The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 82

Chapter 82

So this was how it was ... because her mother had a miscarriage and lost her ability to bear children, Ye Anning became even more disliked towards her introverted and quiet younger sister. And from Sui Jinhong's perspective, he must have been exhausted at that time too.

His wife suffered a severe physical trauma, which might have even been related to their only young daughter.

Not only did he have to focus on his career and take care of his wife, but he also had to pay attention to his daughter's mental health.

Sui Yu took in a cold breath, he could almost imagine how difficult Sui Yan's previous life had been at home.

The only person related to him by blood paid more attention to his wife when he was most afraid...

Shen Nian bit her teeth: "Let's ask Ye Anning when she comes back."

No matter what, in this life they would firmly believe in Sui Yan.

Qi Linghan's eyes darkened, so was that why she couldn't stay at home later? So in the end when she got sick she actually needed people from the research institute to find him for help...

The atmosphere froze for a moment, the dog Tizi lying on the floor whimpered softly, grabbed Sui Yan's clothes with its mouth and dragged her out of the study.

The little cub, with a bewildered look, was still clinging to Shen Nian's embrace when she was suddenly dragged away, leaving her a bit dazed.

"Tizi, what are you doing? I'll get angry!" The little cub threatened Tizi without much intimidation.

Tizi turned around and gently rubbed against the little cub, and the little cub immediately forgave it: "Oh, okay, okay, Tizi didn't mean anything, Ah Yan is going out to play with you!"

The little cub's milky voice brought Sui Yu and the others out of their thoughts. Sui Yu rubbed his temples: "There's nothing we can do for now, we just need to be more careful."

Shen Nian's dazed gaze gradually cleared: "Don't worry, this time we'll all keep an eye on Auntie Ye, so nothing bad happens to her!"

Although they could be sure that Sui Yan wouldn't push Ye Wan, and Lu Yunling wouldn't appear here again, they still couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be any accidents!

They all got up and followed Tizi and Sui Yan downstairs, but as soon as they reached the bottom, they heard the sound of cars.

Upon hearing the sound, Sui Yan didn't even need Tizi to drag her, she immediately ran outside on her own.

Sui Yu and the others were taken aback, and quickly followed her with big strides.

Outside, Liu Hua was getting out of the car, while not far away, Ye Anning and Ye Wan were in another car.

As soon as Sui Yan came out, she rushed towards her mother: "Mommy!"

Liu Hua was embraced by the little one and stroked her head affectionately: "Ah Yan, don't be naughty!"

Sui Yan obediently let go of her mother, but still held onto the edge of Liu Hua's clothes with her little hand. She looked up and asked, "Mommy, why is Sister in the car?"

Liu Hua smiled and said, "Because your Auntie Ye is pregnant. Mm-hmm, Ah Yan is going to have a little brother."

Sui Yan's eyes lit up: "So Ah Yan can finally be a big sister?"

Liu Hua nodded: "That's right!"

The little cub cheered: "Oh! Ah Yan is going to be a big sister!" She skipped towards Ye Anning and Ye Wan.

Sui Yu and the others, who had just come out, saw this scene and their hearts tightened, unconsciously holding their breath, as if waiting for some verdict.

Ye Anning, who had just gotten out of the car, still had a smile on her lips and was about to help her mother out of the car when she heard the little cub's voice behind her: "Sister!"

Ye Anning froze, her expression instantly stiffening for a moment.Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

Behind her, the little milk bun came bouncing over, but only stood at a distance and looked at her: "Sister, Mommy said Auntie Ye is pregnant, so Ah Yan can be a big sister too!"

Ye Wan smiled from inside the car: "Yes, Ah Yan is so happy about this!"

Ye Anning clenched her fist, then slowly loosened her fingers. She tried hard to suppress her guilt and pain, and forced a smile as she turned to Sui Yan with open arms: "Ah Yan, do you want to come take a look?"

Her attitude made Sui Yu and the others breathe a sigh of relief, although this was expected.

Ye Wan opened the car door and was helped out by Sui Jinhong.

Sui Yan blinked, and carefully walked over to Ye Anning.

Sui Jinhong smiled at his young daughter: "Little one, why did you get up so early today?"

The little cub pouted: "Ah Yan slept with Sister, but Sister was gone in the morning!"

Ye Anning picked up the little cub: "I'm sorry, next time Sister won't sneak out of bed, okay?"

Sui Yan nodded heavily: "Okay!"

Liu Hua then walked over and said to Ye Wan, "You need to take good care of your body now. Why don't you just let Anning stay at our place? You just focus on taking care of yourself. We live so close, we can just walk over to take care of you with Anning."

Ye Wan looked at Ye Anning with some hesitation, but Ye Anning only pondered for a moment before nodding: "Mom, it's not much different from before, I'll just sleep with Ah Yan at night."

Ye Wan couldn't help but laugh and tap her daughter's forehead: "I think you just want to take this chance to play with your little sister!"

Ye Anning rubbed her nose with a slightly embarrassed smile.

That was exactly what she wanted, to spend some quality time with Ah Yan.

And if she stayed at home, her mother would indeed put a lot of effort into taking care of her, even though she didn't need that much care...

Sui Jinhong extended his hand in a salute: "Thank you, Sister-in-law!"

Liu Hua waved her hand generously: "No problem!"

Sui Yan blinked her eyes, looking from one person to another, and belatedly cheered: "Oh! Sister will be living with Ah Yan!"

The little one's childish, soft, and cute voice cheered joyfully, making everyone's pleasant mood even more relaxed.

Except for Ye Anning!

Ever since learning that her mother was pregnant, Ye Anning thought about what had happened in her previous life, and the things Shen Nian could figure out, she could now think of as well.

But the more she thought about it, the more disgusted she felt with herself.

In the previous life, when Sui Yan first came to Sui Jinhong's family, Ye Wan and Sui Jinhong were both very caring and loving towards her. Even though Ye Anning initially had misunderstandings about Sui Yan, she later genuinely wanted to treat her as a younger sister.

But the little cub was traumatized and became increasingly silent and withdrawn.

And when Ye Wan had a miscarriage, in the emergency, everyone was too preoccupied to listen to Sui Yan's stuttering explanation, only urgently rushing to take Ye Wan to the hospital.

This incident later became a barrier between Sui Yan and them.

Ye Wan didn't know who had pushed her at that time, but she still actively defended Sui Yan afterwards.

But it wasn't enough... that tiny little girl, after the car accident, had quietly left the hospital and home on her own.

Ye Anning clenched her fist tightly, not feeling any pain even as her nails dug deep into her palm.

Seeing her sister looking distressed, Sui Yan worriedly touched Ye Anning's face and said softly, "Sister, are you not feeling well?"

Ye Anning forced a smile: "No, is Ah Yan cold outside? Should Sister take you back home?"

The little cub hugged Ye Anning's neck tightly: "Yes!"

Chapter end

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