The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 112

Chapter 112

Ti Zi could no longer bear it and half climbed onto the bed, raising her paw and retracting her claws. She carefully poked the soft, fluffy cheek of a certain little cub.

Sui Yan was sleeping soundly, letting out soft hums and smacking away Ti Zi's paw: "Mmm... Stinky Ti Zi!"

Ti Zi looked up at the ceiling helplessly, then patted the little cub again.

Disturbed too much, Sui Yan drowsily opened her eyes: "Ti Zi is annoying! I won't play with you..."

Ti Zi lowered her head: "Meow~"

You stinky cub! Your alarm has been ringing for a while now!

Sui Yan rubbed her eyes in a daze, finally realizing the piercing sound of the alarm clock.

She instantly became alert: "Sorry Ti Zi! I just forgot!"

Seeing the little dimwit was finally awake, Ti Zi wearily turned off the alarm: "Meow!"

Cub, go wash your face and brush your teeth!

Sui Yan sat dazed on the bed for a while, almost lying back down again.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

After an inner struggle, the little cub finally crawled out of bed sluggishly to get ready.

Early in the morning, Sui Yu was drinking water when he stepped out and saw his precious little sister wearing a red padded jacket like a little Fuwa doll, clutching a bar of chocolate in front of his door.

"Brother, Happy New Year! Here's some chocolate for you!" The Fuwa doll smiled with crescent-shaped eyes, struggling to raise her little paws.

Sui Yu was stunned for a moment, then smiled tenderly: "Why is Sui Yan up so early today?"

The little cub looked proud: "Sui Yan set an alarm clock yesterday!"

Sui Yu chuckled and stroked his sister's messy hair: "Sui Yan is awesome! Do you want me to braid your hair nicely now?"

The little cub was clearly a bit hesitant: "Brother, do you know how to braid small braids?"

Sui Yu pondered: "Hmm, I don't, but we can learn together. Sui Yan, go get your little hairbrush, and I'll check on my phone how to braid small braids."

The little cub thought the suggestion was acceptable, so she nodded seriously: "Okay!"

Sui Yu grabbed his phone but didn't see his sister come out for a long time, so he turned and walked towards the little cub's room: "Sui Yan, what are you doing?"

Sui Yan was crouching in front of her little cabinet, rummaging through it: "Brother, I want to find a pretty flower to wear on my head!"

Upon hearing this, Sui Yu immediately became alert: "Don't move, let me find it!"

The little cub was a bit reluctant, but before she could object, Sui Yu had already picked her up and put her aside.

Liu Hua and Xu Yi woke up at just the right time, neither too early nor too late. Liu Hua lazily nudged Xu Yi: "You go wake up Sui Yu and the others, I'll check on Sui Yan."

Xu Yi smiled warmly: "Okay."

Liu Hua first knocked on Liu Man's room, then went to find the little cub.

"Sui Yan... Sui Yu? What are you two doing?" As she pushed open the door, Liu Hua saw Sui Yan obediently sitting on a small chair, while Sui Yu was crouching behind her, carefully braiding her hair.

Sui Yu stared intently at his sister's hair, afraid that one wrong move might hurt her: "Mom, just a moment... I'll have Sui Yan's braids done soon."

Liu Hua was a bit surprised: "You're braiding Sui Yan's hair! It looks quite nice, how did you learn?"

As she spoke, a mechanical female voice suddenly came from Sui Yu's phone lying nearby: "Next, we'll roll up the remaining hair following the previous steps."

Liu Hua: "..." Suddenly realizing her son's warmth was rather unusual.

Sui Yu remained steady, securely braiding two little buns on his sister's head.

Sui Yan didn't dare move: "Brother, are you done?"

Sui Yu pinned two flower clips onto his sister's hair, then gently patted her head: "Done, Sui Yan get up and show Mom."

The little cub's round eyes shone brightly as she ran to Liu Hua: "Mom, does Sui Yan look pretty?"

Liu Hua stroked the little buns on Sui Yan's head: "Pretty, Sui Yan is our little Fuwa doll."

Sui Yan grinned foolishly, pulled her mom down, and pecked her on the lips: "Mom, Happy New Year!"

Liu Hua hugged the cub and kissed her back: "Happy New Year, cub."

Sui Yu patted his stomach: "Mom, when can we have breakfast?"

Liu Hua couldn't help but smile: "It should be ready soon, hurry and change your clothes before coming downstairs."

The most important thing during the New Year is to visit relatives and friends, but since Liu Hua and Xu Yi had no relatives, they only made a quick round to a few nearby homes before returning.

Sui Yan sat cross-legged on the sofa at home, looking a bit bored: "Mom, a lot of uncles and aunties from next door went to pay New Year visits."

Liu Hua was also bored: "Yes, they're at home entertaining guests, and we can't just crash their gatherings."

Sui Yu let out a yawn: "Sui Yan, let's go to the backyard and play, we shouldn't bother Mom and Uncle Xu here."

As Sui Yu led her away, Sui Yan said: "Brother, if I'm not here, can Mom not have a younger brother for me?"

Sui Yu caught a glimpse of Liu Hua's angry expression and immediately scooped up the little cub and ran: "Kids shouldn't ask so many questions!"


In a parking lot not far from Liu Hua's residential area, there was an inconspicuous black car, though the emblem on the front didn't look so simple.

Inside the black car were two elderly people, one of whom was watching a video on her phone while tears streamed down her face.

"My daughter..." Lady Yang Huijun cried openly, her well-preserved face with few wrinkles still revealing her stunning youthful beauty.

She caressed the woman's face on the phone screen, murmuring softly.

Bai Qingrui looked a bit pained: "Grandma, Aunt is doing well, and it's the New Year, we should all be happy."

Yang Huijun wiped the corners of her eyes: "Yes, we should be happy... Will she, not want to see us?"

The other elderly person beside her clasped her hand: "Even if that's the case, it doesn't matter, we owe our daughter after all."

The man in the front passenger seat turned around: "Grandma, our parents didn't come, should we get out and go to Aunt's house now?"

Old Master Bai Yiping nodded firmly: "Let's go."

This group of people had an extraordinary air about them, but since there were indeed many visitors today, not too many people paid attention to them.

Bai Qingrui and Bai Yuanmo got out first to open the doors for the two elders, their expressions tinged with barely noticeable tension.

They had previously looked up Liu Hua's address, so they now found their way to Liu Hua's door without much trouble.

But even after reaching the doorstep, they hesitated for a long time, unable to bring themselves to knock.

After agonizing for who knows how long, the villa's main door suddenly swung open, and a little Fuwa doll-like figure came tumbling out.

Chapter end

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