The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 43

Chapter 43

The little girl had tasted the bitterness from the mischievous elf of life at a very young age.

Sui Yu and Ye Anning next to her felt heartbroken for Sui Yan, but still chose to ignore her pleading eyes asking for help.

The next afternoon when Sui Yu returned home, he saw a boy who looked a little familiar in his house.

Before he could even ask, and of course he didn't want to ask anyway, Liu Hua called him over, Little Yu!

Sui Yu was about to go upstairs but his steps halted as he turned towards the living room. He asked doubtfully, Mom, what's up?

Liu Hua solemnly introduced the little boy to Sui Yu, This is Uncle Li's son from next door, his name is Li Yuan. You can play more with him from now on.

Sui Yu didn't like any child other than Sui Yan. But for Liu Hua's sake, he reluctantly agreed, Okay.

Unexpectedly, Li Yuan glanced at Sui Yu disdainfully, I don't want to play with him.

Sui Yu: ... What makes you so confident that I want to play with you?

Liu Hua smiled awkwardly to smooth things over, Little Yu, you have to be more accommodating of your little brother.

To be honest, if Li Yuan was Liu Hua's son, she could have beaten him up by now in this situation.

However... what can be done about the neighbor's kid? She could only speak nicely for the time being.

Fortunately, although Li Yuan was very arrogant towards Sui Yu, he was still quite polite when talking to Liu Hua.

Otherwise, Sui Yu would probably teach him how to behave on the spot.

This is probably some new breed of spoiled child.

Today, Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze got off school a bit late, and as a result, little Sui Yan was pitifully kept temporarily at the kindergarten because there was no one to pick her up.

Ye Anning and Shen Nian thought Sui Yan had already gone home, so they rushed over after school to look for her and play.DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

But not only did they not see the soft and huggable little girl, who was that school-aged boy sitting cross-legged on the sofa playing with the little girl's toys?

When Li Yuan saw the two girls, he turned his head away indifferently and continued playing with the toys.

Ye Anning frowned at his violent actions. Her tone was not very good, Has no one taught you to treat other people's toys properly?

Sui Yan cherished each of her toys very much. She would definitely be unhappy if she knew about this.

Li Yuan tilted his head and glanced at her, What does it have to do with you?

Ye Anning... Ye Anning's fists tightened.

Shen Nian grabbed her hand, Sis Anning, calm down.

Yes, under Ye Anning's deterrence by force, Shen Nian had already surrendered.

Liu Hua heard the voices and walked out of the side room, Anning, Nian Nian, you guys are here ah. This little one is the neighbors kid.

Ye Anning smiled, Okay Aunt Liu. We came to find Yan Yan. Hasn't she gotten out of school yet?

Liu Hua was surprised, Xiao Zhi and Xiao Ze got off school late today. Yan Yan is still at the kindergarten. Shell be back soon.

Shen Nian said obediently, Then Auntie, well wait here for Yan Yan.

Liu Hua waved her hand, Good, help yourself to the snacks and fruits on the table.

After obediently agreeing, the two girls sat across from Li Yuan watching him play with Sui Yans toys.

Li Yuan noticed their gaze. He picked up a toy car and handed it to Ye Anning, Do you want to play?

Ye Anning was a little surprised. She was about to reach out to take the toy when Li Yuan let go of it with bad intentions, smiling.


The toy car fell onto the table.

Shen Nian said coldly, Childish. She pursed her lips, picked up the little car and took a look. Only after making sure there was no damage, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Yuan sneered, Its not even yours.

Ye Anning almost wanted to hit him, but at this moment, a commotion came from outside the door.

The little girls arrogant yet tender voice became clearer and clearer.

Sui Yan was grievously complaining to her brothers, Brother, Yan Yan was the only little friend left at the kindergarten!

When Sui Zhi pictured the little girl standing pitifully at the kindergarten gate waiting for him, he felt heartbroken and guilty, Yan Yan, Im sorry! I definitely wont do this again, okay?

Qiao Ze also nodded, Next time this happens, well call home and let Sis Li Hua go pick up Yan Yan.

While saying this, the two handed candies they had prepared to the little girl. The little girl immediately forgot her grievances and said arrogantly, Oh, Yan Yan will forgive brother just this once then.

The three chatted and laughed as they walked back home. But upon returning, they saw a seven or eight-year-old boy sitting on the sofa playing with toys.

Little Sui Yans models and building blocks were scattered all over the table and floor in a terrible mess.

The little girl immediately became anxious. She hurriedly ran over and stared blankly at her toys.

When Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze saw the situation, their faces darkened. They looked coldly at Li Yuan, Did you do this?

Li Yuan was completely fearless, Yes I did!

Sui Zhi was about to say something more but heard Ye Anning and Shen Nian say worriedly, Yan Yan...

If Sui Zhi and the others had come a little later, Ye Anning would have fought Li Yuan directly.

Sui Yan lowered her head without speaking, only carefully and gingerly picking up the messy pile of little things.

Li Yuan still didnt know better and opened his mouth, Are these your toys? They look pretty...


Before he could finish speaking, the little girl couldnt hold back her tears anymore and burst out bawling loudly hugging her toys.

This didnt seem like Liu Huas usual way of teasing the little girl to tears. Anyone could hear that Sui Yan was truly heartbroken this time.

Sui Zhi hugged the little girl and whispered angrily at Li Yuan, Get out!

Li Yuan also didnt expect this cute little girl to cry so easily. He panicked a little.

Liu Hua and Sui Yu who was upstairs also hurriedly ran over, Did Yan Yan come home? Why is she crying?

The little girl was sobbing and gasping for air, still hugging a pile of little toys in her arms.

Liu Hua roughly understood what happened. She frowned at Li Yuan but ultimately didnt say anything.

She didnt take Sui Yans toys away because she knew how important they were to her darling.

But now...

Liu Hua took out her phone and made a call, Li Shengming, come over here for a bit.

Her tone was not good. Li Shengming also heard the little girls almost heart wrenching cries over the phone.

His heart tightened. Could it be that scoundrel son of his that made Yan Yan cry?

The two families lived close by so Li Shengming came over very quickly.

Sui Yan was no longer crying loudly. The little girl just held her toys and cried in her brothers arms.

There was almost a murderous look in Sui Yu's eyes. He should have taught Li Yuan a lesson earlier.

When Li Shengming saw the situation, he couldnt help breaking out into a cold sweat. He looked sternly at Li Yuan, Li Yuan, what good thing did you do?

Li Yuan was a little guilty, I just took her toys. How would I know she would cry like this?

Sui Yu sneered coldly, Taking them without the owners consent?

Ye Anning and the others also didnt expect that Li Yuan had rummaged them out himself. At this time, they were also frowning deeply.

Chapter end

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