The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 103

Chapter 103

Sui Yan looked proud: "Right, super good-looking!"

Zhou Yuyuan snatched the clothes from her: "Good-looking my ass!" The dignified and elegant old lady finally couldn't help but swear, "No wearing it, grandma will throw it away right now."

When the lady made a fuss, Old Master Sui didn't dare utter a word and took two steps back while rubbing his nose.Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

But a certain little imp was bold and bounced around insisting on wearing that outfit: "No no! Yan wants to wear it!"

Zhou Yuyuan didn't give in to her precious little imp for the first time: "No, you can't wear it!"

Sui Yan couldn't snatch it back, so she simply threw a tantrum.

The little imp lay down on the carpet and started rolling around, crying: "No no! I want to wear it!"

Zhou Yuyuan: "......" This mischievous child!

She had a bit of a headache: "Okay okay, wear it! Don't roll on the floor, get up quickly."

Sui Yan lay on the floor, secretly glancing up, then rolled over and obediently held out her arms: "Grandma, change clothes."

Zhou Yuyuan took a deep breath: "Okay."

She looked exhausted as she changed the little imp into the heavy and colorful Chinese-style colorful robe.

Sui Zhenxiong had an appreciative smile on his face, while Ye Anning and Sui Yu were already imagining what kind of expression Liu Hua would have when she saw the little imp.

She would probably throw Sui Yan out of the house directly.

Sui Yan obediently let Zhou Yuyuan fuss over her, then put her little hands in the robe's pockets: "Grandma, am I cute or not!"

Zhou Yuyuan: "......" Cute.

Sui Zhenxiong gave a thumbs up: "Our little imp is the cutest!"

Probably because the little imp's appearance was quite good-looking, so even wearing this colorful Chinese-style colorful robe didn't make her look too bad.

She just seemed a bit more silly-looking.

Sui Yu opened his mouth impatiently: "Yan, let's go downstairs and let mom see!"

Sui Yan raised a little fist: "Let's go!"

The little imp bounced and ran quickly downstairs.

Ye Anning held back her laughter, her shoulders shaking slightly: "Why does she look so silly?"

Liu Hua was holding her phone, not sure what she was looking at, when she vaguely heard the little imp's happy voice.

"Mom! Look, am I cute or not!"

Liu Hua didn't even look up and brushed it off: "Cute cute, our little imp is the cutest."

Sui Yan puffed out her cheeks and ran in front of her mom: "Mom look at Yan!"

Liu Hua calmly looked up, then...

"Who let you wear these clothes!!!"

Ti Zi noticed something was off and lazily looked up: "......"

Who are you! Where is our soft, cute, and silly little imp!

Sui Yan arrogantly tilted her head back: "Yan wanted to wear it herself! Grandma didn't even let me wear it!"

Liu Hua gritted her teeth: "Sui Yan, you now have two choices. First, quickly change out of those clothes, then throw them away. Second......"

"Second second second!" Sui Yan interrupted angrily.

Liu Hua leaned back on the sofa and gave a cold laugh: "Second, throw away all your snacks and chocolates."

Sui Yan: "......" Mom, you're breaking the rules!

She ran to her grandma sadly: "Grandma! Mom is bullying me again!"

The little imp's legs were short to begin with, and wearing the heavy Chinese-style colorful robe and cotton pants made them look even shorter.

Zhou Yuyuan couldn't bear to look and sighed: "What did mom say to the little imp again?"

What could she do with her own silly little granddaughter? Just spoil her!

The little imp skillfully snuggled into her grandma's arms: "Mom said I have to throw away these clothes, or else she'll throw away Yan's chocolate!"

Zhou Yuyuan kindly suggested: "Then the little imp should just throw away these clothes."

Liu Hua gave a cold snort: "Sui Yan, if you don't want to throw away either, then I'll throw you out."

Sui Yan pouted: "Hmph! Stinky mom!"

Sui Zhenxiong tried to help his precious little granddaughter: "Xiao Hua..."

Zhou Yuyuan coldly cut him off: "If you say another word, don't come home tonight."

Sui Zhenxiong: "......" Oh.

Sui Yan finally realized no one could help her, so she hummed and snuggled into her mom's arms: "Mom, then I'll change clothes, don't throw my clothes away okay?"

Liu Hua frowned, seeing the little imp's hope and immediately acting spoiled: "Mom~ Okay or not!"

Liu Hua pressed the little imp down: "Okay okay! Don't make trouble anymore."

Sui Yan quieted down obediently: "Okay!"

Liu Hua tapped the little imp's head: "Then Yan go change into the panda suit in the first wardrobe. Hurry!"

Sui Yan wasn't satisfied: "Mom likes the panda but not Yan!"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes and glanced at the little imp: "Hm?"

Sui Yan immediately ran upstairs quickly, stubbornly leaving a sentence: "Stinky mom! Changing!"

The true, strong-mouthed king!

Liu Hua was too lazy to bother with her.

Zhou Yuyuan put her hand to her forehead: "Xiao Hua, it must be hard taking care of Yan and this group of children."

Sui Zhi wasn't afraid to speak up: "Grandma, we're not like Yan, we're very obedient."

Zhou Yuyuan waved it off: "I know, I know."

She continued looking at Liu Hua: "If there's anything you can't handle, remember to tell your uncles and aunts."

Liu Hua smiled and brushed a stray hair from her mother-in-law's forehead: "Auntie, don't worry, everything is fine here for now."

Zhou Yuyuan's eyes became a little teary: "You're a good child......"

She saw Ye Anning, and didn't continue after all.

Liu Hua felt a little helpless: "Auntie, don't say that."

Sui Zhenxiong also noticed his wife's mood wasn't very good, and gently patted Zhou Yuyuan's shoulder: "Alright, let's go to the hospital and see Xiao Wan, it's been a long time since we saw her."

Zhou Yuyuan wiped the corners of her eyes: "Okay, Xiao Hua, then uncle and auntie will go first, we left gifts for you and the children at the entrance."

Liu Hua felt touched but also felt sorry for the two elders: "Okay."

Sui Yan fiddled around upstairs for a while, then came running down in her panda suit going pat-pat-pat.

"Mom! I changed clothes!"

The little imp ran so fast it was terrifying.

Ye Anning walked over and hugged her: "Yan, don't run so fast! It's easy to fall!"

Sui Yan obediently let her sister hug her: "Then Yan won't run anymore!"

Liu Hua looked at the "reinvented" little imp and finally relaxed: "Imp, come here."

Sui Yan refused: "Yan wore the thick robe and mom called me 'Sui Yan', wearing the panda suit and mom calls me 'imp'."

She concluded: "Mom is too much!"

Liu Hua raised her eyebrows: "Isn't Yan the same? When mom buys Yan chocolate, she's a good mom, otherwise she's a stinky mom."

Qiao Ze also concluded: "So this is the power of genetics."

Chapter end

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