The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 36

Chapter 36

The aftermath of this incident is... Sui Yan is now squatting in front of Ti Zi every day and preaching to it.

Liu Man quietly walked behind the little girl, and then heard her constantly muttering in a low voice: "Ti Zi, although wolf cubs will bite people, but we can't do that at home."

Ti Zi very helplessly agreed with her: "Awoo!" I'm not a cub anymore!

The little girl stretched out her fair little paws and rubbed Ti Zi's head: "Ti Zi is so obedient!"

Liu Hua walked over and casually picked up Sui Yan: "A Yan, your brother's commercial that was filmed earlier can be seen now."

The little girl who was about to struggle was stunned. She struggled to look back and shouted at Ti Zi: "Ti Zi! Let's go watch brother together!"

Sui Zhi, who had just "finished his homework", and Qiao Ze walked downstairs and saw Liu Hua leaning elegantly on the sofa. Around her were milk dumplings of varying sizes lying on the sofa, muttering something in low voices.

Hmm, Sui Yan was muttering to Ti Zi all by herself.

Somewhat familiar music swirled around his ears. Sui Zhi's eyelids twitched, and as expected, he saw his own figure on the TV screen.

As Sui Zhi got closer, he finally heard Sui Yan's voice: "These clothes really don't look good. They don't look as good as the ones A Yan picked."

Liu Hua mercilessly mocked: "The red and green one you picked?"

Sui Yan pouted: "The colorful one looks super good!"

Liu Hua ridiculed: "Ugly to death."

Sui Yan climbed up: "Mom's choice is the ugly one. A Yan's is the best looking!"

Seeing Sui Zhi, Liu Hua felt quite sympathetic that her son had such a sister: "A Yan picked a full set of red and green for you?"

Sui Zhi was a little speechless: "No, not a full set. She pieced together a set on her own. The photographer said it hurt his eyes and if they used it in the commercial their company would go bankrupt."

With Sui Zhi's looks even that could hurt the eyes... Sui Yan's aesthetics were really garbage.

Sui Yan felt wronged: "But it looked really good..."

Ti Zi silently rolled her eyes to the side. Fortunately, Sui Yan didn't have the mind to dress herself up in her previous life, otherwise with her aesthetics it would have been a humanitarian disaster.

Qiao Ze's gaze was gentle: "Yes, the ones our A Yan picked all look the best."

Sui Zhi looked indifferent: "Then A Yan should pick more clothes for Qiao Ze."

Sui Yan was very happy: "Okay! Brother Xia Ze, don't worry, A Yan will definitely pick the best looking clothes for you."Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Qiao Ze: "..." What else could he do! He couldn't take back what he had said!

Liu Hua directly pressed the little girl's head: "Don't make trouble, your brothers usually just wear school uniforms."

She had already decided that she would never let this child pick clothes for her in the future.

Sui Yan reluctantly nodded: "Okay then."

Sui Yu watched Sui Zhi's video to the end, then turned to ask: "When will this video be released?"

Sui Zhi stroked his chin: "It should have been released already, right?"

Sui Yu looked thoughtful, and suddenly took out his phone to fiddle with it.

Sui Yan loved Sui Yu's phone. She hopped over to Sui Yu's side: "Brother, I want to watch too."

Sui Yu hugged her to let her get close to him: "Then let's watch together."

After watching for a long time, Sui Yan still didn't understand: "Brother, what are you doing?"

Sui Yu patiently explained to his sister: "A Yan said that everyone who sees Xia Zhi's commercial will definitely like him, right? So of course we have to go cheer for Xia Zhi too."

It looked like Sui Zhi was also going to enter the entertainment industry in this life, so as his brother, he didn't mind helping him out a bit now.

The little girl blinked, not really understanding. But she understood a little bit: "Okay! Then let's cheer for brother!"

Sui Zhi watched amusedly: "What does A Yan know? She just wants to cheer for brother."

Sui Yan justified herself: "A Yan doesn't know, but big brother does! So A Yan will cheer for big brother, then big brother will cheer for brother."

Big brother was Sui Yu, and brother was Sui Zhi. Whenever the little girl couldn't tell them apart, she would call them that.

It sounded a little silly, but Sui Zhi was unexpectedly touched by it inadvertently.

He turned his face away from the little girl and just laughed as he said, "Little fool."

Qiao Ze watched with a gentle gaze. Their family had a great atmosphere, and he wouldn't feel like an outsider because of things like this.

Because there was always a little fool who would touch people unintentionally.

The little fool didn't dwell on it with Sui Zhi this time either, but knelt and sat next to Sui Yu, studying his phone operation intently.

Liu Hua glanced over and tapped the table: "A Yan, don't get so close to watch the phone."

Sui Yan didn't even lift her head: "I know, Mom." She slid back a little as she spoke.

Sui Yu smiled and patted his sister's little head, also moving the phone away a bit.

He looked at the comments under the commercial, a little surprised: "There really are a lot of people who noticed Xia Zhi."

It looked like he didn't need to make a fuss to help for now.

Sui Yan didn't understand, lowered her head and studied hard before realizing she was looking at some of the comments praising Sui Zhi.

She had an expression of sharing in the glory: "See, I told you brother is so good looking, definitely a lot of people like brother."

Sui Zhi helplessly shook his head with a smile, but thought that according to the timeline, there should be many people wanting to promote him for his dad's sake.

Qiao Ze also spaced out a bit. Sui Yu and Sui Zhi had already started developing the careers they had in their previous lives, so he certainly wouldn't fall behind.

He had already started reading medical books before, and with Liu Hua to answer some minor questions for him, he probably wouldn't drag the family down and embarrass them, right?

Everyone was lost in their own thoughts when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Liu Man trotted over to open the door. Ye Anning hurriedly greeted her and then ran to the living room: "Auntie, hello! I want to ask if I can take A Yan and Brother Sui Yu and them out to play?"

Liu Hua waved her hand: "Go on, go on, just be careful."

Ye Anning nodded: "Okay!"

Sui Yu directly picked up the bewildered Sui Yan and followed Ye Anning out. Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze looked at each other and also went out after them.

Ti Zi looked at Liu Hua, not daring to rashly follow them. But Liu Hua just coldly snorted: "What are you looking at, if you don't go now those kids won't play with you anymore."

Ti Zi was strangely a little moved. She rubbed Liu Hua's leg before bouncing out after them.

Once they were out the door, before anyone could ask, Ye Anning frowned and said, "Lu Yunling's parents took her to Shen Nian's house to apologize."

Sui Yan was still in a confused state: "Sister, what apology?"

Ye Anning paused: "It's that annoying girl from Nian Nian's birthday party before."

Sui Yan understood a little. The little girl pursed her lips: "Can we not go over? A Yan doesn't like her." She even scolded A Yan!

Ye Anning helplessly spread her hands: "But A Yan, Nian Nian said to have her apologize to you."

Chapter end

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