The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Sui Yan's face was deathly pale, and she trembled as she said, "You... pushed Auntie."

Sui Jinhong clenched his fists tightly, vividly recalling the words the unfamiliar little girl had said to Sui Yan.

"It wasn't me who pushed her, it was you. They were so kind to you, yet you did that."

"Sui Yan, it's all your fault."

The little girl stumbled backward two steps, her eyes turning red. "I... I didn't."

Sui Jinhong's eyes grew moist, the dream feeling so real he thought it had actually happened.

He shook his head to clear his mind.

There was another person in the dream, Shen Nian. She clearly knew the little girl, and their ages seemed similar.

Sui Jinhong's expression turned icy. If that was the case, he wouldn't mind investigating that little girl.

He didn't know why he had such a nonsensical dream, but he knew he had to protect his precious daughter... and Ye Wan and the child in her womb.

It was all too coincidental.

...A line...

Sui Yan sat in the passenger seat, holding a small cake and nibbling it obediently.

Liu Hua was originally playing on her phone, but glanced over at her well-behaved little one and mischievously draped her legs over Sui Yan's short ones.

"Yan, give Mommy a leg massage. Mommy will take you and your sister to get some yummy snacks after."

The little one stuffed the cake into her mouth in a few bites, then haphazardly wiped her hands with a napkin.


The little one didn't have much strength, but she puffed out her cheeks and gave her mom a serious leg massage, looking adorable.

The wicked Liu Hua was moved. "Okay, okay, Yan, you can keep eating your little cake."

Sui Yan tilted her head, looking puzzled at her mom, her stuffed cheeks moving like a cute little hamster.

Liu Hua grabbed the little one and planted a kiss on her. "Ah! Only I could give birth to such a cute child!"

Sui Yan swallowed hard before proudly declaring, "Right! Only Yan could be this cute!"

Liu Hua and the little one looked at each other, then high-fived in sync. "Yay!"

At that moment, Liu Hua's phone rang. In a great mood, she answered, "Hello? Who is it?"

Xu Yi paused as he was about to get out of the car, gently saying, "Hua, you didn't save my number?"

Liu Hua was startled. "No, why are you calling me right now?"

*Knock knock*

Someone rapped on Liu Hua's car window.

Before she could react, Xu Yi's voice sounded right beside her ear. "I'm bringing you and Yan some snacks."

"How did you know we were here?" Liu Hua swiveled her head and was nearly startled by the man.

Xu Yi lifted what he was holding to show her. "I called your home landline, and Auntie answered and told me."

Sui Yan leaned forward. "Uncle Xu!"

Xu Yi smiled fondly. "Yan, Uncle bought you a lot of chocolate."

Liu Hua cut him off irritably. "Don't buy Yan any chocolate, she's about to lose some teeth."

Under her mother's pressure, Sui Yan obediently nodded. "Uncle Xu, Mom locked up all my chocolate."

Xu Yi looked at the little one with increasing pity. "Yan, that's tough on you."

Sui Yan felt she had found a kindred spirit. "Uncle Xu, it's okay!"

Liu Hua was exasperatedwhy did their conversation sound a bit strange?

Sui Yan originally wanted to pour out her sorrowful heart, but then she remembered what her siblings had told her.

"Yan, make sure Mom and Uncle Xu spend more time together!"

The little one fell into thought.

As Liu Hua and Xu Yi chatted idly, the little one beside them started tugging at her mother's arm.

"What is Yan doing?" Liu Hua looked puzzled at the little one with her eyes closed.

Sui Yan sleepily said, "Mommy, I'm sleepy, I want to nap!"

She then slyly opened her eyes a crack to see her mom and uncle's reactions, but unexpectedly met their gazes.

Oops! Busted!

The little one hurriedly closed her eyes again.

Liu Hua stared quizzically at her obviously fake-sleeping little one, wondering what mischief she was up to this time.

She thought for a moment. "So what does Yan want Mommy to do?"

Sui Yan clung to her mother's arm, doing her best to look like she was falling asleep. "Mommy should go to Uncle's car with Uncle to chat while I sleep!"

She was just brilliant! To come up with such a perfect plan!

Liu Hua: "..." So that's it...

She feigned realization. "Oh, I get it. You're afraid Mommy and Uncle will disturb your sleep by talking, no problem. I won't say anything else. Xu Yi, you can go."

Xu Yi was a bit confused. "Wait!"

Sui Yan was confused too. "No, no, Mommy, that's not it!"

Liu Hua smiled. "Then what should it be?"

The little one looked serious. "Mommy should go to Uncle's car with Uncle, and then Yan will sleep here."

Liu Hua pinched the little one's cheek with some force. "You naughty Yan, who taught you that?"

Sui Yan lowered her head guiltily. "No one taught Yan that!"

Liu Hua felt helpless tooher kids were so eager for her and Xu Yi to get together soon!

Xu Yi reacted too, looking amused yet touched. "Yan, I wouldn't even dare leave you alone in the car, let alone your mom."

Sui Yan looked a bit disappointed. "Oh? Okay then."

It seemed this plan wasn't perfect enough!

Liu Hua saw the little one's intentions written plainly on her face and couldn't help but twist her ear. "You naughty Yan, don't meddle in Mommy's affairs so much!"

But Sui Yan was resolute. "But Auntie Ye already has a baby, so why aren't you and Uncle together yet?"

Liu Hua pursed her lips. Yes, why not... What was she hesitating about?

Xu Yi didn't want to put too much pressure on her. "Hua, don't feel too pressured. I've waited all these years, I don't mind waiting a little longer."

Yet the more he said that, the worse Liu Hua felt.

Really, all she wanted was to wholeheartedly take care of the kids at home. But Xu Yi...CHCk for ew stries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

Liu Hua looked up and met his gaze, clearly seeing the sincerity and his boundless love for her.

On impulse, she blurted out, "Why don't you pick a good time, and we'll just go get our marriage license?"

Those words left Xu Yi stunned. "Hua, what... what did you say?"

Chapter end

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