The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 107

Chapter 107

Little cub pouted: "It wasn't bought by Dad! Grandma gave it to Yan!"

Liu Hua patted the cub's head: "I knew it! Your Grandma bought it for you, so you keep it and play nicely."

Sui Yan hugged the glass ball, tilting her little head to look at her mom: "Doesn't Mom want to play?"

Little cub was so obedient that Liu Hua felt she was exploiting her.

She cleared her throat: "Mom was just joking with you, Cub. You go play with your sister and the others."

Little cub nodded innocently: "Okay!"

After Liu Hua and Xu Yi officially registered their marriage, the two became visibly more affectionate.

They sat in a circle in the living room, chatting casually.

A certain little cub kept her head down, fiddling with her toy seriously. Ye Anning poked the cub's face: "Yan, this toy looks new, I haven't seen it before."

Sui Yan answered a bit slowly: "Um... Uncle Xu bought it."

Sui Zhi plucked at the carpet's fibers: "Yan has so many toys, they won't fit in the toy room anymore."Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

Qiao Ze kindly reminded: "If you keep plucking the carpet, Auntie will see and spank you."

Sui Zhi paused, then silently retracted his hand.

He still felt a bit resentful: "But Yan does it too!"

The little cub would squat and pluck the carpet fibers whenever bored!

Sui Yu leaned back: "Mom might scold Yan a bit, but she'll never kick you out."

Sui Zhi: "Oh." Hmph! Double standards!

But he was quite happy with those double standards.

Sui Yan slowly realized and threw a cushion at Sui Zhi in dissatisfaction: "Stinky brother! Talking bad about Yan again!"

Sui Zhi caught the cushion and fearlessly tossed it back into his sister's arms: "Stinky Yan! I didn't say anything bad about you!"

The cushion smacked right into the little cub, nearly knocking her over.

Ye Anning narrowed her eyes: "You're asking for it?"

Sui Zhi didn't expect the troll queen little cub to be so weak!

He instinctively stepped back: "Wait, hear me out!"

Shen Nian handed the inflatable wolf's teeth stick to Ye Anning with both hands: "Nee-sis, here!"

Soon after, Liu Hua, Xu Yi and Liu Man saw Sui Zhi getting ganged up on again.

Xu Yi smiled: "The kids seem to get along well."

Liu Hua saw through it all: "Yeah, it's just because the little boy from the Li Family next door isn't here, or little Zhi would have a partner."

A partner to get beaten up with.

Sui Yu couldn't be bothered to join their ruckus. He took out his phone and scrolled through it. Finding nothing interesting, he was about to put it away.

But then a new email notification suddenly popped up.

Sui Yu frowned, then opened the video in the email without hesitation.

The video seemed to be from a surveillance angle, and the protagonist was someone Sui Yu was familiar with.

It was Lu Yunling's family.

As the video played, Sui Yu's grip on his phone tightened unconsciously...

Qi Linhan noticed Sui Yu's unusual behavior and walked over to sit down: "What's up?"

Sui Yu had already watched half of the video's content. He handed Qi Linhan the earphones: "Take a look at something."

Qi Linhan was quite curious: "What is it?"

Sui Yu directly handed him the phone, then patted his shoulder: "Something interesting."

Sui Yan looked around and crawled in front of Qi Linhan: "Brother Linhan, Yan wants to see too!"

Sui Yu grabbed his sister's collar and pulled her away: "Yan doesn't want to see."

The unwillingly kept-in-the-dark Sui Yan clenched her fists and punched Sui Yu: "Hmph! Stinky brother!"

The little cub's punch landed on his shoulder, but Sui Yu hardly felt it. Still, he pinched his sister's face: "Yan, don't hit people randomly!"

Sui Yan pouted: "But brother bullied Yan first!"

Sui Yu admitted defeat: "Alright, brother was wrong."

Liu Hua saw this from afar, frowned and called out: "Sui Yan, you can't hit people randomly!"

She walked over to reason with the cub: "Hitting people is wrong!"

The little cub was obedient in front of her mom: "Okay! Then Yan won't hit people again."

Liu Hua held her forehead: "That's not what Mom meant. If Yan gets bullied, you can hit back in self-defense. But Yan can't bully others first."

Sui Yan thought for a bit, then immediately snitched: "Then brother bullied me!"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes: "Then Mom will help Yan beat up your brother."

Sui Yu laughed helplessly: "Mom!"

The little cub also hesitantly stopped her mom: "Mom, I already hit brother just now."

Liu Hua waved dismissively: "With that tiny bit of strength of yours... Nevermind, go play."

Sui Yu breathed a sigh of relief. As he turned to carry his sister, he saw Qi Linhan standing behind him.

"Where did you get this video?" Qi Linhan stroked his chin, quite interested.

Sui Yu shook his head: "I don't know, an unfamiliar account sent it to me."

Qi Linhan smiled: "Nevermind, it's not important. Send me the video, I'll show it to my parents."

Sui Yu held his sister with one arm and sent Qi Linhan the video: "Alright... Aren't you angry?"

That his family was deceived by others for so many years.

Qi Linhan scoffed: "Why would I be angry? I never helped those people from the Lu family anyway, I have no reason to be angry."

Sui Yan lazily draped over her brother's shoulder, yawning adorably: "Brother, what are you guys talking about?"

Qi Linhan ruffled the little cub's head: "Nothing, is Yan sleepy?"

Sui Yan twisted her body towards Qi Linhan, opening her arms: "Want brother Linhan to carry me!"

Sui Yu tapped his sister's forehead: "Yan is fickle."

Sui Yan leaned into Qi Linhan's embrace, puffing her cheeks at her brother: "Hmph!"

Qi Linhan smiled helplessly: "I'll carry Yan to sleep, we can discuss this later."

Sui Yu waved his hand: "Sure."

Sui Yan hugged Qi Linhan's neck and rubbed her eyes, murmuring softly: "Brother Linhan."

Qi Linhan gently patted the little cub's back: "If Yan wants to sleep, then sleep."

But Sui Yan didn't sleep. She reached out her little paw to lightly tug Qi Linhan's hair: "Brother Linhan, your hair is different from Yan's."

Qi Linhan's short hair looked stiff but felt soft. While the little cub's semi-long hair looked and felt soft, with a slight natural curl at the ends.

Like a harmless and soft baby lion cub.

Qi Linhan couldn't help but stroke her hair too: "How is it different?"

Sui Yan couldn't explain, only murmuring groggily: "It's just different."

Feeling the little cub was about to fall asleep, Qi Linhan didn't tease her further. He placed her on her own big bed, carefully tucking her in before heading downstairs.

Chapter end

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