The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 116

Chapter 116

The Little cub puffed up her cheeks: "Mommy is the silly one! Yan is not!"

Bai Qingrui could not hold back his inner excitement, and he hugged the Little cub and ran: "Auntie, you have fun, we'll take Yan out for a stroll."

He carried the Little cub, with Bai Yuanmo following behind, but they were blocked at the door.

"You are not allowed to take Yan out randomly!" Ye Anning held a spiked club, her eyes fierce.

Although Bai Qingrui, who had been at the police station for a long time, was not intimidated by the fierce little girl, he still stepped back apologetically: "We won't go out, is there anywhere we can take Yan to play?"

Sui Yu nodded towards the stairs: "Upstairs, Yan's toys are all upstairs."

Ever since Li Yuan had secretly taken Sui Yan's toys that time, everyone had moved the Little cub's toys upstairs.

The Little cub felt the brother carrying her was a bit silly, and she was not comfortable being held.

She frowned and struggled: "Sister, help!"

Ye Anning wasn't that unreasonable either, she poked Bai Qingrui's arm with the spiked club: "Don't hold Yan like that, she's not comfortable."

Bai Qingrui, who had never held a child before, hurriedly adjusted his posture: "Then how should I hold her?"

The Little cub was swaying so much that her eyes were almost like mosquito coils, she hugged Bai Qingrui's arm tightly, now truly not wanting to.

"Sister, help! I'm going to fall!"

Ye Anning also sighed and looked up at the ceiling: "You'd better not hold Yan."

Bai Yuanmo stroked his chin thoughtfully, then suddenly reached out to Bai Qingrui: "Let me hold Yan."

Bai Qingrui knew he was clumsy, and was afraid of hurting his sister, so he immediately put the Little cub in Bai Yuanmo's arms: "You hold her."

Bai Yuanmo recalled how everyone held the cub, and carefully imitated the posture.

The soft, sweet-smelling little ball in his arms was now skillfully hugging his neck, even lazily lying on his shoulder, not afraid of falling at all.

Sui Yan was bored, she stretched out her little hands, then frowned in dissatisfaction as she found a few little meat pits on the back of her hand.

She looks chubby!

The Little cub turned her head and called her sister eagerly: "Sister, can I see your hands?"

Ye Anning walked in front of her and extended her hand: "What's wrong with Yan?"

The Little cub grabbed her sister's hand, turning it over and over, and couldn't help but exclaim: "Sister's hands are so beautiful!"

And there are no little meat pits on the back!

Bai Yuanmo didn't disturb the two girls' conversation, and just quietly followed Sui Yu upstairs.

Ye Anning also calmly followed the others upstairs, pinching the Little cub's soft little hand: "Yan's hands are cute too."

The Little cub spread out her palms, frowning: "Not cute at all!"

Shen Nian also came over and touched the Little cub's hand: "Mm, it's very cute."

Sui Yan arrogantly withdrew her paw: "Stinky Nian stole a touch of my hand!"

Shen Nian smiled smugly: "No, I was openly touching Yan's hand."

Sui Zhi couldn't help but mock the three girls' clinginess: "I really don't want to say anything about gender advantages anymore."

Qiao Ze thought for a moment: "In fact, if you want to..."

Sui Zhi interrupted him: "No, I don't want to."

Bai Yuanmo patted the Little cub's back: "Yan, do you want to come down and play with the toys?"

Sui Yan climbed down from his arms and walked over to Bai Qingrui: "Big brother, the little cube Yan was about to finish is almost done!"

Bai Qingrui was stunned, his movements stiff as he took the small, exquisite Rubik's cube out of his satchel, then was amazed to find that the Little cub had already solved two layers!

His gaze became increasingly dazed: "Yan, you're so amazing!"

Qi Linhan leaned back against the wall behind him: "Tsk!"

It's a pity, he had also prepared this gift to give to Yan, but was beaten to it by Bai Qingrui.

Bai Yuanmo noticed the somewhat familiar boy: "Are you the kid from the Qi family?"

Qi Linhan yawned: "What a coincidence."

Bai Qingrui was a bit puzzled: "Weren't you and your parents always in the capital? How come you've moved here? No wonder we haven't seen you guys for so long."

Qi Linhan's gaze shifted to the Little cub who was rummaging through the toys: "Because Yan is too cute."

The Little cub, divided between finding toys, still turned her head and told them proudly: "That's right! Yan is the cutest in the whole world!"

Bai Qingrui almost wanted to wave a flag for his sister: "Yes! That's right! Our Yan is the cutest in the whole world!"

Sui Yu was a bit fed up: "Not yours, ours!"

How can there be so many people fighting over his sister every day!

His sister being too cute, too well-behaved, and too smart is also a kind of trouble... although he is more than happy to bear this kind of trouble!Updted chapters n nvelbin(.)com

Bai Qingrui was about to argue with Sui Yu, when Sui Yan ran over with a pile of building blocks: "Big brother! No no no! Yan is Yan's own Yan!"

Sui Yu paused, then seriously nodded: "Yes, Yan is Yan's own Yan, but Yan is also your sister."

Bai Yuanmo and Bai Qingrui were simply stunned countless times, their sister was too smart! They felt a bit lacking in accomplishment...

Whenever this group gathered at Liu Hua's house upstairs, there was bound to be snacks that the Little cub had secretly stashed.

But today seemed a bit special, the Little cub mysteriously whispered: "Sister, Yan secretly hid a big bottle of Coke last time."

Ye Anning was helping Sui Yan with the toys, and when she heard this, she didn't pay much attention: "Mm."

After a long while, she suddenly reacted: "Yan, you hid that big bottle of Coke?"

How did this Little cub move it?

Sui Yan tugged on her and Shen Nian to go get the snacks: "Ti Zi helped Yan move it up! Since mommy always doesn't let Yan drink too much!"

Ti Zi nearby just wanted to roll his eyes, he and Yan had secretly conspired, and their mother had already discovered it, but she pretended not to see!

Ye Anning and Shen Nian felt that Liu Hua must have known, but they didn't expose the Little cub, and instead very cooperatively helped her bring out the big Coke.

Sui Yu and the others were sprawled out in the living room with no manners, looking blankly as Ye Anning brought out a big bottle of Coke, and Qiao Ze had a question mark on his face: "Is this Coke also hidden by Yan?"

Bai Qingrui and Bai Yuanmo, who were sitting more properly on the sofa, didn't understand the little kids' secrets, so they took the initiative to help get some cups.

The Little cub didn't have time to care about her brothers anymore, she just watched eagerly as Bai Qingrui poured her a big glass of Coke, then she hurriedly picked up the glass and gulped it down.

"Hic~ Ah~" The Little cub put down the now empty glass, satisfied, letting out a Coke-flavored hiccup, then let out a long breath.

Chapter end

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