The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 102

Chapter 102

The Little cub suddenly saw her Grandpa and Grandma, and was pleasantly surprised: "Grandpa and Grandma!"

She struggled to walk down the stairs with her short little legs, then dashed over and threw herself into Grandma's arms: "Grandma! I missed you so much!"

Liu Hua still loved to tease the Little cub: "Did you miss Grandma or Grandma's gifts?"

Sui Yan immediately tattled: "Grandma, Mom bullies me every day!"

Zhou Yuyuan looked at the chubby, rosy Little cub in front of her and couldn't help but ponder: "Cub, you look more like you eat well every day!"

Sui Yan pouted, unhappily pulling the big hood of her pajamas over her head, the oversized brim covering half of her little face.

The Little cub said angrily: "Doesn't that mean Sui Yan isn't Grandma's most beloved cub anymore?"

Zhou Yuyuan laughed heartily, reaching out to lift the Little cub's big hood, revealing her face: "Since Sui Yan has her mom to love her, of course Grandma has to love Sui Yan's mom even more!"

The Little cub thought about it seriously: "Okay then, even though Sui Yan loves Mom too."

Liu Hua was both touched and couldn't help but laugh: "Sui Yan causes trouble for Mom every day, how does she love Mom?"

Although she said that, her expression was full of indulgence for the Little cub.

Sui Yan stomped her foot: "Grandma, look at Mom! She's bullying me again!"

Zhou Yuyuan was laughing uncontrollably: "Alright, alright, didn't the cub want to find clothes?"

She squatted down and picked up the soft, chubby Little cub: "Should Grandma take the cub to find clothes?"

Sui Yan expertly wrapped her arms around Grandma's neck, then pouted and kissed Grandma's cheek: "Yes!"

Zhou Yuyuan felt that her Little cub radiated an adorable aura at all times, and she kissed the Little cub's cheek too: "Cub is so good."

Liu Hua couldn't stand it anymore: "Auntie, don't spoil Sui Yan so much, she's already becoming unruly."

Zhou Yuyuan laughed and said: "Okay, I won't spoil her." But her actions didn't change at all.

Sui Zhenxiong was also helpless: "Hua, we've been looking forward to having a granddaughter for so long. And our cub is so well-behaved and cute, how can anyone not love her?"

Liu Hua had no choice: "That... Fine, fine, I give up with you two."

Sui Yan looked around, and the loose big hood had fallen down again, covering half of her little face.

The Little cub was too lazy to lift her hand to fix the hood, so she tilted her head up, trying to see outside the hood.

Liu Hua pushed the Little cub's hood back with a look of disdain: "Sui Yan is such a little lazy pig!"

Sui Yan leaned completely on Grandma's shoulder: "Hmph! Stupid Mom!"

Zhou Yuyuan laughed and patted the Little cub's bottom: "Sui Yan, don't talk back to your mom."

For some reason, the Little cub was particularly obedient to Grandma: "Okay!"

"Then Grandma will take our good cub upstairs to change into pretty clothes!"


When Zhou Yuyuan carried Sui Yan upstairs, she saw a group of children lying haphazardly in the upstairs living room.

She was a bit surprised: "An Ning, why are you lying on the floor? Get up, you'll catch a cold."

Ye Anning got up: "Grandma, you and Grandpa are here?"

Sui Yu and Sui Zhi sighed in unison: "Grandma, we're lying on the floor too, why aren't you worried about us catching a cold?"

Zhou Yuyuan said impatiently: "How old are you all? You didn't even tell your Sister to get up when she was lying on the floor, and you still have the nerve to say that!"

Sui Yu and Sui Zhi looked at Ye Anning, suddenly realizing that Ye Anning was also their Sister.

Ye Anning felt a bit embarrassed herself: "Grandma, I'm fine. Are you here to help Sui Yan find clothes?"

Sui Yan quietly put her big hood back on, struggling to get down and walk on her own.

The seemingly confused Little cub spun around in a circle, then lay down on the carpet like her brothers and sisters.

She rolled onto her stomach, kicked her little legs, and said while cradling her face: "Sister, is it fun to lie on the floor?"

Zhou Yuyuan pretended to slap Sui Yu and the others: "Look at the bad example you've set, now your Sister is learning bad habits!"

The Little cub rolling on the floor immediately got up: "Grandma, don't hit my brother!"

Sui Zhenxiong, who had come upstairs a little late, happened to see what was going on. He picked up his precious granddaughter: "Cub, your brother deserved it, let's not bother with them."

Sui Yan said seriously: "Grandpa, you can't hit people."

The doting grandfather immediately changed his words according to his precious granddaughter's advice: "No hitting, no hitting, how can we hit people?"

Zhou Yuyuan agreed: "Yes, no hitting."

Ye Anning and the others were so exasperated they almost cried from laughing - these two elderly people spoiled children way too much!

But this was also a good thing.

Ye Anning cleared her throat to remind them: "Grandma, Sui Yan's clothes are in her closet."

Zhou Yuyuan took the Little cub back from the grandfather: "Right, right, we need to find clothes for the cub. What kind of clothes does the cub want to wear?"

At the mention of this, Sui Yan's eyes lit up: "I want to wear the clothes Dad bought! They're super super pretty!"

Zhou Yuyuan felt something was off: "The clothes your dad picked can't be pretty?"

Grandfather Sui Zhenxiong was a bit defensive: "That boy may not be much, but his taste is still decent."

Now everyone understood why Sui Jinhong and Sui Yan's aesthetics were so terrible - it was hereditary!

Sui Yu and Sui Zhi exchanged a look, both extremely grateful they didn't inherit this trait from their father.

Ye Anning tried to stop them: "Grandma, don't let Sui Yan wear that outfit, it's the one Liu Auntie didn't get to throw out yet."

Zhou Yuyuan's expression was complicated: "I knew it."

She hoped her precious granddaughter didn't inherit the terrible aesthetics of the Sui family!

But in reality...

Sui Yan was extremely adamant: "Can't throw it away! It's really pretty!"

Zhou Yuyuan admitted she was a bit curious now: "Then Sui Yan, show Grandma the clothes."Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

She wanted to see if her good-for-nothing son's taste had become even worse.

Sui Yan struggled out of Grandma's arms again, leading the group into her room and opening the closet doors one by one with effort.

Finally, she pointed to the innermost closet and said: "Grandma, it's in there, the one on the very top!"

Zhou Yuyuan had no more hope: "Cub, did your mom hide this outfit in the very back because she didn't want you to see it?"

Sui Zhenxiong couldn't help but reach in himself: "What does it look like? Let me see."

He stretched his hand in and took out the clothes from the top shelf of that closet. After seeing what the outfit looked like, he genuinely praised it: "It really is quite pretty."

Zhou Yuyuan looked at the colorful Chinese-style robe with floral patterns that Sui Zhenxiong was holding, and for once, she was speechless.

Chapter end

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