The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 84

Chapter 84

"Stinky mom!" the little cub protested.

"Stinky cub!" Liu Hua retorted, bantering with the little cub!

"Stinky mom!"

"Stinky cub!"

"What a lively scene, what are you two doing?" Xu Yi came in carrying a large pile of things.

Liu Hua was taken aback, "Why are you here again?"

Xu Yi was also surprised, with a hint of disappointment, "Are you that unhappy to see me?"

Sui Yan poked her head from behind her mother, "Uncle, mom secretly hid the necklace you gave her last time. Sui Yan saw it in secret."

Liu Hua: "......" This little cub is done for.

Qi Linhan: "!" The little cub's perfect assist is a stone lock!

Xu Yi's frown instantly turned into a smile, unable to resist the upward curve of his lips, "So that's how it is?"

Liu Hua cracked her knuckles, "This little brat is unmanageable, let's get rid of her."

Sui Yan's sharp ears caught a certain word, and she swiftly slid off Ye Anning's lap, running towards her like she was fleeing for her life, "Sister! Sister! Save me! Mom wants to throw Sui Yan out!"

Ye Anning's eyes were still red, but she couldn't help but smile faintly, "Come here, Sui Yan, sister will hug you."

Liu Hua snorted coldly, "Good thing this stinky brat can run fast!"

Xu Yi smiled and put down what he was carrying, "Didn't you say you'd be busy testing medicines these days? Let me help you."

Liu Hua was dismissive, "No need, Liu Man will help."

Liu Man walked by with small steps, "Madam, Sui Yan just said she wanted to eat petit fours, so I can't help you for now. Let Mr. Xu help instead."

Liu Hua: "......" Alright, Sui Yan, no chocolate for you.

Perhaps her resentment was too deep, Sui Yan sensed something. Her survival instinct compelled her to speak up, "Liu Man is lying, Sui Yan actually wants little bear cookies!"

Liu Man: "Pfft!"

Ye Anning struggled to hold back her laughter, but her slender shoulders were shaking slightly.

Liu Hua: "......" Is this brat really her own child?!

Xu Yi pursed his lips, barely able to hold back the upward curve of his mouth. He placed his hand on Liu Hua's shoulder, gently pushing her, "Alright, alright, let's not nitpick with Sui Yan, let's get to work!"

Liu Hua shrugged his hand off, feeling a bit awkward, "Can you be a little more reserved in front of the kids!"

Before Xu Yi could say anything, Qi Linhan and the others were already turning to leave, "Qi Linhan, what was that software you mentioned last time?"

"Ah? Let me show you now," Qi Linhan cooperated seamlessly.

Ye Anning hugged Sui Yan as if coaxing a child to sleep, "Be good, Sui Yan, time for a nap!"

Shen Nian also patted the little cub's back, "Yes, yes, time for a nap."

Sui Yan, who had just woken up: "?"What just happened?

Liu Hua: "......" Alright, you brats, mom will remember this!

After catching a glimpse of Xu Yi leading Liu Hua upstairs, this group of unreliable folks finally relaxed.

They exchanged glances, acknowledging each other's "superb" acting skills.

Sui Yan obediently let Ye Anning cover her eyes as they played along, "Sister, Sui Yan can't sleep."

Ye Anning laughed and let the little cub go, "If you can't sleep, then let's go play!"


Aside from Ye Wan's pregnancy, it seemed like nothing major had happened recently. The only thing that drew some attention was the little cubs' final exams.

Sui Yan, who didn't need to take final exams and had started her vacation early, sat cross-legged on the small couch in the study room, hugging a large pile of snacks.

She tilted her head, watching her brothers and sisters diligently doing their homework, and couldn't help but ask the little beast beside her in a soft voice, "Tuzi, why do my brothers and sisters have to do so much homework now?"

Tuzi was equally puzzled, "Woof?" It had no idea either!

In the previous life, Tuzi had only seen Sui Yan skip grades and ruthlessly crush her peers, so it was very confused.

Sui Yu put down his pen and sighed. He beckoned Sui Yan over, "Sui Yan, come here."

The little cub hugged her snacks and generously piled them in front of her brother, "Brother, do you want some?"

Sui Yu smiled and shook his head, taking out one of Liu Hua's thick books from somewhere and placing it in front of Sui Yan, "Brother doesn't want any, does Sui Yan want to read books and do homework with us?"

Sui Yan: "......" No way.VIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

The little cub's refusal was firm and decisive, without any hesitation.

Ye Anning snatched the book from Sui Yu's hand, "Sui Yan is still so young, she just started kindergarten! Are you crazy?"

Sui Yu clicked his tongue and shook his head, "You don't understand, Sui Yan normally reads these kinds of books too."

Sui Yan puffed out her cheeks and hugged her snacks back, "Sui Yan has already finished reading what she was supposed to today! Brother is the worst!"

Earning the title of "The Worst" from the little cub, Sui Yu cleared his throat awkwardly and rubbed his nose, "Sui Yan, listen to me..."

"No listening!" Sui Yan threw her snacks onto the couch, covered her ears, and ran out of the study room.

Sui Zhi had a look of schadenfreude, "Brother, you're done for. Mom will be on the battlefield in five seconds."

Sui Yu: "......" He was just trying to tease his little sister!

"What are you all doing? Did Sui Yan come to tattle on me again?" As expected, Liu Hua soon walked into the study room, carrying the little cub.

Sui Yan clenched her fists seriously, "Mom, Sui Yan shared her snacks with brother, but brother wanted me to read books and do homework too!"

This was too much, right? How could there be such a person!

Liu Hua thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but thinking about it, Sui Yan's complaints to her were usually just small trivial matters.

She pinched the little cub's cheek, "Exactly! Your brother is so unreasonable!"

Sui Yan firmly agreed, "Exactly!"

Liu Hua put the little cub down and lightly patted the back of her head, "So Sui Yan should go read books now!"

The little cub hadn't yet realized, "Exactly! ...Wait, no!"

Liu Hua laughed uncontrollably, "Alright, alright, Sui Yan, keep playing, your brother was just teasing you."

Sui Yu opened another book, "Mom, you can go back to your work, everything's fine here."

Liu Hua waved her hand, "Alright, Sui Yan, be good and don't disturb your brothers and sisters while they do their homework."

Sui Yan climbed back into her pile of snacks, "Got it!"

Sui Yu glanced at the little bundle on the couch and couldn't resist being mischievous, tossing a small pillow at her, "Stinky Sui Yan!"

The small pillow landed perfectly in the little cub's arms. After a moment of bewilderment, she grabbed it and threw it back, "Stinky brother!"

Sui Yu stopped doing his homework too, grabbing the pillow to play with Sui Yan, "Sui Yan is a little dummy!"

Sui Yan hid behind Tuzi, using a large pillow to shield herself, "Brother is a big dummy!"

Ye Anning shook her head helplessly and continued with her 5th-grade homework.

These two were such a childish pair.

Chapter end

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