The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 47

Chapter 47


On the two-meter wide big bed, a small dumpling was sleeping soundly in the middle of the bed.

Under the bed was also a half-grown wolf sleeping.

At this time, a alarm clock in the shape of a little Peppa Pig on the bedside table suddenly rang ding ding ding ding.

Ti Zi under the bed almost immediately opened his eyes and crawled up, a fierce light flashed in the wolf's eyes.

But when his sight touched the still sleepy little dumpling on the bed, his gaze softened again.

Ti Zi helplessly shook his head, skillfully lifted his paw to turn off the alarm clock and then lay down to continue sleeping.

After about another hour, everyone else got up one after another. After washing up, Liu Hua lazily knocked on Sui Yan's door.

A few seconds later, the door was opened from the inside, and Ti Zi crawled to the living room habitually to continue resting.

Liu Hua walked in to wake up a certain little girl: "Sui Yan, wake up."

The little dumpling wrapped in a quilt twisted and murmured blurrily: Mom...

Liu Hua amusingly pinched the little girl's face: Didnt Sui Yan say she was going to get up at six o'clock today? It's already seven now.

Sui Yan groggily rolled over, stunned for a few seconds. Then suddenly woke up: Mom! We are going to the amusement park today!"

Liu Hua helplessly held her forehead: Thats right, now you are the only one who hasnt gotten up yet.

Sui Yan crawled up, aggrieved and complained: Mom, Sui Yan set the alarm yesterday.

Liu Hua sneered: Come on, your alarm can only wake up Ti Zi every time, and it still has to ask him to turn off the alarm for you.

Sui Yan didn't dare make a sound in guilty conscience.

Liu Hua stroked her hair: Alright alright, hurry up and brush your teeth and wash your face. Well set off after breakfast.

Sui Yan nimbly climbed off the bed: Okay!

In order to celebrate this special day, Liu Hua and Liu Man specially found a little dinosaur onesie for the little girl to wear.

Sui Yan was a little disgusted: Mom, I don't want to wear this.

Liu Hua insisted: This is so cute.

The little girl held the tail behind the clothes and pouted to say: Why does it have such a long tail? Little pandas don't have it.

Liu Hua put on her clothes for her, then pulled her by the tail: Look, so Mom can lead Sui Yan to walk now.

Sui Yan: ...Mom, you just want to play with it yourself, right? It feels a bit like walking a puppy somehow?

Liu Hua touched her nose: Lets go out and show your brothers.

The reluctant little girl was led out by her mother. Sitting on the carpet in the living room, the three boys looked up at the same time when they heard the sound.

When they saw the pouting little dinosaur, the eyes of the three lit up.

Sui Zhi walked around Sui Yan twice, and touched the sagging little horns on her head: Sui Yan is so cute.

The little girl slapped her brother's hand away: Brother, if you do this again I won't play with you again. Hmph!

Sui Yan turned her head and beckoned to Ti Zi again: Ti Zi, lets go downstairs to eat!

Ti Zi lazily got up and followed behind the little dinosaur walking slowly.

Sui Yu also put away his cell phone and followed along. As he passed Sui Zhi, he glanced at him: Wont play with you anymore.

Qiao Ze also deliberately walked past Sui Zhi: Wont play with you anymore.

Sui Zhi: ... Fools!Ra latst chpters on n/v//l(b)i(.)cm

Liu Hua leaned against the wall laughing for a while, patting Sui Zhi on the shoulder before going downstairs.

Downstairs, Ye Anning, Shen Nian and Qi Linhan were already waiting there, but they didnt have to wait long before they heard Sui Yan's soft muttering.

The little girl walked a few steps, angrily grabbed her own tail that was almost dragging on the ground, before continuing downstairs.

As soon as she went downstairs, she saw her sister sitting in the living room. Without thinking, the little girl ran over to her sister.


Ye Anning still hadn't reacted before she was caught full in the arms. She lowered her head to look at the little dinosaur in her arms, unusually stunned for once.


The little dinosaur looked up at her sister: Sister?

Ye Anning didnt know whether to laugh or cry: Sui Yan, did Auntie make you dress like this?

Sui Yan had just been unwilling, but now she shyly asked her sister: Sister, is Sui Yan cute?

Ye Annings heart melted completely: Cute cute, Sui Yan is the cutest.

Shen Nian also couldnt help but directly grabbed the horns on the top of Sui Yans head: I still think little pandas are cuter.

Ye Anning tsked and shook her head: How can you say that, our Sui Yan is obviously the cutest.

Sui Yan nodded solemnly: Thats right, thats right.

Liu Hua called them: Stop playing, come over for breakfast, and then we can set off after eating.

Sui Yan pushed her costume hood back and messily ruffled her hair with her little hands.

The little girl skipped and pulled her sisters to the dining room: Mom, can we buy ice cream at the amusement park?

Liu Hua didn't even lift her head: No.

Sui Yan was a little disappointed: Why not?

Liu Hua rapped her forehead: Look at the weather now, its going to snow in a few days. People are hugging hot water bottles, youre holding ice cream?

Sui Yan was justified: Can't I?

Liu Man looked for a while and calmly said: "Sui Yan, winter ice cream will make little friends' stomachs hurt."

Liu Hua added: The police uncles at amusement parks specially catch little friends who eat ice cream in winter, and beat them up when they catch them.

The little girl was skeptical: "Then what do the police uncles do in summer?"

Liu Hua: ...Who cares what youre asking so much for?

Sui Yan: ...Oh. She just knew that mom was lying again.

Although she had seen through her mother's lies, the well-behaved little Sui Yan still did not expose her. After entrusting Ti Zi to Lin Yifeng and the others,

this bunch of people were ready to set off.

That said, Sui Yan had been crying and fussing to take Ti Zi to play with her at first, but Liu Hua said someone might want to catch Ti Zi, and the little girl immediately dismissed the idea.

Fortunately Ti Zi was also sensible, still very obedient when entrusted to the neighbor's family.

Because Lin Yifeng and the others often fed Ti Zi, they were not afraid of it either. Since there were quite a lot of people, Sui Jinhong eventually sent his own driver to help drive them to the amusement park.

As soon as she got out of the car, Sui Yan saw the magnificent amusement park entrance. The little girl was instantly amazed.

Liu Hua grabbed Sui Yan's tail on her clothes and picked up the little girl again. She said to the other children: You few be careful and keep up with us.

The few boys tacitly walked at the back, leaving the middle position for Ye Anning and Shen Nian.

Sui Yu calmly said, Mom, you lead the way, well watch from behind.

Liu Hua felt relieved: So what should we play first?

Ye Anning looked at a map she got from somewhere for a long time before saying, Carousel? I guess Sui Yan would like it.

Shen Nian was shocked: Where did you get the map from?

Liu Hua was also completely confused. She hadn't even thought of checking the map in advance.

Ye Anning pointed to where they had just entered: I asked a police uncle for it.

Sui Yan struggled to get down to walk by herself. She pulled Ye Annings clothes: Sister, did you ask the police uncle just now if he would catch little friends?

Ye Anning said seriously: I asked, he said he would catch little friends who eat ice cream in winter.


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