The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 122

Chapter 122

Little cub waved cheerfully at Ti Zi: "Ti Zi! Come join the circle!"

Ti Zi was originally lounging around nearby, not very interested in watching the adults chat. But upon hearing Little cub's call, it immediately came running.

"Woof woof~"

Qi Linhan sighed and consciously made room: "Then Ti Zi can stay here."

Li Yuan lifted his head from a pile of delicacies, and discovered with bewilderment that a group of older siblings and a certain Little cub had disappeared.

He called out discontentedly: "Sui Yan, where are you guys?"

Hearing the voice, Sui Yan bounced up and waved: "Big brother Li Yuan, we're over here."

Li Yuan looked at the merrily bouncing Little cub in the corner with a deadpan expression, then carried a pile of snacks over: "You're playing without me again!"

Sui Yu also felt it was not good to isolate the little friend: "Who told you to not pay attention to Sui Yan?"

It's not good to isolate the little friend, but one's own younger sister is still more important.

Li Yuan snorted and placed the pile of snacks he was carrying into the circle they were surrounding: "But I brought all these snacks over!"

Sui Yan quietly crawled into the space between Ti Zi and Qi Linhan, and by the time Shen Nian realized it, she had already settled in.

"Sui Yan, why did you sneak away?" She was jealous!

Little cub felt guilty and hugged Ti Zi tightly: "Hee hee hee~ Who told Shen Nian to not notice me!"

While they happily bickered with each other, Sui Zhi was suddenly called away by Sui Yu's father.

Sui Yan scratched her head: "Why did Dad call Big brother away?"

Qi Linhan carefully wiped the cream off Little cub's face with a handkerchief: "I don't know... Maybe he's asking him to help with some work."

Sui Yan licked the corner of her mouth and smacked her lips: "Mmm, Sui Yan wants to eat cake too."

Ye Anning poked Little cub with a cushion: "Sui Yan will get fat if she eats more."

Little cub was already immune to such remarks: "Sister is lying again!"

Qi Linhan helped Little cub retort: "That's right! Exactly!"

Ye Anning: "...?" Something seemed a bit off?

Shouldn't Little cub normally act cute and whine to her instead?

Bai Yuanmo and Sui Zhi approached from opposite directions: "What are you all talking about here?"

Bai Yuanmo, a man in his twenties, stood out among this group of children, and even he felt a bit out of place.

Sui Yu shifted to make room: "Big brother Bai, do you have something to tell us?"

Bai Yuanmo was a little surprised that the child was so considerate: "It's about Little Zhi."

Sui Zhi quickly sat down and swiftly grabbed a few chips from the large bag Little cub was holding: "Oh, about that drama we mentioned before? When Dad and Uncle Li were discussing it earlier, Big brother Bai overheard that the drama is actually invested by him."

Bai Yuanmo smiled: "I didn't invest much, your Dad invested more."

Sui Yu was a bit surprised: "That's quite a coincidence."

The only two real children who couldn't understand their conversation looked at each other in bewilderment, then both focused on eating.Ra latst chpters on n/v//l(b)i(.)cm

Sui Zhi flicked the little bun on top of his sister's head: "Sui Yan, didn't you want to see that sister?"

Little cub looked up blankly: "Which sister?"

Qiao Ze helpfully reminded her: "The female celebrity you really really liked before, didn't Sui Yan say she was very pretty?"

Sui Yan belatedly realized and averted her gaze guiltily: "I... I like another sister now."

Ye Anning propped her chin on her hand, not looking very surprised: "In fact, in this short period of time, Sui Yan has liked several pretty sisters, right?"

Shen Nian added: "Smelly Sui Yan likes every one she sees."

Sui Yan puffed her cheeks in defense: "Sui Yan didn't! Last time there was a sister Sui Yan didn't like!"

Qi Linhan pondered: "The sister from last time? Wasn't it because she wasn't as pretty as the sister Sui Yan liked at that time?"

Sui Yan: "..." Why does everyone have to shoot her down!

Ti Zi didn't look surprised at all either: "Woof woof~"

Sui Yan has always been like this! Whenever she sees a pretty sister, she can't take her eyes off her!

Little cub folded her arms unhappily and turned her head away in a pout: "Hmph!"

Sui Yu couldn't help but chuckle, then he stifled his laughter and changed the subject for his sister: "How did we suddenly bring this up again?"

Sui Zhi also cooperated helpfully: "It's probably because they're about to start filming, and Dad, Uncle Li, and Big brother Bai will likely attend the opening ceremony together."

Qiao Ze squeezed a squeaky chicken toy: "So, are you preparing to join the production too? Or will you attend that ceremony?"

Sui Zhi thought for a moment: "I'm not too keen on going, we'll see. But I am preparing to go to the filming location."

Sui Yan finally understood a bit: "Big brother, does that mean you'll get to meet a lot of pretty sisters?"

Sui Zhi pinched Little cub's cheek: "I won't tell Sui Yan!"

Little cub seriously contemplated between not seeing pretty sisters and acting cute for two seconds, then resolutely pounced into Sui Zhi's embrace: "Big brother, please tell Sui Yan!"

The little bun on top of Little cub's head was a bit tilted, but she blinked her eyes vigorously without noticing.

Sui Zhi silently turned his head away.

This... he can't withstand it!!!

Just as Sui Yan was about to throw a tantrum and roll around, she heard Bai Yuanmo's voice: "Sui Yan, if you act cute with your brother, he'll tell you everything."

"You wish!" Sui Zhi retorted brazenly, then firmly pinched his sister's chubby cheeks, "Sui Yan just knows how to act cute when she can't argue!"

Little cub was quite proud: "I have to act cute!"

Qi Linhan looked on with a wry smile: "Sui Yan can't act cute with strangers, you know? If others see how cute Sui Yan is, they might want to kidnap and sell her."

Little cub was a bit scared: "Really?"

Although this was said to protect Little cub, it was a bit inappropriate at this time.

Sui Yu's expression darkened for a moment, but he nonchalantly stroked his sister's hair: "Sui Yan doesn't need to worry, we're here."

Ti Zi seemed to have thought of something and looked solemn for a bit, but quickly became gentle again.

Sui Yan is so capable, it could scare those bad people away by itself.

Ye Anning frowned slightly, then leaned closer to Sui Yu's ear and whispered: "I almost forgot, what did Uncle Sui do to Lu Yunling's family in the end?"

Sui Yu smiled: "I just didn't tell you, they're currently being held at the police station. My Dad has people watching over them now, but he hasn't done anything too extreme. He said it's better to let them have a glimmer of hope first, so the blow will be more devastating in the end."

Chapter end

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