The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The two had just returned home when they saw Ye Anning and the others squatting at the front door.

Sui Zhi was rather smug, and little Sui Yan was also happy.

"Sister!" The little girl bounced, wanting to pounce into Ye Anning's arms.

Ye Anning's slender fingers pressed against the little girl's forehead: "Stand properly!"

Sui Yan pouted and flapped her little hands: "Sister, I want a hug!"

Who could resist that?

Ye Anning was just about to reach out to hug the little girl, but Sui Yu timely pulled her back, and poked Sui Yan's forehead: "Why did you sneak out to play, Yan?"

Upon hearing this, Sui Yan felt guilty. The little girl lowered her head at her fingers: "Yan didn't sneak out to play..."

Sui Zhi bravely stood up: "Yan went with me to take pictures together, I still have the electronic photos here, do you guys want to see?"

Sui Yu: "..."

Others: "..."

Ye Anning silently stood up and pinched her knuckles: "Let's not say anything else and just fight."

Sui Yan paled in fright: "Sister! Fighting is not good!"

Ye Anning was very reasonable: "Then how about beating you up instead?"

Sui Yan: "..." Sob!

In the end, everyone made a fuss, and locked Sui Zhi outside.

They also snatched away the electronic photos.

When Sui Jinhong returned home to put things away, he was about to send Sui Yan's snacks to Liu Hua's house. However, as soon as he went over, he saw Sui Zhi alone, squatting at the door.

He walked over with a bag in his hand: "Little Zhi, why are you squatting outside?"

Sui Zhi touched his nose: "Dad, I didn't do anything."

Sui Jinhong was about to say something when he saw the door open a small gap. Sui Yan's little face was almost pressed against the crack as she whispered in a tiny voice: "Brother, come in quickly."

Sui Zhi endured his laugh: "Okay."

As the little girl looked up, she saw Dad standing outside too. She froze for two seconds before opening the door and throwing herself into Dad's arms: "Daddy!"

Sui Jinhong was a little confused: "Yan, what's the matter?"

Sui Zhi spoke ahead of time: "Dad, it's nothing. Do you want to come in with us?"

Sui Jinhong shook his head: "I won't go in. These are snacks for Yan. You guys go in quickly."

Sui Zhi nodded and led his sister inside. Sui Yan felt a little regretful but still waved to Dad: "Bye Dad!"

Only after seeing the children go inside did Sui Jinhong feel at ease to leave.

When he returned home, he saw Ye Wan sitting alone in the dining room picking vegetables. He naturally walked over to help, and casually complained: Anning is playing next door again? Shes spending less and less time at home. After speaking, he didnt hear Ye Wan say anything for a long time. He was a little confused and looked at Ye Wan: Wanwan?

Ye Wan paused before responding: Whats the matter?

Sui Jinhong frowned: What are you daydreaming about?

Ye Wan smiled indifferently: Werent you going to bring snacks to Yan? Why did you come back so quickly?

Sui Jinhong explained quite seriously: I happened to see Little Zhi at the door and let him take the snacks in.

Ye Wan lowered her head to continue picking vegetables: Why didnt you go in and sit for a while?

Sui Jinhong realized something. His tone was solemn: Wanwan, dont worry.

Ye Wan finally looked at him: Then lets have a good chat first.

Sui Jinhong didnt hesitate and nodded immediately, waiting for her to ask questions.


Liu Huas House

When Sui Zhi entered, he saw the group watching photos of him and Sui Yan on the projector screen. He walked over holding his sister's hand and sat with everyone.

And everyone was obsessed with the photos of little Sui Yan wearing a princess dress, madly fawning over the cute little girl.

For a while, no one bothered Sui Zhi after all.

Of course, no one paid any attention to him either.

So Sui Zhi and Sui Yan silently huddled together in the corner for warmth. The number of "empty nesters" increased from one to two.DiisCoover pdated novels on n(o)v./e/lbin(.)co

Liu Hua looked at the photos on the screen, then at the dazed little girl. She called out, "Yan."

Sui Yan looked up blankly: "Mom?"

Liu Hua rested her chin on her hand, looking at her daughter: "Why don't you like wearing your little skirts at home, Yan?"

At this, everyone else's eyes shifted to Sui Yan.

The little girl struggled for a long time before saying, "Mom, little skirts are not pretty."

Liu Hua was a little surprised: "Who said that? Our Yan looks the cutest in little skirts."

Qi Linhan carefully recalled and found that this little one did seem to rarely wear skirts.

Ye Anning and Shen Nian also sighed. Sui Yan had such an exquisitely cute little face that made people envious, but she didn't realize it herself.

Sui Yan pouted her cheeks: "It's just not pretty!"

Liu Hua: "..." Could she have inherited her dad's trash aesthetic?

The others didn't know much about this. They just felt that if the little girl didn't like wearing them, then there was no need to force her. She looked cute in other clothes anyway.

Ye Anning thought for a moment: Yan, lets go take a photo together someday.

Sui Yan slid off the couch and hopped over to Ye Anning: Okay, okay! Can we all go together? The little girl looked expectantly around at everyone.

Of course everyone was more than happy to. Liu Hua thought for a moment: Why dont I invite some people over to help take pictures of you kids? Would you like that?

Liu Man agreed with a nod: Madam, I think that would be good. Otherwise there would be too many children and it would be hard for us to handle.

Liu Hua decided directly after making up her mind.

Just as she was about to say something else, Liu Hua's gaze suddenly swept over Ye Anning. She couldnt help but say, "Anning, wont your mother feel jealous that you come to play at our house every day?"

Ye Anning was taken aback. She hadn't thought much about this issue before. Now that Liu Hua had suddenly reminded her, she also felt a little remorseful.

Liu Hua said meaningfully: Anning, I know you like Yan, but your mother must be very lonely at home by herself.

She couldnt possibly let Ye Wan come here to play. Somehow that would feel a bit strange.

Sitting on the carpet, Sui Yan blinked in confusion: Mom, Yan can go to Dads house to play with Sister.

Liu Hua frowned. But then Mom would have no one to accompany her, would she?

Liu Man hesitated: Madam... Was I just a tool?

Qiao Ze timely said, "Auntie, you can actually take Ye Auntie and the kids out to the park next door or something..."

Liu Hua felt it was a bit forced: Theres no rush for that. Dont you kids still have school? Where do you find so much time to play?

Sui Yu was a little angry: Speaking of which, Yan actually sneaked out to play while we were doing homework!

Sui Yan justified herself righteously: Yan didn't sneak out!

Liu Hua poked her forehead: Yan is a little rascal! Stinky kid!

Sui Yan looked pitiful: Yan is not!

Liu Hua was about to anger the little girl some more when Liu Man cooledly reminded her: Madam, if you keep going, Yan is going to cry again.

Liu Hua swallowed her words but still couldnt help saying one last sentence: Yan is a little crybaby.

The indignant little girl stood up with her waist akimbo and stared at Mom for a while before turning her face away, puffing her cheeks: Yan is ignoring Mom now.

Chapter end

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