The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Little Yan's chubby cheeks were puffed out as she looked at her elder siblings with a dazed expression. "Elder Sister, are we going to find Elder Brother Zhi to play?"

Ye Anning rubbed the little cub's face. "If Little Yan wants to, she can ask Dad to take her to play."

"Want to go!" The little cub gripped her spoon and waved her tiny hand.

Liu Hua had finished her tasks upstairs and came down, lazily sprawling on the sofa.

"Little Yan, come here!"

Successfully receiving Mom's signal, the little cub put down her brother's phone and ran over. "What is it, Mom?"

Liu Hua placed her hand behind her back, patting it. "Mom is so tired. Give me a back rub."

Sui Yan scratched her head. "Okay!"

The little cub obediently sat on the edge of the sofa, lowering her head to earnestly rub her mom's back.

"Mom, is this okay?"

"Use a little more force and press on the shoulder area."

"Oh! ...Is this better?"

"Mm, that's good."

Liu Hua felt the little cub's soft little hands pressing on her shoulders, unable to stifle a yawn. "Little Yan, keep it up. Mom will take a nap."

The little cub nodded seriously. "Okay!"

She was super capable! Giving Mom a back rub was no problem!

When Uncle Xu returned and saw this scene of the little cub being exploited, he was somewhere between amused and stunned as he approached. "Little Yan..."

"Uncle Xu, Mom is sleeping," the little cub lowered her voice, furrowing her tiny brows to remind him.

Uncle Xu patted Little Yan's head, also lowering his voice. "Then Uncle will carry Mom to the bedroom to sleep. Little Yan, do you want to go play with your brother?"

Sui Yan pondered for a moment before withdrawing her hands. "Then Little Yan wants to come too. Mom said I should give her a back rub."

It was the first time Uncle Xu realized their little silly cub could be so insistent about something unrelated to sweets. He smiled helplessly. "Little Yan, rest for a bit. Uncle will give Mom a back rub, okay?"

After another round of contemplation, the little cub finally said, "Okay then."

She scampered to where her elder brothers were in the side hall. "Brother!"

Sui Yu nonchalantly put away his other phone. "What's the matter, Little Yan?"

Sui Yan didn't notice her brother's action, running to sit in the middle of everyone. "Brother, let's go find Elder Brother Zhi to play!"

Sui Yu raised his eyebrows. "Why the sudden urgency?"

The little cub unconsciously tugged at the fuzz on the carpet. "Mom said Little Yan will go to kindergarten in a couple of days, so she can't go play with Elder Brother Zhi anymore."

And Mom seemed a bit unwell just now, so she probably shouldn't disturb her at home anymore.

Ye Anning propped her chin, grabbing Sui Yan's little paw. "Then let's have Dad take us tomorrow."

Shen Nian sighed. "So you all want to go play tomorrow."

Qi Linhan also felt like sighing, as the time he planned to spend playing with the little cub was gone again.

Qiao Ze leaned back. "I'll be home working on some stuff tomorrow then."

Sui Yan looked at him in bewilderment. "Elder Brother Ze isn't going?"

Sui Yu lowered his head to text Sui Jinhong. "Let's all go. It's not good to leave you alone at home."

Ye Anning also looked at Shen Nian. "Want to come with us?"

Shen Nian shook his head firmly. "Why would I go?"

After a chaotic discussion, Shen Nian and Qi Linhan still decided not to go.

After all, they weren't children of the Sui family or Liu Hua's children, so it might not be appropriate for Sui Jinhong to bring them along.

Although Sui Jinhong probably wouldn't mind bringing a couple extra kids.

So the next morning, the little cub stuck a handwritten note on her mom's bedroom door, properly comforted Ti Zi, and left with her brothers.

Sui Yu looked amusedly at his little sister waddling ahead in her panda outfit, unable to resist tugging on the little ears on her hood. "Little Yan, don't walk so fast."

With that tug, he almost pulled her hood right off.

The little cub swatted at his hand as she walked. "Brother! Don't pull my hat! Elder Brother Ze, save me!"

In his heart, Qiao Ze deeply scorned Sui Yu's bullying of a child, but his hands betrayed him as he grabbed the other ear on her hood.

As a result, Sui Yan's hood was yanked all the way back, making her so angry she nearly wanted to bite someone.

Fortunately, as soon as they stepped outside, they saw Sui Jinhong's car and Ye Anning leaning against it.

The little cub cried out like she saw a savior. "Elder Sister, save me! Brother is bullying me!"

Ye Anning narrowed her eyes and strode toward them menacingly. "What are you doing?"

Almost the instant the little cub called out, Sui Yu and Qiao Ze released their hands, even raising them in surrender as they took two steps back. "Nothing! Just playing around with Little Yan."

Sui Yan clung to her sister, tattling. "Elder Sister, Brother pulled my hat! Little Yan's clothes were going to get ruined!"

Ye Anning spoke gently to her sister. "It's okay, Little Yan. When we get back this afternoon, I'll find the two prettiest bows for your brothers to wear."

Vaguely sensing that her brothers didn't want to wear the bows she chose, the little cub nodded firmly. "Okay!"

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze: "...?! No way!"

Seeing the four children fooling around, Sui Jinhong finally couldn't resist sticking his head out to call them. "Kids, hurry up and get in the car! We're about to leave!"

Sui Yu went to open the door for Ye Anning and Sui Yan first, casually asking, "Dad, is the place where Elder Brother Zhi is filming far from our house?"

Sui Jinhong waited for the kids to get in before slowly starting the car. "Not too far, but not close either. We'll head out early so you can play with Elder Brother Zhi for a while longer."

Sui Yu nodded. "Mm."

Sui Jinhong passed the sandwiches An Ning had prepared for them earlier. "You all haven't had breakfast yet, right? These are from An Ning. Little Yan, what kind of milk do you want? Dad has your favorite yogurt."

Ye Anning frowned slightly. "Dad, wait for Little Yan to finish her breakfast before giving her yogurt."

Sui Jinhong felt a bit sheepish. "Our An Ning is still the more thoughtful one."

Sui Yan couldn't help standing up, grasping the back of the passenger seat to lean forward. "Dad, Little Yan likes sweet milk lately."

Sui Jinhong looked at his daughter with both indulgence and helplessness. "Okay, okay, we have it all."Vissit nvelbin(.)cm for ew ovels

While they were harmonious and joyful, Liu Hua, who had just woken up and gotten out of bed, stood in front of Sui Yan's room feeling doubtful about life.

"Where have those three gone off to play?" Her brow furrowed with concern that Sui Yu and Qiao Ze might go overboard playing with her sister.

Xu Yi stood behind her, gently patting her shoulder as he pointed to the note under their bedroom door. "Little Hua, isn't that a little note from Little Yan?"

Liu Hua looked over with puzzlement, then couldn't help rolling her eyes. "Of course it is, that height could only be from her. Go check if Yu and Ze sent any messages to our phones. I didn't notice earlier."

Chapter end

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