The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 106

Chapter 106

When Liu Hua and Xu Yi returned home, it was already very late, but the little cub who had slept all afternoon was still full of energy, so everyone played with the little cub.

Ti Zi helped Sui Yan find her brother's playing cards, and then everyone gathered in the living room to play the card game "Concentration".

The little cub held up a card and said, "Sui Yan, find two cards that are the same!"

Ti Zi cheered enthusiastically, "Woo-hoo!"

The cub was awesome!

Sui Zhi turned over four cards sheepishly, "I found two pairs of the same cards."

Sui Yu sneered, "How childish."

The little cub tossed her cards back and said, "Yeah, big brother is the most childish!"

Sui Zhi looked puzzled, "Why am I the only childish one and not Sui Yan?"

Qiao Ze, holding a book, calmly turned a page and said, "You're comparing yourself to Sui Yan?"

Qi Linhan organized the cards and handed them back to Sui Zhi to play, "Are you as adorable as Sui Yan?"

Ye Anning ruffled the little cub's head without looking up and said to Sui Zhi, "Are you as smart as Sui Yan?"

Shen Nian, who was also crouched beside the little cub, couldn't help but chime in, "Are you as awesome as Sui Yan?"

Sui Zhi gradually accepted reality, "...I'm not worthy."

Sui Yan ran over to her brother and patted his arm seriously, "Does big brother have as good taste as Sui Yan?"

Last time, Sui Zhenxiong had said this to Sui Jinhong, and the little cub had overheard it and remembered the word "taste".

Sui Zhi hugged his sister, "You naughty Sui Yan, that's going too far!"

He was indeed incomparable to his beloved sister in every way, but when it came to matters of taste and aesthetics, could anyone really be worse than the little cub?

Sui Yan arrogantly tilted her head back, "Hmph! Big brother is just jealous that he can't match up to Sui Yan!"

Sui Zhi simply couldn't bear to look at her, but he also didn't want to discourage his precious sister, especially when everyone's gazes were threatening him.

So he good-naturedly didn't argue with the little cub, "Alright, alright, Sui Yan is the best!"

Sui Yan became even more arrogant, "Sui Yan knows it!"

As they were bickering, Liu Hua and Xu Yi quietly entered from outside.

Originally, when they saw the lights on in the house, Liu Hua thought the kids had left them on specially for her, but she never expected that they hadn't even gone to sleep.

However, she was in a good mood today, so she didn't plan to nitpick with the kids. "Sui Yan, why aren't you asleep so late?"

Sui Yan had been having a lot of fun all day, but suddenly hearing her mother's voice made her upset.

"Mommy, why did you come home so late! I missed you so much!" The little cub struggled out of her brother's arms, ran over without looking back, and hugged her mother's legs.

Liu Hua picked up the little cub, "Sorry, Sui Yan. Mommy promises it won't happen again, okay?"

Xu Yi also brought over a few bags he was carrying, "Sui Yan, uncle bought you all presents."

Sui Yu came over and took a few bags, "Mom, you seem really happy today."

Liu Hua smiled with a constant upward curl of her lips, "Was it that obvious?"

Sui Yan cupped her mother's face with her little paws, "Mommy is really, really happy."

Liu Hua smiled and brushed away her daughter's hands, "Okay, okay, your Uncle Xu and I got our marriage license."

Sui Yu was stunned for two seconds, then looked shocked, "Mom, so suddenly?" Then he explained to himself, "Well, I guess not too suddenly."

A certain little cub lowered her head, pondering for a few seconds, "Mommy, what does getting a marriage license mean?"

Liu Hua pinched the little cub's cheek affectionately, "It means I'm together with your Uncle Xu now."

Sui Yan's eyes lit up, "Like daddy and Auntie Ye?"

Xu Yi smiled and nodded, "Yes, isn't Sui Yan happy?"

Sui Yan nodded vigorously, "Happy! Mommy is finally not alone anymore!"

Liu Hua was so touched that she couldn't help but kiss the little cub again, "Then go to sleep quickly, Sui Yan!"

Sui Yan obediently hugged her mother, then ran over to Ye Anning and Shen Nian, "Sisters, will you sleep with me tonight?"

Liu Hua raised her chin, "Okay, but you can't stay up late whispering with your sisters."

Sui Yan crossed her arms and mimicked her mother by raising her chin, "Sui Yan won't!"

Effortlessly in front of the children, Liu Hua took Xu Yi's hand, "Since that's the case, hurry up and go to sleep!"

Sui Yu picked up his sister and headed upstairs, "Mom, we won't disturb you and Uncle Xu anymore while you bond!"

Qi Linhan hesitated for a second, then decisively followed the group upstairs.Fllw ew stories at n/v(e)lb/in(.)com

Sui Yan lay on Sui Yu's shoulder and whispered to Ye Anning, "Sister, I'll show you something super fun tonight."

Sui Yu gently patted his sister's back, "Mom said Sui Yan can't bother you all. Didn't Sui Yan just promise to be good?"

Sui Yan closed her eyes and played dead, "Hmph!"

Although she said that, when only her sisters were around, Sui Yan still couldn't resist showing off her newest little treasure.

She called out in a small voice, "Ti Zi! Close the bedroom door."

Ye Anning shook out the bedding, "Sui Yan, what are you doing? Hurry and go take a bath, then sleep."

Sui Yan scurried back and forth before dragging out a medium-sized box from the wardrobe, "Shen Nian, turn off the lights, please!"

Shen Nian smiled helplessly, "Okay, don't be so impatient, Sui Yan."

She casually turned off the lights, but in the next second, the dark space was filled with flickering lights.

Ye Anning marveled at the near-perfect starry sky, "Sui Yan, this is so beautiful."

Shen Nian felt a bit sentimental, "It's been so long since we've seen this many stars."

Sui Yan lowered her head and pressed a few buttons following her grandmother's instructions, and then Ye Anning and Shen Nian saw the surrounding starry sky slowly rotating.

It was as if they were truly in outer space, able to reach out and touch the stars.

"So beautiful..."


"What are you all doing?"

The room light suddenly turned on, immediately dimming the projected starry sky.

Liu Hua and Sui Yu's group were standing at the doorway, leaning against the door frame and looking at the three girls in the room.

The little cub puffed out her cheeks, "Mommy, I want to show my sisters the stars! Turn off the lights!"

Liu Hua glanced at the dots of light on the wall and seemed to understand. She turned off the lights, "Why don't we all watch together?"

Before the little cub could respond, the slowly moving starry sky reappeared before everyone.

Liu Hua stroked her chin, "This thing is quite interesting. Where did Sui Yan get it from? Hand it over!"

The wicked queen demanded tribute!

The little cub obediently carried over a glass ball and handed it to her mother, "This looks super pretty, mommy can play with it!"

Liu Hua pondered, "Did your dad buy this for you?...No, no, with his aesthetic sense, how could he possibly buy something this nice-looking."

Chapter end

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