The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 98

Chapter 98

"Yan, isn't Sui Yan supposed to start dieting from now on?" Liu Man tried to suppress her laughter as she reminded the little cub.

Sui Yan nonchalantly averted his gaze. "Liu Man is lying. Sui Yan clearly said he would start dieting tomorrow."

Liu Man feigned realization. "Oh, is that so?"

The little cub nodded firmly. "Yes!"

Liu Hua's lips twitched slightly, but she didn't expose the little rascal's lie. "Then I'll help Sui Yan lock away all the snacks first. Otherwise, what if Sui Yan sneaks some every day?"

Sui Yan was alarmed. "No, no, Sui Yan won't sneak any!"

Liu Hua sauntered over to the kitchen. "Tsk tsk, I don't believe you."

The little cub panicked. "Mom! I really, really won't sneak any!"

Ye Anning picked Sui Yan up and hugged him. "It's okay, Sui Yan. Big sis will buy you snacks in secret."

Sui Yan slumped on Ye Anning's shoulder. "Big sis, Sui Yan won't be happy ever again."

Ye Anning could hardly hold back her laughter. "Who did you learn that from? Be careful or Auntie won't let you watch TV anymore."

While the girls bickered, Sui Yu and the others also started discussing something.

"Uncle Sui has taken action, it's even in the news," Qi Linhan turned his phone screen towards Sui Yu.

Sui Yu skimmed through the news at a glance, narrowing his eyes. "I thought Dad's temper had improved recently, but it seems not."

Sui Zhi lazily leaned back in his chair. "Not entirely. His temper has indeed improved significantly towards Sui Yan and Ye Anning."

Qiao Ze gave Sui Zhi a meaningful look. "What's wrong? Are you jealous?"

Sui Zhi leaned back, pretending to clench his fists. "Can you stop with that phony act of yours?"

Qiao Ze wore an almost perfect fake smile. "No."

Sui Zhi: "..."

"Big sis, the brothers are going to fight!" The little cub, who only knew how to act cute, immediately ratted them out after noticing Sui Zhi's actions.

Ye Anning remained composed. "Don't worry, they won't fight."

Shen Nian nodded calmly as well. "Right, if they fight, Liu Auntie will kick them out."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze: "..." How real!

Ye Anning's peripheral vision caught Sui Yu and Qi Linhan whispering to each other, and she couldn't help but ask, "What are you guys talking about?"

Sui Yu waved his phone. "The matter we discussed before... Remember when we anonymously sent those files to my dad? That issue is almost resolved now."

Ye Anning became curious. "Let me see."

Sui Yu naturally handed her his phone, but he didn't notice Qi Linhan's hesitant expression.

Qi Linhan sighed. "So, can you give her your own phone? That's my phone."

Ye Anning patted the little cub in her arms. "Sui Yan, your Linhan brother doesn't want to show you his phone."

Sui Yan, who was playing with a little toy, looked up in confusion. "What phone?"

Qi Linhan pressed down on the little cub's head. "Nothing, Sui Yan, just keep playing."

The tool-person-cub-Sui Yan obediently lowered his head to fiddle with his toy. "Oh."

After they discussed for a bit, Xu Yi called from the kitchen, "Sui Yan, your fried chicken is ready."

Ye Anning returned the phone to Qi Linhan and was about to remind the little cub when she saw her dash over in the next second. "Coming, coming! Sui Yan is coming!"

Sui Yan ran a few steps, then abruptly braked and ran back. "Ti Zi! Let's go eat fried chicken!"

She called out for Ti Zi while holding the hands of her two sisters, running towards the kitchen. "Big sis, Nian Nian, let's go eat fried chicken!"

The forgotten Qi Linhan and the others exchanged glances. Sui Yu couldn't help but mock Qi Linhan, "Looks like Sui Yan doesn't like you much either."

Qi Linhan sighed inwardly but remained outwardly calm. "You think you're much better?"

Sui Yu: "..." Tsk! Reality is truly heartbreaking.

By the time the four of them arrived at the dining room with blank expressions, Sui Yan had already started eating.Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

The little cub held a fried chicken leg in one hand and a wing in the other, happily munching away.

Liu Hua leisurely ate a small plate of fries. "Sui Yan, you're eating the most again."

Sui Yan stated matter-of-factly, "Sui Yan doesn't need to diet today, so he can eat!"

Liu Hua had anticipated the little cub's response and resignedly waved her hand. "Alright."

That night, Sui Jinhong came to check on his precious daughter and didn't leave until he was reassured that she was fine.

Liu Hua thought he was just concerned after hearing about the incident earlier and didn't think much of it.

As the days passed, the New Year was approaching, and everyone merrily celebrated at home.

However, on this particular day...

Ye Anning, Sui Yan, and Shen Nian huddled together, bored as they watched a group of cartoon sheep on TV.

Sui Yan cupped her face, watching the wolf on TV get beaten and fly away. She nudged Ti Zi on the floor. "Ti Zi, that wolf is not strong at all. Our Ti Zi is the strongest."

Ti Zi glanced disdainfully at the TV. "Woof woof!"

Ye Anning sat up straight, frowning slightly, an uneasy feeling brewing inside her.

At that moment, Liu Hua rushed down from upstairs. "Anning, your mom had an accident. Quick, come with me to the hospital."

Ye Anning stood up in a panic. "Auntie, what happened to my mom?"

Surprisingly calm, Liu Hua explained, "She and your dad got into an accident while shopping outside. They're at the hospital now, but we don't know the details yet... I'll take you to the hospital first."

Tears welled up in Ye Anning's eyes as she hurriedly followed Liu Hua. "Okay! Auntie, should we bring anything?"

Liu Hua led her out. "No need. If something's missing, we can buy it again."

Sui Yan called out in bewilderment, "Mom!"

Liu Hua paused for half a second. "Sui Yan, Uncle Xu will be at our house soon. You kids stay home and listen to Uncle and Liu Man, understood?"

Without waiting for the little cub's response, she went out to start the car.

Sui Yu frowned slightly, intending to go and check as well, but worried he might cause trouble.

Shen Nian hesitated, then consoled them, "Let's not panic. We can call Liu Auntie later and ask her."

Qiao Ze remained composed. "Or we can have Uncle Xu take us to the hospital."

Sui Yan felt a bit unsettled too and gently tugged on Shen Nian's clothes. "Nian Nian, did something bad happen?"

Shen Nian patted the little cub's head. "Don't worry, Sui Yan. Everything will be fine. Let's just stay home and wait for Auntie and the others to come back."


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