The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Sui Yan felt a little thrill of excitement. She narrowed her eyes like people on TV and pressed the trigger without hesitation.

"Ow!" A panicked cry came from the little boy, giving Sui Yu and the others a fright.

When they looked over, they saw the little girl with a face full of snow, sitting in a pile of it.

Shen Nian frowned and shouted, "Li Yuan, why did you hit An Yan?"

Li Yuan explained in a panic, "No! I was trying to hit little brother Qi! I accidentally hit An Yan!"

Ye Anning raised the snowball gun. "No more explaining."

Sui Yu and the others also tacitly pointed their guns at Li Yuan. Seeing he was in trouble, Li Yuan turned to run.

Just then a white shadow flashed by and Li Yuan shrieked, "An Yan, save me!"

Ti Zi half pressed Li Yuan to the ground, growling threateningly for him not to move. The strength of the half-grown wolf pup was nothing to scoff at. Li Yuan instantly shivered and didn't dare to move.

Seeing its goal achieved, Ti Zi turned its head and barked at Sui Yu and the others a couple times.

Qi Linhan immediately understood its meaning. He raised his gun and fired a snowball at Li Yuan.

Pinned down, Li Yuan couldn't get away at all and could only grit his teeth and endure.

Shen Nian and Ye Anning's eyes lit up and they focused their firepower on Li Yuan too.

Sui Yan felt very wronged. She had prepared for so long but didn't get to hit anyone. Not only did she not hit anyone, her own face got plastered with snow instead.

Although if you look at it that way, she did deserve it a little. But the little one didn't care about all that! She was just wronged!

Shen Nian and Ye Anning ran over to pick up the little one and dust the newly attached snowflakes off her.

Ye Anning tapped Sui Yan's forehead. "As expected, An Yan only got a beating."

The little girl bowed her head pitifully at them. "Sister, I couldn't hit anyone."

Ye Anning took out a handkerchief and wiped her face, then satisfiedly looked at the soft, pink little one in front of her. Seeing the little one so wronged, she thought carefully before saying, "Why don't we make them stand in a line, then An Yan can hit whoever she wants however she wants, okay?"

Sui Yan blinked. "Can I?"

Ye Anning gently patted her head. "Of course you can." Having soothed the little one, she turned with a change of expression. "You guys, stand in a line!"

In order to please the little girl, Sui Yu and the others took the initiative to stand together.

Ti Zi had also let go of the snow-covered Li Yuan at some point and bounced over to Sui Yan's side to comfort her.

Qi Linhan dragged Li Yuan over to the middle and together with Sui Yu held him down.

Meanwhile, Shen Nian took a toy gun filled with fresh snow and handed it to Sui Yan. "An Yan, here you go! Don't hold back, feel free to aim for the face."

Li Yuan protested from his forced spot in the middle, "No way, you can't hit the face!"

Ye Anning glanced at him. "Then why did your snowball just now hit An Yan's face?"

Li Yuan: "......" People didn't do it on purpose waah waah~

Li Yuan, who was inwardly crying waah waah to himself, was completely unaware that he had gradually become "Yan-ified".

Sui Yan had originally still been hesitating, but remembering how she had just given someone a free hit, her little pink fists instantly hardened.

She firmly took the toy gun Shen Nian handed over.

Then because the toy gun was too heavy, the little girl staggered forward a couple steps.

Ye Anning couldn't help but cover her face. Little one! Where's your momentum! You lost it all before you even made a move!

Seeing it, Sui Yu and Qi Linhan wanted to laugh too, but they held it in for fear of angering the little one.

Li Yuan didn't have that awareness. Probably thinking his sister couldn't hit him anyway, he brazenly burst into loud laughter with hands on hips.

"Hahahahaha! An Yan you can't even hold the toy gun! Hahahaha eh!"

Just as his head was tilted back laughing, a snowball suddenly struck Li Yuan's face dead center, stuffing his mouth full of snow.

He instantly couldn't laugh anymore, face puckered as he spat out most of the snowball. "An Yan, how could you shoot without any warning first!"

Sui Yan who looked to have shot it scratched her head in confusion. "I didn't shoot! It went out by itself all of a sudden!"

Ye Anning swapped the toy gun in Sui Yan's hands for another one. "An Yan, use this one."

The little girl was still pissed that she hadn't gotten to properly play. She fiddled with the toy gun for a bit, then randomly fired several shots at her brothers.Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

Sui Yu and the others who had been peacefully waiting for the little sister to vent were caught off guard and each got hit.

Shen Nian looked at Sui Yan in shock. "An Yan, you're so amazing?"

The instigator was still confused. "What?"

Who is she? Where is she? What did she do?

Seeing their messy state, Ye Anning couldn't help but sit next to Sui Yan and laugh loudly.

Sui Yu smiled helplessly and calmly brushed the snow off himself. He went to Sui Yan's side and picked her up. "Is An Yan feeling a little happier now?"

Sui Yan stretched out her little hands in their furry mittens, struggling to hold up two fingers. "Happier by this much."

Sui Zhi also came over. "Then what would make An Yan happier by lots more little bits?"

The little girl was a bit tired from playing. Her small face nuzzled against her brother's embrace. "Brother, An Yan wants chocolate. Eating chocolate will make me happier by lots more little bits."

Sui Yu looked at the yard messily trampled all over and bounced the little girl in his arms. "Then let's stop playing. Let's go in and change clothes and have some chocolate to warm up nicely."

Li Yuan looked longingly at Qi Linhan, hoping this brother who had also been ganged up on could give him some comfort.

But Qi Linhan didn't notice the boy's gaze at all. His attention was completely on the little one.

He took off his glove and directly pulled a chocolate from his pocket for Sui Yan. "An Yan, have some chocolate."

Sui Yan blinked in delight. "Brother Linhan, how do you have chocolate!"

Qi Linhan smiled gently. "Because An Yan loves to eat it."

Sui Yan nibbled on the chocolate, looking at him puzzled. The little girl still didn't quite understand what he meant.

While Sui Yan may not understand, the others sure did. And so...

Sui Yu gave a cold humph. "Ulterior motives."

Sui Zhi gave a cold humph. "Up to no good."

Qiao Ze gave a cold humph. "Scheming."

Ye Anning gave a cold humph. "Hypocrite."

Shen Nian gave a cold humph. "Hidden agenda."

Li Yuan gave a cold humph. Lacking the proper education, he didn't know what else to say.

Sui Yan gave a little humph humph. She struggled for Qi Linhan to carry her.

Qi Linhan speechlessly glanced at them and carefully picked up the little one to go inside.

Liu Hua and Liu Man were in the living room basking by the fire. They looked extremely cozy.

Qi Linhan had just brought Sui Yan inside when Liu Hua couldn't help but wrinkle her nose. She waved them over. "Hurry and come get warm by the fire. Tsk, nevermind, go change clothes first. We just went to your place and brought over a change of clothes for you guys."

Chapter end

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