The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Qiao Ze smiled: "It's us, without you."

Sui Zhi: "..."

Sui Yan couldn't help but reach out and grab a dumpling, stuffing it into his mouth. The little guy puffed out his cheeks and looked at everyone: "Brother, aren't you all going to eat?"

Ye Anning kept picking food for the little guy: "Yan, don't mind them. Let's eat! Grandpa, Grandma, have you eaten?"

Zhou Yuyuan smiled and patted the two girls' heads: "We've eaten."

Shen Nian also laid out the food she brought: "Grandma, we brought a lot here. You and Grandpa should have some more."

The little guy clapped his little hands: "Grandpa, Grandma, have some more!"

Zhou Yuyuan and Sui Zhenxiong smiled until their eyes crinkled: "Okay, okay, let's all eat together. The little girls are more considerate than the stinky little boys!"

The stinky little boys: "..."

The doorbell rang outside while they were starting to eat.

Sui Yu silently put down his chopsticks and went to open the door.

Zhou Yuyuan smiled and fed the little guy a mouthful of rice: "Could it be someone else coming to bring you food?"

Ye Anning was a bit puzzled: "Who else could it be?"

Her confusion didn't last long because Sui Yu came back carrying two insulated lunch boxes, along with two people.

"My dad specially made Yan and Ye Anning's favorite dishes, and just sent them over. Uncle Xu also ordered food from the hotel, all Yan's favorites," Sui Yu said, rubbing his forehead.

The two elderly people sitting there had lived frugally their whole lives, but at that moment, they weren't worried about wasting food. They smiled and took the insulated containers: "That's great! Everyone cares so much about our little ones."

Even before the lunch boxes were opened, Yan had already smelled the aroma: "There's meat! And small fish! And fried chicken legs! Yan wants to eat, Yan wants to eat!"

She turned her body and leaned on the back of the chair: "Ti Zi, come here and eat meat with Yan!"

Ti Zi, who had originally planned to wait until everyone finished eating, shook his big head slowly and trudged over to Yan's side.

Zhou Yuyuan clapped her forehead: "Look at my poor memory, I forgot about our Ti Zi."

Grandpa Sui didn't want his wife to trouble herself: "It's not your fault, it's my fault for not thinking of it!"

Sui Zhi sighed gloomily: "Who would have thought that when Mom and Uncle Xu aren't here, we'd still be fed dog food at home."

Yan had both her little paws wrapped around a fried chicken leg, gnawing at it with effort. When she suddenly heard her brother's words, she looked a bit confused: "Brother, do you want to eat dog food? There's some in the kitchen cabinet! It's what Ti Zi didn't want to eat."

At first, Liu Chun thought Ti Zi was a dog, so she bought a lot of dog food. But Ti Zi didn't like eating it. Later, when Liu Chun found out Ti Zi was a wolf, she stopped letting him eat dog food and fed him meat instead.

Sui Zhi didn't expect his little sister to strike back: "I wasn't talking to you, obediently eat your chicken leg."

Yan didn't expect her brother to snap at her either. The little guy pouted: "Hmph!"

But she was only unhappy for two or three seconds before happily continuing to gnaw on her chicken leg.

However, the others didn't take it so lightly.

Qi Linhan frowned: "Can't speak properly?"

Sui Yu cracked his knuckles: "Needs to be disciplined?"

Qiao Ze smiled faintly: "Bullying Yan?"

Ye Anning stood up to find her wolf-tooth club: "Time to shut him up."

Shen Nian took the opportunity to kiss the innocent and confused little guy on the cheek: "Yan is so adorable!"

Before Zhou Yuyuan could react, she saw that Sui Zhi had already been surrounded. She was somewhat amused and exasperated: "Alright, alright, let's eat first. Aren't you all hungry?"

With Grandma's word, all the children obediently listened.

Sui Zhi silently wiped away a tear. It turned out that Grandma was still reliable in a crisis!

But before that thought could dissipate, he heard Zhou Yuyuan say with a smile: "If you want to fight, you have to finish eating first, or else you won't have the energy?"

Sui Zhi's face stiffened: "..."

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At the Sui Jinhong Family Home

Sui Jinhong looked at the woman sleeping on the large bed in the bedroom with tender eyes, then carefully left the room.

He went to the living room and made a phone call...

"How is the investigation into the previous matter going?" Sui Jinhong's voice was icy cold.

"Sir, the family had just come out of the police station when they bumped into your wife at the mall. It was an accident, not premeditated."

Sui Jinhong took a deep breath: "Where are they now?"

"They're currently at their own home, still within our monitoring range."

Sui Jinhong closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were cold and merciless: "Make them pay the price."

"Sir, we've also discovered something else that might be helpful. That family has always tried to take advantage of the Capital Qi Family's sense of indebtedness, but the so-called debt of gratitude is completely false."

Sui Jinhong frowned: "What do you mean? The Qi Family thought they owed the Lu Family a debt of gratitude, but that debt was fake?"

"Yes, the previous generation of the Lu Family obtained the Qi Family's tokens from somewhere..."

Sui Jinhong was stunned, then laughed coldly: "Then they're quite bold to even deceive the Qi Family."

"Because the people who knew about this at the time have all passed away, they dared to do this. We have audio and video evidence, the proof is conclusive."

Sui Jinhong narrowed his eyes: "Then let those people from the Lu Family jump around for a while first. Send the audio and video to Sui Yu and the others."

"Send it to the Young Master? Understood, Sir."


Yan ate and slept at home every day, acting like a little lazy pig, except for occasionally going out to play with Ye Anning and Shen Nian.

The little lazy pig had just finished eating and was now crawling onto the sofa, skillfully pulling the remote control out from between the sofa cushions and turning on the TV.

Zhou Yuyuan and Sui Zhenxiong had finished cleaning up and were about to go back to their home. They stood at the door and called out to the little one: "Little cub, Grandpa and Grandma are going home now."

Yan rolled over nimbly: "Why? Why are Grandpa and Grandma going home so early?"

Zhou Yuyuan couldn't help but walk over and pinch the little cub's face: "Little cub, stay and play with your brothers and sisters. Grandpa and Grandma don't want to disturb you all. If your brothers bully you, you must tell Grandma, okay? Grandma will help you beat them up."

The little one waved his small hand: "Grandma, Mom will help Yan beat up Brother! You and Grandpa have fun too!"

Zhou Yuyuan smiled indulgently: "Okay, little cub, bye-bye."

Yan waved happily: "Bye, Grandma!"

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, and Qi Linhan, who were at the bottom of the food chain, were expressionless.

Well! Now even the little cub knew they could be bullied freely!

Chapter end

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