The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Sui Yu helplessly pressed his fingers to his brow and reached out to pick up the little girl. He subtly changed the topic, "Sui Yan, which book were you reading last time?"

Sui Yan was also imperceptibly led along by Sui Yu. "That one!" The little girl pointed to an even thicker brick-like book than the one before.

Sui Yu was shocked. "Sui Yan, you finished the previous book?"

Sui Yan looked at Sui Yu in confusion, then slowly reacted, "I finished it. Mother said to read it again next month."

Sui Yu's actions were stiff. "I see."

What to do? It seemed he discovered his sister might become a master in the future.

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze carried their school bags into the study. At first glance, they saw this harmonious scene of one person reading a book and one person on the computer.

Very good, they were jealous.

Sui Zhi decisively tried to snatch his sister back. "Sui Yan, those of us who read books sit together. We don't sit with those on the computer."

Qiao Ze was a little speechless. "Are you childish?"

Sui Zhi just gave a cold snort, completely ignoring him.

Qiao Ze didn't care either. He only said to the confused little girl, "Sui Yan, sit with me. If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask me."

Qiao Ze felt he could still teach this little cub for now, but in a few years, he probably wouldn't be able to teach her anymore.

Sui Zhi said sarcastically, "Are you childish?"

Qiao Ze had a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth. "Then you shouldn't sit with Sui Yan."

Sui Zhi: "..." He had finally said this to his face.

Sui Yu leaned back in his chair, calmly watching his two younger brothers. "Are you guys pretending I don't exist?"

Sui Zhi: "..."

Qiao Ze: "..."

Don't want to provoke him, slipped away.

Little Sui Yan: "?" What just happened?

It seemed that ever since Sui Yu began building his own business empire, his personality became more and more like his previous life.

Except when facing Sui Yan and Liu Hua he would be much gentler, other times he was basically indifferent.

Sui Yu smoothed his little sister's hair. His voice was gentle, "Sui Yan, keep reading your book. Don't mind them."

The silly cute little girl made a sound of agreement. Then she obediently lowered her head to continue reading her book.

Not long after reading, the door to the study was gently pushed open.

In order to allow Ti Zi to freely come and go from the study whenever it wanted, they had directly modified the study's door lock. So the study door could be pushed open with just a little force.

They didn't expect Ti Zi to enter. Behind it followed several people.

Ye Anning, who followed Ti Zi into the room, sat right down on the nearest sofa. She lazily said, "You guys are all doing homework. Go out and play."

Shen Nian was also a little bored. "Yeah, it's been so boring recently."

Qi Linhan walked straight to Sui Yan and took out an exquisite box of chocolates, placing it in front of her.

The little girl who had been seriously reading couldn't help moving her gaze to the chocolates...

Qi Linhan had a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Sui Yan, this is a little gift your Aunt An asked me to bring you."

Sui Yan blinked. "Brother Linhan, can I accept this gift?"

Sui Yu's face was black. Why didn't his sister ask him and instead asked Qi Linhan?

Qi Linhan felt Sui Yu's gaze. His smile at the corner of his mouth seemed even more obvious. He said to the little girl, "Of course."

Sui Yan gave Qi Linhan a big hug that only reached his thighs due to their height difference. "Thank you, Brother Linhan!"

Qi Linhan's expression was unchanged, but his heart trembled from the little girl's cuteness.

Only then did Sui Yan happily take the chocolates on the table.

Although they were her favorite chocolates, the little girl still unhesitatingly gave everyone their share first before finally choosing one of the few remaining chocolates for herself.

Sui Yu and the others doted on the little girl, but more so hoped she would be kind and generous. So they didn't decline the chocolates.

Ye Anning grabbed the little cub and gave her quite a bit of torment. As she pinched Sui Yan's chubby cheeks, she exclaimed, "Sui Yan really just gets cuter the more I look at her!"

The little girl's dark and bright eyes just looked at Ye Anning. Her chubby cheeks occasionally moved as she took a couple bites of chocolate, like a little hamster storing food.

Her entire being was well-behaved and soft.

Shen Nian also couldn't help getting close to fawn over Sui Yan. She was even eager to try something. "Sui Yan, can I sleep with you tonight?"

Sleeping while hugging such a soft, fragrant little girl would be too blissful!

Ye Anning reacted in the next second, unwilling to lose out. "Sui Yan, big sister wants that too."

The little girl's eyes curved into smiles. "Okay, then Sui Yan will sleep with big sister and Nian Nian."

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, Qi Linhan: "..." Was this acceptable?

Was this the advantage of gender!!!

When Liu Hua went upstairs to call these kids, she saw three happy girls, four boys full of resentment, and Ti Zi following behind swaying its head.

She strangely understood a bit of how these children got along, and Liu Hua couldn't help secretly laughing.

Today, the group of kids directly freeloaded food and drink at Liu Hua's place. It just so happened Liu Hua was also very willing to feed them.

At dinnertime, since little Sui Yan didn't like to eat vegetables, everyone took turns casually putting various vegetables into the little girl's bowl.

So Sui Yan watched as her small bowl piled up with vegetables. She hurriedly hugged her little bowl, puffing her cheeks indignantly as she looked at everyone. "I don't want vegetables!"

Liu Hua had an indifferent expression. "Sui Yan, little kids who don't eat vegetables won't grow tall. Then Sui Yan can only keep being the little sister forever."

Sui Yan: "..."

The little girl struggled for a bit. Then with great difficulty, she used her chopsticks to roll up a leaf of vegetable and shoved it into her mouth with furrowed brows.Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

Liu Hua had a headache. "Sui Yan, eat slowly!"

The little girl looked aggrieved. "Mommy, Sui Yan wants meat..."

Liu Hua was cold and merciless. "First finish the vegetables in your bowl."

Sui Yan had teary eyes. She was about to try and charm her way through when Liu Hua stretched out a finger to poke the little girl's forehead. "If you don't finish your vegetables, then no chocolate for you this week."

Meat or chocolate, she could only choose one! What human suffering was this!

Chapter end

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