The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 118

Chapter 118

Liu Hua could clearly feel the unconditional love and adoration from the five children in her family, and while she was touched, she also found it slightly amusing.

She truly didn't think there was anything special about it!

Yang Huijun was both exasperated and relieved - the relationship between these children and Liu Hua was so incredibly good that now she couldn't even get close to her own grandchildren.

And she had no idea what those two little rascals were up to! Hopefully they'd amount to something, otherwise she'd kick them out of the house for sure.

The four of the Bai family left after finishing their meal, and Liu Hua politely saw them off.

Little Sui Yan was still lingering alone at the dining table, his small chubby legs swinging, his face cupped in his hands with a solemn expression.

When Liu Hua came back, she saw this scene and chuckled, pinching the little one's cheek: "What on earth is my little rascal thinking about all day?"

Sui Yan looked at his mom for a moment, then suddenly reached out and hugged her: "Mom, Yan will always love you."

Liu Hua's heart melted, and she gently patted the little one's back: "Good, and mom will always love you too."

Sui Yu and the others were all crowded in the living room, whispering and discussing something.

Sui Yan struggled to brush Tizi's fur with a large comb: "Tizi, your fur is so soft, like a big plush doll."

Tizi raised its paw and lightly swatted the little one.

You little rascal! It's not a plush doll!

The little one pouted and poked Tizi's head: "Stinky Tizi, don't hit people!"

Tizi narrowed its eyes and raised its paw to lightly swat the little one again.

The little one huffed, then lightly swatted Tizi back.

Tizi didn't find it boring at all, and childishly kept "fighting" with the little one.

The two of them were going at it quite enthusiastically, though neither was using much force.

Liu Hua lazily leaned against Xu Yi, throwing a throw pillow at her own little one: "Yan, don't bully Tizi."

The soft little pillow landed with a gentle thump on Sui Yan's back, and she defiantly shifted her position, pretending to forcefully pat Tizi: "I'm just bullying Tizi!"

Liu Hua averted her gaze: "Oh, but you don't have the heart to really use any force."

Little one: "...Mom, you're not playing by the rules!"

Qi Linhan looked at the little one and the white wolf cuddled together, then suddenly said: "Do you guys remember the plush doll I gave to Yan last time? The one that looked just like Tizi."

Back then, Tizi had almost been sent away, and he had wanted to use the plush doll to comfort the little one.

Qiao Ze couldn't help but chuckle: "What, you want to give another one?"

Sui Yu's eyes lit up: "Speaking of which, we still have a lot of Tizi's fur from last year."

Ye Anning pondered: "Using Tizi's fur to make a Tizi doll?"

Shen Nian's lips curled up: "Ye Anning, you've got something there."

Ye Anning smiled mysteriously: "Likewise."

Tizi, lazily sprawled on the floor and occasionally swishing its tail, suddenly became alert and looked around cautiously.

Why did it feel a slight chill down its back?

Although it was the New Year, everyone seemed unusually quiet.

Sui Yu and the others were still gathering at Liu Hua's house every day, huddled together whispering about who knows what.

These past few days, Liu Hua and Xu Yi had been frantically buying all sorts of fancy decorations, making it so that a certain little one couldn't just lie around anywhere.

Sui Yan was squatting in the corner, drawing circles. She tugged at the Liu Hua who was busy sticking stickers on the floor-to-ceiling window: "Mom, why are we putting up all these New Year decorations again?"

Liu Hua vaguely said: "Because it's the New Year, of course we have to put up lots of pretty flowers."

The little one continued drawing circles: "But it's been several days since New Year's."

The New Year didn't seem to have much fun, aside from being able to eat a ton of snacks, and...

"Mom, can you buy me an extra-large golden pig next time?" the little one tugged at Liu Hua again.

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow: "What, wasn't that golden pig you got at Christmas just recently?"

Sui Yan plucked at the carpet fibers: "But grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, dad, and Aunt Ye and Aunt Lin all gave me a lot of red envelopes, the previous golden pig is almost overflowing now."

Liu Hua was a bit amused: "How much did they all give you? That golden pig is already almost the biggest size."

The little one waved his little fist: "Then Yan wants to collect a whole cabinet of big golden pigs!"

Liu Hua indulgently spoiled the little one: "Okay, next time mom goes shopping, I'll bring back two more golden pigs for you."

Just as the little one was about to keep nagging his mom, he suddenly saw a familiar figure outside the window.

He scratched his head, puzzled, then scampered off towards the door.

Liu Hua quickly grabbed him: "Yan, where are you running off to now?"

The little one pointed outside: "Mom, that brother is outside!"Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

Liu Hua held the little one's hand and went outside: "What brother? Your brothers are all here at home."

But as soon as they stepped outside, they saw someone who shouldn't be there.

"Wow, it's the police uncle!" the little one exclaimed in awe.

Liu Hua was also taken aback: "Qingrui, what are you doing here? Didn't you all go back to the capital?"

Bai Qingrui was a bit sullen: "Yan, how did I become your uncle?"

Hearing Liu Hua's words, he then smiled smugly: "Aunt, we only said we were going back, we didn't say where."

Liu Hua gradually realized: "Don't tell me you all bought a house here too?"

Bai Qingrui looked innocent: "Aunt, don't you welcome us?"

Liu Hua was exasperated: "No, it's just...why didn't you tell us?"

Bai Qingrui became serious: "Aunt, can you slowly accept us? We're also family to you and Yan, Sui Yu, and the others."

Liu Hua was silent for a moment: "You really don't have to do this."

Bai Qingrui spoke sincerely: "I know it might be a bit difficult for you right now..."

Liu Hua impatiently waved her hand: "Alright, alright, just stay here then, am I going to chase you out?"

Bai Qingrui visibly relaxed: "Aunt, that's not what I meant."

Sui Yan quietly tugged at her mom's clothes: "Mom, brother has become a police uncle."

Bai Qingrui sighed: "Yan, I'm your brother, not your uncle."

Liu Hua recalled the nonsense she had once fed the little one, and wanted to quickly hug him and go back home.

But the little one had already run to Bai Qingrui, circling him curiously: "Brother, you really are a police uncle!"

Bai Qingrui: "...Yes." That sounded a bit strange, somehow.

Sui Yan looked up at him: "Brother, will you arrest me?"

Bai Qingrui felt a menacing gaze and casually smiled: "I will, especially if Yan doesn't listen to mom."

Chapter end

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