The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Liu Hua came out to get some things and casually scolded her daughter, "You think everything tastes good."

Sui Yan retorted righteously, "Who said that! I don't think vegetables taste good!"

Qi Linhan was speechless with a black face: "You're still arrogant about not eating vegetables?"

Facing this brother she liked very much, little Sui Yan pouted her lips, but didn't dare say anything more.

Liu Hua thoughtfully looked at the two of them, inexplicably feeling like she had discovered a weakness of the little brat.

Li Shengming had just brought his son home and came back after not too long.

Sui Zhi looked at him, vaguely having a premonition.

Sure enough, Li Shengming opened his mouth and mentioned what he had said before, "Little Zhi, many people have come to me during this time. I discussed it with your dad earlier, do you want to take a look at the specific situation?"

Sui Zhi thought about it, "Uncle Li, I want to take a look. When do you have time?"

Li Shengming patted him on the shoulder, "Right now, let's go to your dad's place and discuss it together with him."

Sui Zhi nodded, put down what was in his hands, and bid Liu Hua and Sui Yan goodbye before leaving with Li Shengming.

Sui Yan puffed her cheeks next to them and poked her own little face, unconsciously acting cute.

The little girl looked at her brother leaving dumbly, and couldn't help but ask, "Mom, where is brother going?"

Liu Hua knocked on the little girl's forehead, "Why does a little kid care so much?"

She didn't know the specifics right now either, so how could she answer this brat?

The brat wrinkled her brows, feeling like her mom was discriminating against her. She pouted with an indignant expression as she turned her head away.

Liu Hua mercilessly ridiculed her, "Is Yan Yan a pushover? Puffing her cheeks every day."

Sui Yan complained, "It's because Mom makes Yan Yan angry every day!"

Ye Anning and the others almost couldn't help laughing when they saw this. They really were more childish than the last.


Ever since the three members of the Lu family left Shen Nian's home last time, Shen Nian hadn't seen Lu Yunling for a long time. At school, the teachers only said she was absent.

She had thought things would just end like this and even breathed a slight sigh of relief.


Shen Nian caught a glimpse of Lu Yunling, who had returned to school and was still sitting next to her, with a strange expression on her delicate face.

As soon as she sat down, Lu Yunling hesitated, wanting to talk to her, "Nian Nian..."

Shen Nian didn't look at her, "We're not that close. You can just call me Shen Nian."

Lu Yunling pursed her lips as her eyes brimmed red, "I'm sorry..."

A hint of irritation rose in Shen Nian's heart. She suddenly realized that after this, Lu Yunling had slowly become gentle in the previous life as well.

It was just that in the previous life she had thought Lu Yunling was very kind, but now she could see some things clearly.

After one class, Lu Yunling took out some candy from her schoolbag, wanting to give it to Shen Nian, "Nian Nian, have some candy."

Shen Nian looked at her indifferently for a while before accepting the candy, "Thank you."

After all, Lu Yunling was still a real child. She couldn't bear to be harsh with her, she could only be more vigilant.

After speaking, she turned and left the classroom.

The originally innocent and weak faced Lu Yunling left behind gritted her teeth, her face twisting somewhat grotesquely.

Shen Nian clutched the candy and ran to the fifth grade classroom to find Ye Anning.

Because she had often come to find Ye Anning recently, most of Ye Anning's classmates now thought she had a second grade sister.

When Ye Anning was called out of the classroom, she looked a bit sleepy and lazily asked the little girl in front of her, "What do you want again?"

Shen Nian rolled her eyes, "Can't I look for you when I have nothing to do?"

Ye Anning didn't say anything, just looked at Shen Nian with an extremely disdainful gaze.

Shen Nian coughed drily, "Okay, okay, I really have something this time."

Ye Anning responded nasally with half-closed eyes, "Hmm?"

Shen Nian showed her the candy in her hand, "Look, this is from Lu Yunling."

When Lu Yunling was mentioned, Ye Anning was wide awake. She stroked her chin, "What, she's starting to try to get along with you now?"

Shen Nian's voice was low, "I think so... Do you remember what happened back then? I was close with Yan Yan at the time, but later Lu Yunling would always say 'nice things' about Yan Yan in front of me, leading to more and more estrangement between me and Yan Yan."

Ye Anning couldn't help but sneer, "Although Lu Yunling is indeed not a good person, you not trusting Yan Yan enough is also the main reason. Don't blame it all on Lu Yunling."

Shen Nian reflexively retorted, "Weren't you the same?"

Ye Anning was stunned. She lowered her eyes and smiled bitterly, murmuring, "Yes...that's true."

Shen Nian bit her lip, "I didn't mean that."

Ye Anning took a deep breath, "It's okay. Just be more careful yourself for now. When we get back today we can discuss it with them."

Shen Nian nodded blankly, "Okay."

In the evening, when Ye Anning and Shen Nian went to Sui Yan's house one after the other, they saw the little girl lying on her back on the sofa, her little short legs resting on the back of the sofa, completely focused on playing with Sui Yu's phone.

Ye Anning moved closer to Sui Yan's ear and whispered, "Yan Yan, you're playing your brother's phone again."

The little girl was shocked and hastily stuffed the phone into the crevice of the sofa, "Sis is lying, Yan Yan didn't!"

These actions were extremely skilled. Ye Anning was certain this little brat had played with the phone secretly more than once.

Shen Nian tilted her head and looked for a moment, then suddenly said, "Yan Yan, your brother is here."

Following Shen Nian's line of sight, Sui Yan did indeed see Sui Yu coming down the stairs.

The little girl pointed her finger guiltily, "Brother agreed to let me play with his phone."

Ye Anning suddenly understood, "So that's what happened!"ewW ovels updtes on nov/l/b(i)(.)com

Sui Yan kept nodding, "Yes, yes!"

Shen Nian followed up on Ye Anning's words, "So your brother also agreed to let you lie there and play with the phone like earlier?"

The little girl was at a loss. Her eyes grew wet as she looked at the two sisters, then suddenly pursed her lips and gave each of them a loud smack.

The little girl whispered, "Yan Yan gives sisters a kiss, sisters won't tell brother, okay?"

Ye Anning was shocked. This little brat knew they liked her acting cute! No wonder she had been so soft and adorable recently...

No, this silly girl had always been a soft and cute mascot.

Ti Zi, who had been lying next to Sui Yan, now looked at her complicatedly as she shamelessly acted cute. He sighed helplessly.

Back then, the brat had been so aloof and detached! How did she become such a silly and adorable thing now, always wheedling and acting spoiled!

But...this was pretty good too.

A few laughs appeared in Ti Zi's wolf eyes.

And Sui Yan was still acting coy, "Sisters, please~?"

Ye Anning and Shen Nian couldn't take her pestering anymore. Their hearts softened and they were just about to agree when Sui Yu's curious voice came from behind them.

"Agree to what?"

Chapter end

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