The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Sui Yan pressed her lips: "Granny, Yan doesn't want to do anything, she just wants Ti Zi to be like us too, okay?"

Zhou Yuyuan stroked the little one's fair and delicate face: "Of course."

Sui Yan smiled lightly, her pretty eyes curving into crescents.

Seeing his little granddaughter smile to reveal a few baby teeth, Sui Zhenxiong's mood inadvertently turned better too: "Dear, grandpa and granny have prepared many gifts for you and your siblings, do you want to go see?"

A man who had been stern for most of his life was suddenly smiling gently at his granddaughter, calling her "Dear."

Sui Jinhong felt a little disillusioned, his father's tall and magnificent image gradually crumbling.

But thinking of how cute his daughter was, everything seemed reasonable again.

Sui Yan was carried by granny, her whole body draped over granny's shoulder. The little one stretched out her small hands to grab her own ears, then laughed to herself again.

All the way, looking left and right, Sui Yan was almost always exclaiming in surprise.

"There's a pond over there! Will there be little fish?"

"That rockery looks so weird!"

"Those flowers are so pretty!"

"That big doggy is so cute... Big doggy! Ti Zi, look, there's a big doggy!"

The little one's soft voice was not annoying at all, but rather put everyone in an even better mood.

Ti Zi, facing the big dog guarding against it, couldn't help but want to roll its eyes.

Sui Zhenxiong barked, and the big dog instantly turned and ran away.

The little one watched the big dog run off. She was a bit puzzled: "Grandpa, why did the doggy run away? It doesn't like Ti Zi?"

Sui Zhenxiong chuckled and coaxed his little granddaughter: "Dear, the doggy's afraid of Ti Zi."

When Sui Yan heard this, she immediately lowered her head to look at Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, Yan is not afraid of you, little wolf is the bravest!"

Ti Zi raised its head and howled twice, the smile evident in its wolf eyes.

The old folks said they had prepared some gifts, but when everyone saw the pile of things in the middle of the front hall, they were still shocked.

Sui Yan craned her neck to look at the pile of gifts slightly taller than herself. She was confused.

"Granny, are all these for Yan and my siblings?"

Zhou Yuyuan smiled and beckoned for Ye Anning and the others to come over too: "Yes, your grandpa and I bought things for kids we saw that they would like whenever we went out shopping."

Sui Yan circled the pile of gifts, then fished out an exquisite transparent box from inside.

She seemed to want to show off her treasure to Ye Anning, holding out the small box in front of her: "Sis, look! Isn't this what you like?"

Ye Anning looked at the little one in front of her and smiled as she squatted down to meet her gaze: "How did Yan know?"

The box in the little one's hand contained a delicate and exquisite miniature microphone that was clearly not cheap.

Sui Yan was proud: "Sis has a bunch of these things in her room!"

Zhou Yuyuan was a bit surprised: "Anning likes microphones? We thought it looked nice so we bought it back then."

Sui Jinhong chimed in: "Yeah, Anning sings really well."

Sui Yan stuffed the thing into Ye Anning's hand: "Here, for sis!"

Ye Anning didn't dwell on it and just accepted it with a smile: "Thank you, Yan."

The little one kissed her sister again with a loud smack: "You're welcome, sis!"

Ye Anning wiped the little one's drool off her face with a wry smile, unable to resist pinching her cheek.

In the end, there were too many gifts and the little one got tired from unwrapping them. Zhou Yuyuan amusingly watched as the little one lay down on the carpet pretending to sleep. She squatted down and poked the soft little face: "Dear, get up, don't lie on the floor."

Sui Yan rubbed her eyes: "Granny, can Yan go out and play?"

Zhou Yuyuan picked up the little one and made her stand properly: "Sure, dear will put on her scarf and let her siblings take you to the yard to play, okay?"


Sui Jinhong handed his daughter's furry scarf over: "Yan, put on your scarf yourself."

Sui Zhenxiong frowned: "She's so little, how can she put it on herself. What's wrong with you helping as her dad?"

Sui Yan spoke up earnestly: "Grandpa, mommy said to let Yan put on my scarf and clothes myself."

Sui Zhenxiong was instantly gentle towards his granddaughter: "Your mommy taught our dear well. You're so smart, dear!"

Sui Jinhong: "..." So this was double standards?

Sui Jinhong family status -1-1-1

Sui Yan little one family status 1000 1000 1000 ......

The butler Zhao and Sui Yu who were watching almost couldn't hold in their laughter.

At the strong urging of a certain little one, the kids ran off to play in the yard.

Sui Yan skipped ahead, Ti Zi following behind her.

"Siblings! Hurry up! Let's go see the pond!"

Ye Anning dashed a few steps to grab the little paw: "Yan, slow down, the ground is very slippery now."

Sui Yan obediently walked slowly with her sister until they got to the edge of the pond. Only then did she lean over the railing and peer down.

When Sui Yu and the others slowly caught up: "What does Yan want to see?"

Sui Yan squatted down and strained to stretch her little paws through the gaps in the railing until she finally managed to touch the pond surface with some difficulty.

Ye Anning's entire face was black as she picked up the little one and retreated back two steps: "What is Yan trying to do? Don't touch the cold water."

For the first time, Sui Yan struggled in her sister's arms: "Sis! Yan wants to touch the little fish!"

Ye Anning was ruthless: "The little fish don't want you to touch them."

Sui Yan pouted: "Sis lied!"

Ye Anning held the little one as she squatted by the edge of the pond, slowly spinning tales for her: "See, the little fish live in the water. If Yan touches them, they'll get sick."

Sui Yan was taken in. She turned to look at Sui Yu: "Bro, really?"

Just as Sui Yu was about to respond, he suddenly met Ye Anning's threatening gaze.

"It's true, so Yan can't touch the little fish." He wisely chose self-preservation.

The little one looked somewhat disappointed: "Oh, okay then."

If she couldn't touch them then she wouldn't touch them. The obedient little one leaned over the railing watching the little fish swimming around in the pond.

Ti Zi also rested its head against the railing, peering down into the pond.

Hey! Those fish sure look delicious, must taste pretty good too.

When Zhou Yuyuan and the others came looking, they saw a bunch of kids leaning over the railing while the little one and little wolf stood in between.

The little one occasionally stood on her tiptoes, straining hard to see farther. The little ball of tail on the back of her clothes drooped down, but the little ears on her hat stood straight up.

So cute!

She walked over and also leaned against the railing: "What are you kids looking at?"

Hearing the voice, Sui Yan tilted up her little head to look at granny. She asked while wiping her mouth, "Granny, can we have red braised fish for dinner later?"LaTest novls on (n)velbi/(.)co

--Author's note--

Subtracting Sui Jinhong's family status became negative numbers.

Chapter end

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