The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 61

Chapter 61

Liu Hua looked thoughtfully at Ti Zi, suddenly reaching out to pat its head. Her gaze was both tender and sympathetic: "Ti Zi, you really have it hard in our family. Having to learn to raise cubs when you're not even an adult yourself."

Ti Zi wagged its tail and put its paw on Liu Hua's hand to shake hands with her.

Sui Yan puffed out her cheeks: "Mom, I can understand too!"

Liu Man carefully cleaned up the "corpse" of the gold pig. She smiled and pinched the little girl's cheek: "What does Sui Yan understand?"

Sui Yan twisted her head and solemnly humphed: "Mom and sister Liu Man just know how to talk about me!"

Liu Hua poked the round chubby cheeks of the little cub: "Who let you be so silly every day?"

Seeing that mom seemed about to bring up old accounts again, the little cub quickly changed the subject: "Mom, let's hurry up and count how much money there is here! Sui Yan has been saving it for a long time!"

Liu Hua glanced at the pile of money and silently shifted her gaze away: "That's a lot, no need to count it. Give all this money to mom, and later mom will pay for whatever you've set your eyes on."

Sui Yan didn't dwell on it either: "Okay!"

Liu Man received Liu Hua's look and quietly organized the money to later deposit into the little cub's bank card.

Sui Yu had been spectating with them for a while and also helped tidy up the money: "Mom, shall we get ready to set off now?"

Liu Hua picked up her bag while holding onto the restless little cub: "Let's go, one car should be just enough seats for us."

Sui Yan looked up and asked: "Mom, can Ti Zi come too?"

Liu Hua frowned: "No, it can't."

Sui Yan sighed disappointedly. Ti Zi walked over to snuggle the little girl, signaling her not to worry.

The little girl squatted down and earnestly stroked Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, it's okay. Sui Yan will definitely buy the best, best Christmas present for you!"

Ti Zi snuggled her again, then used its head to nudge her and Liu Hua, hurrying them to set off.

Liu Hua also felt a little apologetic towards Ti Zi, but right now she didn't have a way either. After all, bringing a wolf shopping would be a bit frightening.

Moreover, Ti Zi had grown up now and looked less and less like a puppy.

Bringing it out would likely cause panic.

Without wasting time, Liu Hua pulled the little cub out: "Let's go, or else we won't be able to come back until very late tonight."

Sui Yan didn't dwell on it either. She waved goodbye to Ti Zi.

On the road, Sui Yan was very excited the whole time, chattering on and on.Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

Liu Hua endured it for a while but still couldn't resist scaring the little cub: "Sui Yan, if you keep chattering, mom won't buy you chocolate anymore."

Sui Yan quieted down in a second. The little girl pouted dissatisfiedly and retorted: "Mom said little friends should talk more!"

Liu Hua didn't give any leeway at all: "I said talk more, not chatter endlessly."

Sui Yan was even more dissatisfied: "That's clearly not it! Mom is lying! Mom just doesn't love Sui Yan anymore!"

Liu Hua calmly drove on: "If I didn't love you, I would've thrown you out long ago."

Sui Yan: "......" The little cub was still too young, how could she possibly spar against mom?

So she spent the rest of the trip with her lips pursed, puffing her cheeks as she stared out the window.

Only when they arrived at the nearest shopping mall from home and Liu Hua patted the little girl's head, did she happily take the initiative to grab mom's hand again.

Seeing the little cub hopping around, Sui Yu and the others also couldn't help but bend the corners of their mouths into smiles.

Upon entering the mall, Sui Yan pulled Liu Hua towards the snacks section: "Mom mom! Chocolate chocolate!"

Liu Hua helplessly held her forehead: "Sui Yan, slower, your brothers haven't caught up yet!"

The little cub stopped in her tracks, staring longingly at Sui Yu and the others. Finally, probably from being too impatient, she couldn't resist waving her hands at them: "Brother! Sister Liu Man! Hurry up!"

The little furball was wearing fluffy clothing which, paired with her exquisite cute face, had already attracted a lot of people's attention. And now with her shout, even more people looked over with kindly gazes.

Sui Yu and the others also jogged over: "Sui Yan, why are you in such a hurry? We can stroll for a long time."

Sui Yan justified: "But we also have to buy a lot a lot of stuff!"

Liu Hua coolly said: "Isn't it just because you're too eager to buy chocolate?"

Sui Yan: "......" Why does mom always ruin my momentum!

Liu Man couldn't help but laugh. She cooperated very well with the little cub: "It's okay, after all Sui Yan also hasn't come to buy new snacks herself for a long time. Last time I came here I even discovered brand new chocolate."

Sui Yu and the others also very consciously took out a small cart: "Then let's go."

Liu Hua thought about it: "Take another cart, otherwise it might not fit everything."

And so, two adults, three teenagers, and a little cub set off into the mall pushing two carts.

Probably to welcome the upcoming Christmas, a decorated Christmas tree was already set up at the mall entrance, making people feel happy at first sight.

To appease the little cub's restless heart, they decisively chose to go to the snacks section first.

They just didn't expect that after Sui Yan grabbed a few boxes of chocolate she calmed down and quietly turned to look at the surrounding snacks all by herself, hands behind her back like a little adult.

Seeing the little cub's manner, Liu Hua found it quite funny: "Sui Yan, if you want any other snacks just take them yourself. You can take as much as you want today."

Sui Yan turned to look at mom: "Mom, Sui Yan wants to buy snacks for Ti Zi."

Liu Hua was surprised: "Were you looking for snacks Ti Zi can eat just now?"

The little cub twisted her little eyebrows and nodded: "Yeah!"

Liu Hua was still very satisfied and proud of her cub's nature. She immediately waved a hand: "You take yours first. Mom will buy snacks for Ti Zi in a bit."

The crease between the little girl's eyebrows finally smoothed out, but she still didn't take any other snacks.

The little cub took mom's hand and said: "Mom, you sent me a lot of snacks in the last package. Let's not buy snacks, go look at something else!"

Liu Hua smiled gently: "Okay, let's go select gifts for your brothers and sister then."

The little cub cheered: "Yeah!"

However, when truly facing a wide selection of gifts, Sui Yan still felt conflicted.

Holding a box in each hand, the little cub carefully inspected them.

Liu Hua took away the boxes from her hands: "What are you looking at? If you can't decide then let's just buy them all."

The little girl had never seen such extravagance before. She immediately hugged mom's leg: "Mom, our family won't go bankrupt in the future, right?"

Liu Hua: "......" What nonsense is this kid sprouting?


Muffled laughter came from the man beside them.

Curious, Sui Yan tilted her head to look at that uncle.

Facing the gazes of the whole family, Xu Yi felt a little nervous. He gave a light cough: "Hello there, little friends."

Sui Yan looked at him blankly. A few seconds later she exclaimed: "You're the uncle who called mom on the phone! You even know Sui Yan's name too!"

Chapter end

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