The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Little Sui Yan struggled for a long time and let out a long sigh, "Uncle, if you can only love my mom forever, then Sui Yan wants you to be together."

She saw that the uncles on TV always liked many people! Hate it the most!

Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and he couldn't help laughing again, "Isn't Sui Yan afraid that Uncle will not be good to you and your brother in the future?"

Sui Yan subconsciously widened her eyes, "Huh? Why?"

Xu Yi almost wanted to hit himself, what's wrong with having to say this to the little one!

Liu Hua's cool voice rang out next to him, "What are you talking about?"

The little friend Sui Yan became well-behaved in a second, "Mom, Sui Yan didn't say anything."

Liu Hua: "Huh!" Not a word from you little one can be believed!

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze, the three melon-eating people, came over, "Mom, we've chosen the stuff here, do we need to buy anything else?"

Liu Hua took out her phone and took a look at the shopping list, "Still need to buy fairy lights and...plush dolls."

Liu Hua looked disgusted, "The house is almost full of plush dolls."

Sui Yan righteously said, "Sui Yan didn't buy the Santa Claus and carrot plush dolls last time!"

Liu Hua pinched the little one's cheek, "You're so nosy!"

With one hand on her waist, she didn't look like she was in a good mood, but Xu Yi's eyes became more and more gentle.

The three melon-eating people looked at each other and felt that this pair could make it.

So they kept finding opportunities to bring Xu Yi and Liu Hua together afterwards.

After being single for so long, Liu Hua belatedly reacted to something.

She didn't feel that her few broad-minded cubs were worried at all about having a stepfather soon? They were even trying to match them up?

"You can feel it too."

Liu Hua was startled, a little confused looking at Xu Yi, who spoke out, but heard him laugh and continue, "The kids are trying to match us up."

Liu Hua pursed her lips, "Don't think too much, they just don't understand."

Xu Yi frowned slightly, "Why do you always have to worry so much? You never thought to ask the kids what they think."

On the other side of the shelf, the eavesdropping Sui Yu nodded solemnly.

That's right, his mother is like this, always silently making a lot of sacrifices for them behind the scenes, but obviously many things can be discussed together as a family.

Liu Hua's expression became cold, "I don't want Sui Yan to feel that I won't love her. Although she looks silly, she actually understands a lot."

Xu Yi took the opportunity to grab her wrist, "We don't need to have kids, just Sui Yan, Little Yu and the others. I will treat them as my own children... You know that, don't you?"

His voice was almost pleading, "I've been looking for you for so many years..."

Liu Hua curled her fingers involuntarily, and her eyes brimmed red.

"Mommy, Sui Yan knows that Mommy will always love Sui Yan the most!"

The little one's tender voice came from below, and the two lowered their heads in surprise at the same time.

I saw Sui Yan somehow ran over to their side, and gently shook Liu Hua's clothes.

Liu Hua paused for a moment, "Sui Yan, were you eavesdropping again?"

Sui Yan was shocked, "Mommy! Sui Yan didn't!"

Liu Hua took a deep breath, "Forget it, let's not talk about it. Let's go home, we'll come out to buy things in a couple of days."

The little one was unwilling, clinging to Liu Hua's legs, "Mommy no! Sui Yan doesn't want Mommy to be alone!"

Liu Hua was a little puzzled, "What alone?"

Sui Yan looked up, seemingly unhappy, "Aunties and uncles are two people, Daddy and Aunt Ye are also two people. Sui Yan wants Mommy to be two people too."

The little girl didn't express herself clearly, but they both understood what she was saying.

Liu Hua looked a little stunned, and Xu Yi took the opportunity to say, "Xiao Hua, the kids are so sensible."

Sui Yan's voice suddenly became a little low, "Uncle likes Mommy, Mommy also likes Uncle, so why can't they be together?"

Liu Hua came back to her senses and tapped the little one's head, "What nonsense has your little brain been filled with? You can't watch those messy TV shows with A Meng anymore!"

Sui Yan felt so wronged, "Mommy, don't be like that!"

She was just pushed out by her brother and A Meng to persuade her mother! How could her mother deprive her of her source of happiness!

After the fuss, they bought half the stuff and Liu Hua and the others went home, leaving only Xu Yi's lonely figure.

Sui Yu looked out the car window, "Mom, Uncle Xu looks so pitiful."

Liu Hua's expression was unchanged, "If you guys say one more thing, I'll make you even more miserable than him."

Sui Yu: "..." I'll shut up now!

Although Liu Hua still looked indifferent, her occasionally distracted eyes and pinched white knuckles still exposed her true feelings.

I thought this matter could only be shelved for the time being, but unexpectedly there was new development the next day.

It was the weekend, and it was snowing outside, so everyone was squatting at home eating and drinking.

Sui Yan leaned against Ti Zi, with a small plate of snacks and some fruit in front of the two cubs, living a cozy little life.Diiscover new tories at nve/lbin(.)c/o

It was at this time that Sui Jinhong knocked on Liu Hua's door.

He looked a little uncomfortable, "Um, Sui Yan's grandparents know she lives here and want to come see her, is that okay?"

Liu Hua frowned, "The weather is so cold, it's better if you take Sui Yan to them instead of bothering the elderly."

Sui's parents were extremely eager for a daughter, but unfortunately Sui's Grandma was in poor health, and in the end they only gave birth to Sui Jinhong's son.

As a result, they really regarded Liu Hua as a daughter, and after Liu Hua and Sui Jinhong's divorce, the two elders even almost severed relations with their son. The only thing Liu Hua felt bad about in her divorce from Sui Jinhong was the two elders.

And Liu Hua had given birth to Sui Yu and Sui Zhi first, two boys, and shortly after Sui Yan, this little girl, was born, she got divorced.

This also led to Sui's Grandpa and Grandma not having seen their precious granddaughter for several years.

The named little Sui Yan had a piece of chocolate in her mouth and asked vaguely, "Dad, where are Sui Yan's grandpa and grandma?"

Sui Jinhong patted his daughter on the head, "Grandpa and Grandma live a little far from us here, and they really want to see Sui Yan."

Sui Yan supported her chin and thought, "Will Mommy go with Sui Yan?"

Sui Jinhong reflexively looked at Liu Hua, but Liu Hua shook her head, "Sui Yan, Mommy won't go."

Sui Jinhong hesitated, "My parents also really want to see you again."

Liu Hua was silent for a moment, "I'll go see the two elderly people during the New Year, and bring someone with me, and let Uncle and Aunt take a look at the person's character and see if it's good or not."

This remark was tantamount to acknowledging that she had a new boyfriend, Sui Jinhong laughed, "Thank you."

Liu Hua waved her hand, "It's nothing."

Chapter end

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