The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 39

Chapter 39

An Sitong really liked Sui Yan a lot, so the next day he bought a bunch of gifts that he wanted to give to her.

Liu Hua was just sitting in front of the computer looking at news. When she heard the doorbell ring and went to open the door, she saw An Sitong holding a bunch of stuff standing at the door.

She took two steps back to let An Sitong in: "What's this for?"

An Sitong unceremoniously handed over half of the things to Liu Hua to hold: "I bought gifts for the kids... Where's the little one? Let me hug her quickly."Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

Liu Hua got along well with him, they had become familiar at the first meeting. At this time, she naturally wasn't polite either: "Sui Yan is at kindergarten, Sui Man went to pick her up from school, they should be back soon."

An Sitong was a little disappointed, but he quickly cheered up again: "Then I'll wait for her here."

Liu Hua didn't bother with him, she just continued to watch the news.

Sui Yan was the most popular little friend in kindergarten, not only because she was cute, silly and innocent, but also because her little schoolbag was full of snacks!

Every time other little friends cried their hearts out, she would just sit quietly in her own seat and not make trouble, and would even busy herself trying to comfort the little friends next to her.

She was simply a little angel.

Liu Man arrived at the kindergarten gate a few minutes before dismissal. As soon as the end of school bell rang, she saw the teacher leading a group of little friends out.

She was just about to look for her Sui Yan, when the next second she heard the little girl's cheerful voice: "Sui Man! I'm here!"

Sui Yan waved her little paw at Liu Man. She waited until the teacher sent her out of the kindergarten gate before jumping into Liu Man's arms.

The soft little girl's body jumped into her arms, and Liu Man couldn't help laughing too. She gently flicked the little girl's nose: "Why is Sui Yan so happy today?"

Sui Yan was proud: "The teacher praised Sui Yan for being good today!"

Teacher Li walked over slowly with a smile and said, "Yes, Sui Yan is really well behaved."

Liu Man stood up and smiled as she greeted the teacher: "Thank you, teacher."

Teacher Li shook her head: "The child is very good, no trouble at all."

After the adults exchanged pleasantries, the little girl obediently stood by Liu Man's side, clutching her skirt tightly.

On the way home, Sui Yan struggled to find something in her little schoolbag. Liu Man was a little puzzled: "What is Sui Yan doing?"

Sui Yan simply stopped and handed the schoolbag to Liu Man: "Sui Man, please help me hold this! The teacher rewarded Sui Yan with several lollipops today."

Liu Man listened carefully to the little girl's chattering: "Sui Yan is awesome!"

Sui Yan covered her face shyly: "Sui Yan is not that awesome!"

Liu Man was amused by the little girl. The two didn't walk far before arriving at the nearby middle school gate. They both tacitly slowed down and waited for someone.

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze walked out from inside at a brisk pace. At a glance, they saw the little girl squatting by the flower bed.

Sui Zhi waved his hand: "Sui Yan!"

Sui Yan's eyes lit up when she looked up and saw the two brothers coming over. She almost jumped up: "Brother!"

Liu Man was startled: "Sui Yan! Don't move around. The flower bed is so high, what if you fall accidentally?"

Sui Yan used her ultimate charm offensive: "Sui Man, I know I was wrong!"

The little girl apologized in her sweet voice. Liu Man was helpless. She poked the little girl's forehead: "Naughty child!"

Sui Yan grunted seriously: "Mom said Sui Yan is sweet and fragrant every day."

Sui Zhi laughed when he heard this. He held the little girl's hand as they walked towards home. He couldn't help laughing: "Mom lied to you, Sui Yan. You are a naughty child."

Sui Yan angrily shook off his hand and turned to pull Qiao Ze instead: "Brother Qiao Ze, let's ignore them, okay?"

Qiao Ze looked at the little girl gently and indulgently: "Okay, let's ignore them."

Sui Zhi rolled his eyes: "Go ahead and spoil her, she'll turn into the great demon king sooner or later."

Qiao Ze still smiled gently: "It takes one to know one?"

As if Sui Zhi doesn't dote on this child too!

Sui Zhi: "..." None of your business!

Liu Man followed behind them, laughing so hard she almost split her sides. The little ones in this family really had great relationships!

When they got home, Sui Yan habitually shouted, "Mom! I'm home!"

However, after waiting for a while, instead of mom, it was An Sitong who rushed over to hug her.

"Dearie! Auntie finally got to hug you again." After picking up the little girl, An Sitong couldn't help patting her head and pinching her little face.

Sui Yan looked at her in confusion, and after a while, vaguely called out: "Auntie."

An Sitong's heart melted: "Little dearie!"

Liu Hua walked over and looked at them with disdain: "That's enough, Sui Yan still has to go do her homework."

An Sitong put the little girl down reluctantly, and stroked the child's head distressedly: "Sui Yan is so little but already has to do homework?"

Liu Hua said exasperatedly: "Your way of showing concern for the child is wrong. Hurry back home."

An Sitong scoffed: "I'm going, I'm going!" However, as soon as she turned around, she gently and tenderly asked Sui Yan, "Sui Yan, do you want to come over to auntie's house to do your homework? Auntie has lots of toys and snacks."

Liu Hua was fed up: "Don't spoil the child!"

An Sitong giggled as she secretly kissed the little girl before running back to her own house next door.

Sui Yan blinked her eyes in confusion. Liu Hua smoothed the little girl's hair: "Sui Yan, go upstairs first to do your homework with your brother. That auntie bought you guys gifts just now."

Thinking that her mom was jealous, Sui Yan cupped her mom's face and gave her a big kiss: "Okay!"

Liu Hua laughed and pinched Sui Yan's little cheek: "Naughty child!"

Not realizing that "Naughty child" had already become everyone's term of endearment for her, Sui Yan pouted and went upstairs with her brother.

She was not a naughty child!

The all-seeing Sui Zhi just smiled without saying anything.

Sui Yu seemed to be very busy recently, often staying in front of the computer without knowing what he was doing. But since he was in his third year of middle school and had to prepare for the high school entrance exam, the adults all thought he was reviewing his studies.

Seeing his sister following Sui Zhi and the others into the study, even Sui Yu's cold gaze softened.

"Sui Yan, come here." He smiled lightly and beckoned to the child.

Sui Yan was holding a handful of lollipops. She went over and stuffed one into Sui Yu's hand: "Brother, here's a candy for you."

Sui Yu took the candy and looked at it: "Why did Sui Yan get so many lollipops today? Mom will scold you if she sees them."

The little girl looked a bit smug: "Today's candies were rewarded by the teacher to Sui Yan. Sui Yan is sharing them with her brothers and sisters!"

The smug look on the little one was just too cute. Sui Yu couldn't stop his heart from softening: "Then our Sui Yan is really amazing."

Sui Yan was not humble at all: "Sui Yan will be even more amazing in the future!"

Sui Yu laughed: "Yes."

There was little homework in kindergarten, mostly arts and crafts. Sui Yu had originally wanted to help the little girl with her arts and crafts, but after seeing her skilled movements, he knew his help wasn't needed.

So after the little girl finished her arts and crafts project happily by herself, she went around showing it off everywhere.


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