The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Liu Hua took a deep breath and calmed herself down, then repeated seriously again: "I'm saying, find a good day for us to get our marriage certificate."

Xu Yi curved his lips slightly, his eyes turned a bit red, and his voice was a little choked up: "Okay."

Little Sui Yan poked her head out again: "Mom, what is getting a marriage certificate?"

Liu Hua paused, and casually pushed the little cub back: "Eat your little cake."Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

Xu Yi couldn't help but laugh: "Yan'er, your uncle really needs to thank you properly this time."

Sui Yan waved her little hand generously: "Uncle Xu, you're welcome!"

Liu Hua looked at the big and small figures and couldn't help but smile gently.

Soon after, the bell rang from the school. Sui Yan knelt on the front passenger seat, straining to look out of the car window.

While chatting with Xu Yi, Liu Hua reached out and hooked the little cub's shirt collar, pulling her back.

Sui Yan struggled a little: "Mom, sister is coming out!"

Liu Hua frowned: "Yan'er, hasn't your mom told you not to stick your head out of the car window? What if a car passes by?"

The little cub weakly gave up struggling: "Sorry! I won't do it again!"

Liu Hua patted the little cub's head and got out of the car first: "You stay here with Uncle Xu, mom will go get your sister."

Sui Yan obediently sat still, placing her hands on her knees: "Okay!"

The little cub sat upright and proper, but still stole glances at her mom's figure with her peripheral vision. Seeing her mom walking further away, she couldn't help but peek out of the car window again.

Xu Yi's amused voice sounded in her ear: "Yan'er, you can't do that."

Sui Yan put a finger to her lips: "Shh, Uncle Xu, let's not tell mom."

Xu Yi still smiled gently, but showed the little cub the video on his phone: "I just recorded a video. If Yan'er doesn't want mom to know, sit properly."

Sui Yan opened her eyes wide in shock: "Uncle Xu, you just said you needed to thank Yan'er!"

How could you turn around and tattle on me to mom now?

Thinking about it, Xu Yi felt a bit ungenerous too, but he couldn't just indulge the little cub either.

So neither of them was willing to back down, and they just glared at each other.

Liu Hua came out with Ye Anning and Shen Nian, and was quite surprised to see this scene: "Looks like you two are playing well."

Xu Yi still had a smile on his face: "Yan'er is very well-behaved."

The little cub was still extremely unhappy: "Hmph!"

Liu Hua glanced at the little cub: "Did Yan'er misbehave again?"

Sui Yan was startled: "Yan'er didn't! Uncle Xu said Yan'er is well-behaved!"

Liu Hua's expression was hard to describe: "...Hmm." If you didn't have this reaction every time after misbehaving, I would believe it.

Ye Anning cleared her throat: "Auntie, should we go pick up Brother Sui Yu and the others now?"

Liu Hua checked her phone, and after seeing the message from Sui Yu, she nodded: "Yeah, you all get in the car, auntie will take you to buy some snacks first to celebrate the break."

Xu Yi pointed at himself: "Xiao Hua, then what about me...?"

Liu Hua rubbed her chin: "Why don't you go help me pick up Xiao Yu and the others? That way we can just go home after buying the snacks."

Xu Yi was happy to oblige: "Sure."

Seeing Xu Yi returning to his own car, Sui Yan secretly tattled: "Mom, Uncle Xu lied to Yan'er."

Liu Hua started the car, not too concerned as she asked: "How did he lie to you?"

The little cub was indignant: "Uncle Xu just said he needed to thank Yan'er, then as soon as mom left, he wanted to tattle on Yan'er to mom!"

Liu Hua was very calm: "So Yan'er did misbehave, right?"

Ye Anning and Shen Nian in the backseat: "Pfft!"

Not only did the little cub sell out her teammate, she even sold herself out when push came to shove!

Sui Yan was struck by her mom's investigative abilities and lowered her head guiltily: "No, I didn't."

Liu Hua was in a good mood now, so she didn't nitpick with the little cub: "Yan'er, give your snacks to your sisters, they must be hungry after writing exams for so long."

Sui Yan unbuckled her seatbelt to climb into the backseat: "Mom, then Yan'er will sit with her sisters."

Liu Hua frowned and found a place to park the car: "Little Sui Yan! If you move around like that again, I'll spank you!"

Sui Yan realized she had upset her mom, so she actually behaved: "Okay!"

And on Sui Yu's side...

He, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze were crouching by the flower bed, looking up silently at Xu Yi in front of them.

Xu Yi touched his own face: "What's wrong? Is there something on my face?"

Sui Yu chose his words carefully before speaking: "Uncle Xu, does my mom really not even want to come pick us up anymore?"

Of course, the son is as disheartening as weeds.

Xu Yi was a bit amused: "No, she said she wanted to take those few girls to buy snacks to celebrate the break with you all."

Sui Zhi pressed his chest: "Hmm, Uncle Xu, you may not be too good at comforting people."

He seemed even more dejected!

Qiao Ze sighed: "Then we can only go back and wait for them?"

Sui Yu stood up: "Then let's go back."

Xu Yi felt a bit helpless: "Why don't I tell you something that might make you happy?"

The three youths were unmoved, as they could no longer be happy.

Xu Yi didn't look at them, just said nonchalantly: "Your mom said she's going to get a marriage certificate with me."


"Uncle Xu is impressive!"

"That's lightning fast!"

The three youths, who had walked a few meters away, instantly turned around in sync: "Congratulations, congratulations!"

Xu Yi spread his hands: "So can we go home now?"

Sui Yu had a perfect smile on his face: "Of course, Uncle Xu, lead the way."

Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief. Although these few kids had always seemed welcoming towards him before, he was still a bit apprehensive.

But now, he was truly at ease.

All the way until they returned to Liu Hua's home, Sui Yu and the others were in a cheerful mood, even discussing how Liu Hua and Xu Yi's wedding should be held.

But after listening for just two sentences, Xu Yi couldn't help but pour cold water on them: "Your mom may not have a wedding with me."

Sui Yu frowned: "Why not?" He didn't want his mom to suffer any grievances.

Xu Yi shook his head helplessly: "You'll have to ask your mom about that."

Sui Yu roughly understood a bit, but if the issue was on Liu Hua's side, then it wouldn't be so easy to resolve.

Sui Zhi somehow dug out a deck of playing cards: "Since my mom took Yan'er and the others out to play, let's play at home too."

Qiao Ze pulled over two chairs: "Let's go."

Liu Man came downstairs while helping Liu Hua tidy up her things, and saw these four guys playing cards.

She shook her head with a helpless smile and continued her work.

However, a few hours later...

Sui Yu looked at his watch and tossed the cards on the table: "So, did my mom forget about us? Why haven't they come back home yet?"

Chapter end

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