The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 81

Chapter 81

In the previous life, at this time, they were all studying abroad, completely unaware of what had happened at home.

It was only when they returned that they heard Ye Wan had become pregnant, and not long after, she had an accidental miscarriage and lost her ability to bear children.

And based on Ye Anning's attitude in the previous life, Sui Yu could basically confirm that there must have been some misunderstanding between them regarding this incident, and this misunderstanding was somehow related to Sui Yan.

When misunderstanding was mentioned, everyone couldn't help but think of Lu Yunling.

Sui Zhi clenched his fist: "Since Ye Anning isn't here, let's ask Shen Nian. If what happened later was related to Lu Yunling, then Shen Nian must know something."

Qiao Ze closed his eyes: "Yes."

Sui Yu sighed: "Let's go later, it's too early now."

Sui Zhi looked at the dark sky outside and nodded in agreement. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Sui Yan's room door open.

The little girl walked out looking aggrieved, rubbing her eyes and calling out in a tearful voice: "Sister!"

Sui Yu quickly went over and hugged his sister: "Yan, don't cry, what's wrong?"

Sui Yan had not fully woken up and almost fell asleep again in her brother's embrace. The little girl clutched her brother's clothes and called out with her eyes closed: "Sister!"

Sui Yu grew a bit worried and pinched Sui Yan's face: "Yan, wake up."

Sui Yan opened her eyes in a daze, then started crying again: "Brother, sister is gone! She was sleeping with Yan yesterday."

Sui Yu took the blanket that Qiao Ze handed over and wrapped his sister in it. He comforted Sui Yan: "Don't be afraid, Yan. Your sister just woke up and went home."

The little girl rubbed her eyes in a confused manner, seeming to sober up a little: "Sister went home without telling Yan..."

Sui Yu followed up on her words: "Next time we see your sister, we'll scold her together! How could she sneak home like that!"

Sui Yan clenched her little fists and pounded Sui Yu's shoulder with all her might: "Don't scold sister!"

No matter how hard the little girl tried, it felt like just a tickle to Sui Yu. He was a bit amused: "Okay, okay, I won't scold her."

After this commotion, Sui Yan was fully awake. Sui Yu placed her on the sofa and she shook her little head and asked: "Brother, where's mom?"

Sui Yu pinched the bridge of his nose: "Mom went out to work."

Sui Yan looked dejected: "Yan wants mom, wants sister to play with Yan."

Just as she said that, footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs.

The little girl looked over expectantly, but it turned out to be Liu Man appearing.

Liu Man was initially worried that the little girl would wake up and cry for her mother, but when she came upstairs, she saw Sui Yan wrapped up like a dumpling, sitting obediently on the sofa.

"Yan, you're awake? Are you hungry? Want to eat something?"

Bundled up like a ball, Sui Yan struggled to move: "Auntie Liu Man, when will mom come home?"

Liu Man deftly found a cute set of clothes for the little girl and quickly helped her change: "I don't know yet. Madam asked Yan to stay home and do homework and read books with your brothers."

Sui Yan obediently raised her arms and stretched out her little legs: "Oh, okay!"

Sui Yu propped his face as he watched his sister being dressed layer by layer, and he spoke slowly: "Yan, shall brother take you to play with Nian next door?"

Sui Yan's eyes lit up with delight: "Yes! Want to play with Nian! And sister too!"

Sui Yu shook his finger: "Your sister can't play with us today."

The little girl seemed a bit disappointed, but she was still very obedient and didn't ask much further: "Okay, then next time when sister plays with Yan, Yan will save the yummiest candy for her!"

In the end, they didn't go to see Shen Nian, but called her family and asked her to come over instead.

Qi Linhan also came along, and the two of them entered the study one after the other.

Tizi was still lying on the carpet, but her wolfish eyes carried a somber glint.

I hope you don't disappoint me this time...

As soon as Shen Nian entered, Sui Yan couldn't help but pounce on her: "Nian!"

The little girl in her arms clung tightly to her body, and Shen Nian's heart melted.

Qi Linhan found a spot to sit down: "Why did you call us over so early in the morning?"

Sui Yu frowned slightly: "I want to ask Shen Nian something, and I think she should know about it."

Seeing the serious attitudes of Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze, Shen Nian also became serious: "What is it?"

Sui Yu pursed his lips. He initially wanted to say it directly, but then noticed the little bundle beside Shen Nian and changed his mind.

He fiddled with his phone for a while, then turned the screen towards Shen Nian: "Do you know about this?"

Shen Nian took the phone with a puzzled look, and saw that it mentioned Ye Wan's pregnancy.

At that moment, her body stiffened for an instant.

Qi Linhan also saw the words on the phone screen, but he wasn't clear why everyone was being so serious about this.

And Sui Yan was the most confused, obediently sitting beside Shen Nian but eventually unable to contain herself: "Nian?"

Shen Nian hugged the little girl and soothingly stroked her head: "It's nothing, Yan, don't worry."

Shen Nian's state was off, and not only Qiao Ze but Sui Yu and the others also noticed, but they didn't ask questions urgently.

Under everyone's gaze, Shen Nian wrote down on Sui Yu's phone what she knew about the incident of Ye Wan's pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage from the previous life, as well as her current guesses.

Sui Yu had already been trying hard to control his emotions, but when he saw those few lines of text on the phone screen, he couldn't help but tremble.

"At that time, during Aunt Ye's pregnancy, Yan asked me and Lu Yunling to visit her home. As you all know, Auntie Liu had passed away back then, and Yan didn't like to interact with others, so she didn't have many friends."

"Back then, I was with Ye Anning and Uncle Sui downstairs, but Lu Yunling insisted on going up to Yan's room to take a look. It was at that moment that Aunt Ye went upstairs to call them down for a meal."

"We didn't know anything downstairs, we just suddenly heard Aunt Ye's scream. When we ran upstairs, we saw Aunt Ye lying on the floor, bleeding, while Yan was standing beside her looking scared."

"As soon as Lu Yunling saw us, she started accusing Yan, saying that Yan didn't want Aunt Ye to have a child, so she pushed Aunt Ye on purpose."Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

"Yan was still young, she tried to explain, but she couldn't make herself clear. Uncle Sui and Ye Anning were in a hurry to send Aunt Ye to the hospital, so they didn't listen to Yan's explanation either."

"But now that I think about it, given their positions and angles at that time, Lu Yunling was more likely the one who pushed Aunt Ye. But if this kind of thing isn't explained clearly from the beginning, it becomes even more impossible to clarify later..."


Author's note:

Calm down, everyone! Don't scold me yet after reading this! There won't be any misunderstandings in this life! Yan will always be the most treasured one!

Chapter end

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