The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Qiao Ze cleared his throat: "Uh, shouldn't we go and capture Qi Linhan together? Otherwise, we'll never be able to beat him in front of Sui Yan."

Ye Anning's grip on her wolf's tooth club gradually tightened: "Make...sense!"

After all, this man had thoughts of eloping with the little cub!

Ti Zi, in the corner, saw this scene and unabashedly rolled her eyes before gracefully making her way upstairs.

A bunch of childish fools!

Qi Linhan originally planned to find Sui Yan but upon going upstairs, he saw the little cub sitting on the carpet with Shen Nian, with a huge box between them.

Sui Yan was leaning over the edge of the box, rummaging through it diligently, before finding a small box.

She crudely pried open the box and grabbed a handful of chocolates, passing them to Shen Nian: "Nian Nian, have some."

Shen Nian gazed at the enormous box that could easily fit the little cub and fell into contemplation.

"Sui Yan, how long have you been hoarding all these snacks?"

Sui Yan took out a few more boxes of exquisite snacks, opening them one by one while muttering, "For a really, really long time! Every time the box is nearly full, Mom finds all of Sui Yan's snacks and throws them away!"

She had hidden them in several places, but Mom found them all! So annoying!Visitt novlbin(.)c/m for the ltest updates

Shen Nian nodded understandingly: "Did Auntie Willow say anything when she threw away Sui Yan's snacks? Like, that they were expired or something?"

The little cub looked up in bewilderment: "Expired? What's that?"

"What are you two doing here in secret?" Qi Linhan snorted as he walked up the stairs.

Sui Yan was startled and hurriedly crawled in front of the box to block it: "Brother Linhan, why did you come up?"

Ye Anning's dissatisfied voice also rang out: "We came up too, you know." She said leisurely as she walked up.

Seeing that there was no hiding it, Sui Yan clumsily pounced towards Ye Anning for affection: "Sister~"

Ye Anning carefully caught her and shamelessly pinched the little cub's cheek: "What are you running around for? You can't see what's behind you, what if you fell down the stairs?"

Sui Yu leaned against a corner, lazily saying, "Sui Yan, what mischief are you up to again?"

Sui Yan said matter-of-factly, "Nian Nian was unhappy, so Sui Yan shared some chocolates with her!"

Ye Anning tilted her head to look at Shen Nian, but only saw her smiling brightly.

This is unhappy?

So she marched up to the snack box and grabbed a bag of chips: "Sui Yan, I'm unhappy too, I need to eat chips to feel better!"

Shen Nian pressed down on her hand: "Calm down, Ning Jie."

Sui Yan scampered over, generously taking an armful of chips from the box and stuffing them into Ye Anning's arms: "All for Sister! I want Sister to be happy!"

Ye Anning haughtily snorted, then sat down with her two younger sisters around the box, completely forgetting about the boys behind them.

Shen Nian took the chips from Ye Anning's arms, glanced at them, and pushed them back: "Not expired, eat up."

Ti Zi gracefully strolled up in her genteel manner and calmly settled down beside Sui Yan.

The little cub couldn't resist giving her good friend a bear hug: "Ti Zi!"

Qi Linhan clicked his tongue, directly pulling the little cub away and sitting himself between her and Ti Zi.

Sui Yu immediately followed suit, sitting on the other side of his younger sister.

The isolated Ti Zi could no longer restrain her inner green tea power, her wolf-like eyes struggling to squeeze out a few pitiful tears. She even softly whimpered a couple of times under everyone's gaze, cautiously shifting a little further away, appearing as if walking on thin ice, unwilling to provoke anyone.

Everyone: "......"

Although Ti Zi's acting was unconvincing, Sui Yan the little cub still immediately pounced towards her.

"Ti Zi! Don't cry, don't cry! Sui Yan loves you the most, the most, the most!"

Li Yuan, who had just come upstairs, witnessed everything and tugged at Sui Zhi's sleeve in shock: "Little Zhi Ge, Ti Zi's acting was too fake, right?"

Sui Zhi wore an expression of speechlessness: "Even you could tell?"

Qiao Ze also felt aggrieved: "Sui Yan's filter for Ti Zi is really thick."

Ye Anning hesitated for a moment, then pulled Shen Nian into an embrace: "Why don't you give it a try? I believe you'll act better than Ti Zi."

Shen Nian declined: "Why don't you do it yourself?"

Sui Yan was still immersed in Ti Zi's performance, her heart aching as she hugged the sturdy Ti Zi tightly: "I don't want to play with the brothers anymore!"

Sui Zhi raised his hand: "Wait, Sui Yan, we're not playing with Sui Yu only."

Qiao Ze strongly agreed: "Yeah, he's the only one who loves to bully Ti Zi."

Sui Yu: "?" That's not what you all said behind my back.

Ye Anning ran over and sat beside Sui Yan: "That's right, we're not playing with him."

No matter what, she had to play with the little cub!

Sui Yu pressed his brow, ultimately choosing to swallow his anger. He dragged the main culprit, Qi Linhan, to get some of Ti Zi's dried snacks.

He gritted his teeth and said to Ti Zi, "Ti Zi, Mom doesn't want us to fight, you know!"

He emphasized the words "Mom", almost explicitly warning Ti Zi not to cause any more trouble.

After all, Willow was probably the only one who could rein in Ti Zi, and Ti Zi did indeed calm down a bit upon hearing this.

Who knew that the carefree days after rebirth would be so relaxing that Ti Zi couldn't help but let herself go?

Sui Yan looked at these guys who had reconciled in an instant with bewilderment: "Brothers... Ti Zi? You've made up again?"

She felt like she had been tricked somehow.

Qi Linhan cleared his throat: "Sui Yan, Ti Zi was just messing around with us, it wasn't as serious as it seemed."

Unexpectedly, upon hearing this, the little cub became a bit unhappy: "Ti Zi, you can't lie, or else Sui Yan will get angry!"

Ti Zi was in trouble: "Woo~" Oh no! Her mischief had backfired!

The little cub angrily crawled into a corner, turning her back to everyone as she sat.

Sui Yu stroked his chin. If the currently angry little cub wasn't his precious sister, he would've been delighted to see Ti Zi in trouble.

But now...

"Ti Zi, you made Sui Yan angry yourself, so go and coax her!" He gently patted Ti Zi's head.

Ti Zi hung her head dejectedly, picked up a box of chocolates in her mouth, and went to nuzzle Sui Yan.

The little cub saw her good friend approach, hugging a small plush doll and turning herself around: "Hmph!"

Ti Zi now truly looked pitiful, pitifully turning back towards the little cub: "Woo~"

"...Well, Ti Zi can't do that again." After some contemplation, the little cub reached out and stroked Ti Zi's fur.

Although he had already guessed this might happen, Sui Yu still couldn't help but sigh when he actually witnessed it.

Oh well, at least she held out for three seconds before forgiving Ti Zi.


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