speaking of which, he also felt emotional: "Actually, it wouldn't have been so troublesome, but when those people heard that he was Sui Jinhong's son, they didn't dare to act rashly."

Liu Hua frowned. She still decided to let Sui Zhi choose for himself. She also looked at Sui Zhi: "Xiao Zhi, can you understand this?"

In her heart, Sui Zhi was still a child, and she was a little worried.

Sui Zhi had already made up his mind. He nodded solemnly: "Mom, I really like being in front of the camera."

He didn't dare say too much in detail, he could only say that.ll new stries at n0ve/lbi/(.)cm

Liu Hua pondered for a moment: "But you have to promise that your studies will not fall behind."

Sui Zhi was very confident about this: "I know."

Li Shengming also breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this. After all, he also felt that Sui Zhi was very suitable for developing in the entertainment industry.

He patted Sui Zhi on the shoulder with a smile: "It's a deal then. Next, there may be many people coming to you for advertisements or even TV shows and movies."

Not to mention Sui Zhi's own conditions were very good, mainly there were still many people who wanted to curry favor with Sui Jinhong but had no way. And now there was a way.

Since they wanted to get along well with the Sui family, the resources they would give to Sui Zhi could not be bad. And there was also Li Shengming on this side to help keep an eye.

Thinking of this, Li Shengming did not continue to sit there either. He got up, ready to leave: "Okay, then I'll go chat with your dad again and talk to him about your matter."

Sui Zhi was not stupid enough to have to go out into the entertainment industry all by himself. He got up to see Li Shengming off: "Thank you, Uncle Li."

Li Shengming laughed heartily: "We don't say such polite words."

Liu Hua was quite gratified. She felt that Sui Zhi was much more sensible than children of the same age. Or rather...her children were all very sensible.

Sui Yan and Qiao Ze had been standing on the side as if they were invisible all this time. After Li Shengming left, she couldn't help asking Liu Hua: "Mom, will brother be on TV often in the future?"

Liu Hua didn't really know either: "Probably."

Qiao Ze was lost in thought: "Auntie, how old is the child from the uncle's family just now?"

Liu Hua thought about it: "Should be about the same age as Nian Nian, I guess." Seeing the disappointed look in the little girl's eyes, she couldn't help laughing, "And a little older than Yan."

Sui Yan was a little angry: "Mom, why didn't you give birth to me earlier, so I could be the older sister!"

Liu Hua didn't hide her disgust at all: "Which older sister would be as silly as you? The younger brothers and sisters will have to take care of you."

The little girl stomped her foot angrily: "Humph! Mom, I hate you!" Then she ran upstairs angrily on her own.

When Sui Zhi came back, he just saw the little girl's back. He was a little confused: "What's wrong with Yan?"

Liu Hua rubbed her nose a little guiltily. Sui Zhi understood instantly. His face was full of black lines: "Mom, stop teasing Yan all the time. She really believes it."

Liu Hua was justified: "But everything I said was the truth."

Sui Zhi: "..." How could there be such an immature mom?

Qiao Ze held back his laugh and pulled Sui Zhi upstairs: "Auntie, we'll go do our homework first."

Liu Hua was eager for them to leave quickly: "Go, go."

Upstairs, the little girl rushed angrily into the study room. Sui Yu, who was typing on the computer, frowned. When he saw the little girl, his expression softened again: "Yan, what's wrong? Who made you angry again?"

After asking, he regretted it. At home, only Liu Hua, the mother, could make the little girl so angry.

Sure enough, Sui Yan didn't disappoint him. The little girl angrily tattled: "Mom said Yan is silly!"

How could she say that about her!

Sui Yu: "..." He knew it.

Chapter end

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