The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 117

Chapter 117

Shen Nian couldn't help but chuckle, "Ah Yan has truly mastered the essence of drinking Coke."read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

Ye Anning also sat on the floor, laughing uncontrollably, "It must have been so hard for her and Tiqi to carry that big bottle of Coke all the way up from the first floor."

Sui Yan pushed two cups and placed them in front of her sisters, "Sisters Nian and Anning, you should drink too!"

Ye Anning politely took a sip, but as she lifted her head, she noticed the little bundle staring at her intently.

"What's wrong, Ah Yan?"

The little bundle thought for a moment, then patted her own belly, "Burp~ Haha~"

Ye Anning began to understand, she took a big gulp of her drink and then imitated the little bundle, "Burp~ Haha~"

Shen Nian looked amused, she also followed suit and gulped down a big mouthful of Coke, "Burp~ Haha~"

Sui Yan clapped her small hands, "Sisters Nian and Anning are so great!"

Up until now, everyone had been enthusiastically praising the little bundle, so Ye Anning and Shen Nian felt a bit strange to suddenly be complimented by the little one.

The others had complex expressions on their faces, as if they wanted to say something, but didn't.

Sui Yu silently averted his gaze, he just felt it was a bit silly, although the silly and cute factor was quite high.

Bai Qingrui and Bai Yuanmo were whispering to each other in the corner.

"So this is how our sister is?"

"No wonder you all disliked me so much when I was young."

"Our sister is really cute."

"I definitely want to have a daughter in the future!"

"But you don't even have a girlfriend right now."

"...You don't either?"

The group of them continued to play and fool around upstairs, and Sui Yu even went downstairs to fetch another big bottle of Coke.

Sui Yan had given up on playing with toys, she was hugging a big bag of chips and crunching on them non-stop, with a large cup of Coke and a phone playing cartoons in front of her.

Ye Anning propped her head on her hand and looked at the little bundle, unable to resist nudging the neighboring Shen Nian with her elbow, "Don't you think Ah Yan has the potential to become a little chubby homebody?"

Before Shen Nian could say anything, the sharp-eyed little bundle's gaze shot over, "Sister, I heard that!"

She's so cute! How could her sisters call her chubby!

"Ah Yan, you're eating snacks again!" Liu Hua had somehow come upstairs, in a few quick steps she reached Sui Yan and grabbed her ear.

The fearless little bundle retorted, "But everyone else is eating too!"

Liu Hua glanced around at the other children, then her gaze finally settled on the big box in the center of the living room, "But all these snacks are Ah Yan's."

The little bundle stubbornly refused to apologize, "Hmph!"

Liu Hua released her hand, leaning casually against the wall with her arms crossed, "And by the way, Ah Man downstairs has made Ah Yan's favorite braised pork and sweet and sour spare ribs."

Sui Yan: "......" Mom is using this tactic again!

The little bundle's expressions were so rich, Liu Hua couldn't help but chuckle a little, "Alright, alright, I won't tease you anymore. And the rest of you, come down for dinner."

Bai Qingrui and Bai Yuanmo stood up to help clean up the mess on the table, but Liu Hua frowned, "You don't need to do that, Sui Yu, you three come and clean up."

Sui Yu lazily got up, "Okay."

Bai Yuanmo was a bit conflicted, and tentatively asked, "Aunt, how did your chat with Grandpa and Grandma go downstairs?"

Liu Hua gently pinched her little bundle's cheek, "Hm? That... You all can go and persuade them too. I've passed the age where I need my parents' protection, and I'm not used to them being so affectionate with me."

"Everyone can just go about their own lives like before, no need to exchange any deep feelings."

Bai Qingrui was a bit dumbfounded, "Aunt, so you're not planning to go home?"

Liu Hua's gaze was particularly clear, "This is my home, what home am I going to?"

Bai Qingrui hastily explained, "I didn't mean it that way, it's just that everyone hopes you can go back... No, I mean go to the capital to visit the Bai family."

Liu Hua seemed indifferent as she said, "I don't really want to go."

To her, her family was the four children at home, Ah Man, and Xu Yi. Even though she now knew who her birth parents were and had accepted them, she didn't want to interact with them too much.

The little bundle, who had been unconsciously trampled on by Liu Hua, secretly took a small cookie and nibbled on it like a little squirrel.

She listened to the adults talking in a daze, and impulsively interjected, "Mom, are Grandpa and Grandma going home?"

Liu Hua picked up the little bundle, "I don't know, they should be going home soon. If Ah Yan likes Grandpa and Grandma, you can play with them more."

The little bundle nodded blankly, "Oh."

The somewhat conflicted Bai Qingrui seemed to understand Liu Hua's intentions. She has no real feelings for her parents, and doesn't want to build a close relationship with them either. But she won't stop her children from interacting with their parents and their relatives.

This makes it easier.

Bai Yuanmo glanced sideways at Bai Qingrui's expression, raising an eyebrow, "You've figured it out too?"

Bai Qingrui smiled innocently, "It seems like Big Brother has figured it out too. Then it's up to you to buy a house in this neighborhood."

Bai Yuanmo snorted, "Okay."

Relatives far away are no match for close neighbors. They'll start by being neighbors with Aunt Hua and Ah Yan!

Sui Yu still didn't know that he and the others had been ignored again. When they slowly went downstairs, they saw Yang Huijun playing with Sui Yan, and Bai Yiping looked like he wanted to say something to Liu Hua, but was hesitating and hadn't spoken up yet.

Bai Yuanmo and Bai Qingrui strode over, "Grandpa, Grandma, we'll head back first, and come over again in a couple of days with my dad and mom."

Bai Yiping frowned, about to scold his grandson, but suddenly realized they must be up to something.

The two old people exchanged a glance, both confirming the other's thoughts, and they helplessly nodded, "Okay, then remember to bring the things from the car."

Hearing them say this, Liu Hua didn't feel any disappointment.

In her eyes, the Bai family's reaction was perfectly normal.

But the unaware Sui Yu and Zuo Zhejiang were a bit unhappy, feeling that the Bai family didn't value Liu Hua at all.

Sui Yu not too gently slammed the chopsticks he had just picked up on the dining table, "We don't need your stuff."

He can now afford to buy whatever his mother wants, he doesn't need the Bai family's.

Liu Hua was a bit helpless, "Xiao Yu, don't be impolite." Although she knew her child was defending her, she still reminded him.

But the four Bai family members who were stung by Sui Yu's words didn't feel offended at all, instead they felt relieved, they just didn't show it.

The little bundle, who had just been bickering with Yang Huijun, sensitively felt the change in the atmosphere, and without making a fuss, she quietly climbed into her mother's arms.

Chapter end

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